Monday, July 20, 2009

Bendigo Show FUN & Bunny update!

First things first : the baby bunnies of Mojo and Topping are doing fabulously well ! they have all opened their eyes and although they still spend lots of time snuggling up to one another and sleeping, they venture out now and again into the big world ! Their colours are amazing: ranging from dark chocolate to white chocolate with some caramel in between :) Here are some photos of the little angora bunny babies to let you see how much they have grown since the last time I blogged :)

a big stretch from Babe, the red eyed white baby of Mojo

hmmmm greens! the wee black bunny baby of Mojo

almost all of the little ones of Mojo and Topping together exploring some wheaten hay
Topping eating some greens sitting in her powder room

Awesome Bendigo Show update!

Thank you , thank you all for making the Bendigo show the most awesome fibre event in the southern hemisphere! It was HUGE! it was FUN! it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! THE best social get together for all fibre holics for sure! It was so much fun seeing everybody and chatting to everyone and getting huge hugs !
I have never heard so many ooooh's and aaaaah's and purring going on around my yarns and tops. I am sure that some people, not iniciated in our fibre and yarn world, were amazed to see so many enthusiastic people gathered in such a smallish space and making that kind of
I cannot thank you all enough for everything and making this years Bendigo show a fantastic life time experience !

To the Woolcraft committee and esp DOT ! You are an angel ! Thank you so much for bringing all of us Fibre fans together in a great fibre space at the show! Amazing organising Dot and I admire your energy - AND the wonderful jumper you were wearing :)) -

Tara (fiesty wench from Ravelry) : you did an amazing job organising everything and making this bendigo show a very RAV memorable one ! Great stuff! I wish I had more of that wattle angora yarn you made that scarf with, because people kept on asking me if i still had some after seeing your snuggly work of art !..

A huge thanks to Mandie from EweGiveMeThe Knits who has made my stay extremely comfortable with allowing me to stay with her and her wonderful family so I didn't freeze my ...ahem... off while camping on the Bendigo show grounds (as I did in the past and believe me it is FREEzzzing ccccoooollld in Bendi that time of year) and for all of her fabulous help!

Also a special special thanks to Vivian (ecoknitmama) : I couldn't have managed the check out on Saturday without you and the line of people waiting to be served would probably still be there today if it wasn't for you helping me :) and ...thanks for the hand

To Georgia : a huge thanks and big hug: you do some awesome packing girl! enjoy your rainbow silk :)

Thanks Ms Gusset for trying to get some (healthy) food into me : I admire your and love your work :) Have fun at the sock summit in the US and kock 'em dead with your yarn Sweetie !:)

Everybody was in love with the camelbunny and the camelbunny and silk. I know this because it practically disappeared on the first day!
Also the Blue Faced Leicester Bunny sock weight yarn got a good work out with its free goblet of fire sock pattern!
The Super angorino tops have all gone and so have the kid mohair tops especially prepared for the show, so I will be busy in the next couple of weeks trying to make some more of that happening for all of you who sadly missed out on the goodies or who couldn't make it to Bendi this year.

There will be an update this friday of some rare hand dyed sheep breed tops. I have promised you all some more info on the breeds and the tops so that is going to happen this friday!

I did not have time to visit the Bendigo show myself this year during the show hours (I only got so far as the trash can outside of the shed on Saturday so to all of you who did not see me at their stall: I did not want to ignore you at all, I was tied a good way :)

Here are some photos I managed to take of the stall on the Friday morning before the stampede started :)

the pile of funky bunny batts and waca paca batts ready to be packed for Bendigo

The Bendigo stash pile took up our whole spare room! Paul managed to get it all in our wagon but as soon as I opened a door all popped out! :)


Jo said...

Wow! I could've had a fabulous time in your spare bedroom while all of that colourful goodness was there! Glad you had a great time - I have vowed to get there next year!

Helen said...

I visited your stall on Sunday - you had some amazing colours in your range and the yarns were super soft. And I finally found the silk I've been searching all over for!

Helen said...

Also, could I please get a pattern - you had run out!
Thanks :)

ixchel bunny said...

Jo you are always welcome to stay in our spare room :) it is now filled to the brim with fleeces ready to be washed and dyed and processed and I always need fibre slaves :)
Helen and everybody else who got the yarn but not the cashmerino shawl pattern or the new goblet of fire sock pattern for the blue faced leicester bunny sockweight yarn: please email me and i will send the files over to you :)
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I bought a gorgeous skein of Smile from you on Saturday, and I can't wait to turn it into a fiery pair of socks!!