Thursday, July 9, 2009

Decisions, decisions.......

It is amazing really how at a time of a crisis you can be strong and clinical and very matter of fact and then the day after it is like a bus hit you...that happened to me yesterday..well, not actually a bus that hit me (plainly because there are no buses here to hit but just the shear enormity of the life and death decisions that was suddenly thrust upon me. I don't know about you, but playing God is not a job I would apply for. I was on the phone ringing around so many people, emailing so many people for help, got so many (sometimes) conflicting opinions, that at the end of the morning I was just so numb. Nothing was really a good solution: let's face it: having a mum is the best thing for babies and all the rest is just a very poor substitute that could go horribly wrong: just handrearing has a succesrate of 1 in a 100, putting them with a strange mum in a strange environment with strange smells can be wrong as well (the new mum can reject them or even hurt them), taking Topping in and out of the cage would stress her out too much (and she already is a stressed bun) and make her milk dry up.......what IS a good solution? What would be RIGHT? What did I have to do? It was gutwrenching.
I finally made the decision that it would be best to put Mojos babies in with Toppings litter...I know all of them won't be fed every day, but we will monitor them daily and if need be will hand feed (using a wombaroo milk mixed up to suit bunny babies) the ones that lag behind, hoping for the best. Mojos babies are bigger so should be able to feed better and I think that any baby of Mojo that survives will keep her alive-if you know what I mean. It will be a lot of care, monitoring and love that everyone wil need, so Paul is staying at the fibre farm while I am at the Bendigo show next week.

Thank you thank you thank you all so so much for your calls, help, support and understanding: it was heartwarming ! And just when I needed it most the postie delivered a gorgeous present from Fiona (Fibi) for me: yes, she is so gorgeous handknitted cowl she made for me! Truely a work of art and I will cherish and cuddle it forever: it will def come in handy at Bendi! Thanks Sweetie you put a smile on my face on a dark day like yesterday :)

Please understand that I will not be putting up a shop update on tomorrow, but instead will keep you posted on the bunny progress. I know it is hard for some and I can just say go to my to get a virtual fibre fix every now and again (for all of you not going to Bendigo this year..) you can all stalk me there on the 17-18-19 July or after I get back ! Hugs to all :))

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