Saturday, July 4, 2009

a Fourth of July Bunny Update

All five kits are doing great! eating well and looking very well fed :) even the wrinkly wee one that still is very tiny and then ofcourse there is a HUGE pink piggie (Babe?)in the litter as well, almost always on top of the litter , ready to be the first one to have a drink when the mum goes in the nest to feed them :)
I removed some of the angora covering the nest to take these photos, but put it back immediately after so the babies stay warm. I also added some more short angora hair from Mojos previous haircut, but made sure that they were short staples.
I never use long hair staple in the nest because of all the wriggling that goes on by the little ones. The long hair can very easily get around their little necks and they might strangle themselves. So always be careful preparing the nest and cut long staples down if you think they are too long.

Topping has not delivered yet we are all very anxious. I could not feel any movement in her womb fingers crossed for Chocolate Topping.

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Marg B said...

How gorgeous! Fingers crossed for a safe delivery for Topping.