Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Horror at full moon

I still cannot believe it and I am crying at my computer as I type please forgive my chaos: at 9pm last night Mojo died, leaving her 5 young kits orphans. It is devastating ! The only explanation I have is that she was blocked up (just like Flopsy was, because she just stopped eating the day before and was listless and floppy) or that there was a foetus left in her womb (although there was no bleeding or any symptoms for that). I am frantically looking for someone who has a litter that I could possibly foster out to. Toppings litter is already made up of 7 kits and although I have fed two of Mojos babies off Topping last night, the situation is very very difficult. So, if anybody knows anybody with a bunny litter that could help, please let me know.
Hand rearing bunnies is really not an option since the bunny milk they get form their mum is so rich and has not been reproduced yet. Even with the products on the market the result is often disastrous: the kits don;t survive or grow up to be very weak and sick.
I will alternate feedings with Toppings babies and Mojos babies for now, but please please let me know if you know of anybody who can help ! In the meantime please send good thoughts to the little ones.
So sorry I had to post this bad news to you all.


Vintage Grrl said...

Oh Charly, I am so sad to hear your news. The poor little kits. I hope someone is able to help you very soon!

bubblebeeknits said...

Oh how terrible. Sending my best wishes and hope you can find a solution soon. ♥

Leonie said...

Checked with a friends friend but her bunnies don't have kits at the moment. Sorry. Hope you find a solution, maybe a farm thing like the one at Bundoora Park or Collingwood children's farm might have some???

ixchel bunny said...

thank you all so much for your help and support! After lot sof ringing around and searching I finally made up my mind...which was sooooo put all the kits in Toppings litter and monitor them all daily and handrear the ones that cannot keep up with wombaroo milk formula. I will keep you al informed on how it all goes. again, thansk so much for your wonderful heartwarming support!