Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates....

I spend a lot of time these days just watching and being around the baby bunnies of Topping and Mojo. Toppings babies are just so adorably cute and like a little box of TimTams when they are huddled snuggly together. The 5 surviving kits of Topping look absolutely fabulous with 4 dark chocolate TimTam colours and one very rare caramel coloured kit or I think it will be a so called LYNX (that's a colour not an animal in this case, although stranger things have Lynx is a colour that is light tan ticked with Lilac tipped hairs . Too soon to tell if it is a lynx or a copper agouti. Mojos babies are doing extremely well , growing very fast! and the REW (red eyed white) called Babe is the leader of the pack! After that is Dash, who loves to sit IN the foodbowl and munch away on the rabbit mix I put in the big cage (seeds, a little bit of pellets, lots of greens and cereals). It won't be long til they have to move into a bigger cage together with mum and have more room to hop and play :) Here are some photos of the little ones but if you want to see more just hop to my photostream on flickr :
kiss kiss
Loving greens
Topping in her powderroom relaxing ( with some of her babies munching away on the greens)
This week has been full on ofcourse with the terrible loss of Eowin , trying to cope with that and a humongous cold/flu I have been battling with.....bunny flu no I did get some dyeing done , just because I HAD TO!!! : that's what happens when you are addicted to fibre and playing with colours I guess. Anything can happen , but don;t take my dyepot and fibre away from So below you can see some very nice nice fluffy warm fibres and yarns to spin and knit or felt with! Stalk me, pm me on (where I am ixchelbunny) anytime to assure your fibre stash :) Have fun !
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester and Bunny Tops 100g/AU$20
Turquoise glow 1 left
Happy wombat SOLD
Purple sun 2 left
Firefly SOLD
Merlin SOLD
Brother John 1 left
Robin Hood SOLD
Marion SOLD
Sherwood Forest 1 left
Kingfisher smile SOLD
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny & Silk 100g / AU$20
Hyacinth Bunny SOLD
Ice Queen SOLD
Nip'n'Tuck Yarn
hand spun & hand dyed angorino (organic 17micron merino 95%, angora bunny 5%).
Huge slubs, thick and thin spun make this the absolute FUNKY yarn that only will take hours to make into a hat, scarf OR a nice cute halter top (remember the one i was wearing at the Bendigo Show? that only took half a day to knit and put together and only 250g!)
Merlot (available 158g/AU$39, 103g/AU$28, 106g/AU$28)
Sorbet splash (available 137g/AU$37) SOLD
Dolphin (available 109g/AU$29, 155g/AU$39) SOLD
Sunshine (available 107g/AU$28, 104g/AU$28)
Honey (160g/AU$39)
Seaweed (availble 108g/AU$28, 151g/AU$39)

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DrChopSuey said...

The bunnies are adorable! I'll have to show pictures to Kyle (my bunbun) tonight... I'm sure he'll give binkies of approval!