Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mojo delivers a gorgeous litter

It was very exciting today! I knew that Mojo was getting close to delivering her babies, but you never really know. So I have had a sleepless night, being on watch and popping to check in on her every 20minutes. Finally Mojo was ready aand at 11.52 she delivered 6 kits. Two of the darker kits were stuck together though and one of them was stillborn, so I seperated the liitle one from its dead sibling, cleaned it up and put it in the warm nest together with its brothers and sisters. You can see who it is: it is the littlest one on top of all the well filled out kits wriggling around happily. Fingers crossed! I will leave you with some photos of the proud mum and dad and a first photo of the litter:


Gandalf the dad, a silver fox, english angora bunny

Mojos litter at 12.10 on June 2nd

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