Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Topping delivers 7 gorgeous babies

yesterday morning at 7:05 Topping delivered 7

gorgeous baby bunnies ! I only report it now because the computer was playing up and wouldn't let me blog...Topping had been building a nest , or attempted to, but NOT in the luxuriously built nestbox, no she wanted that as her powder room so she could have a good view of her babies she delivered in the corner of her cage with lots of hay around them so they wouldn't easily crawl out. This morning every baby was fine and warm.

We are a bit concerned for Mojo. She has not eaten for a day now and looks listless and that is so not like her. It is so hard to tell what might be wrong, but I have put her in a little outside run this morning and I am preparing some critical care food for her that I am going to try and give to her with a syringe. Hopefully all will be well.

The preparation of the Bendigo show is well on its way again after the sending out of the Ixchel Fibre club and the Batt club. There is so much that I still have to do though ! so much fibre so little time..


Leonie said...

With limited knowledge of bunnies post birth, is it possible that Mojo has some leftover pregnancy stuff inside her tummy that is making her feel crappy? Would the stillborn baby imply maybe another that didn't come out? I hope she comes good as she is such a gorgeous bunny.

ixchel bunny said...

I think that it is more of a gastro problem that is doing the damage. I am trying to clear away any blockage by feeding her "critical care" food (a powder feed that diluted with water is extremely high in fibre and vitamins). The placenta came out after the birthing : it would have "flushed" everything "alien" out as well with the last contractions. feeding her babies and not eating enough of her regular food may have set an internal blockage on or maybe it is just post natal stress. I am feeding her the critical care every 2 to 3 hours so she at least will have fluid and some food intake. Last feed was just 20mins ago and she was very listless. Fingers crossed!