Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We love you Eowin

I am so sorry to have to post this..........

Eowin passed away early Monday morning from a brain hemorrhage...(thrombosis in the brain, or a blot clot). There was absolutely no indication at all that there was something wrong on Sunday and she was sweet and loving as usual, loving the cuddles and hugs.
She was a gorgeous mum and a fabulous angora bunny and left us three of her beautiful babies: Popcorn, Flopsy and Wombat. She will be missed very very much.

I leave you with the most beautiful photo of her and her babies from December 2008.

we love you Eowin..


Textile Tragic said...

Sorrry to hear it! You seem to be having more than your share of sorrows amongst your beloved bunnies lately. I love the way you love them--thanks for sharing and here's hoping for health and long life for the rest of your darlings.

Leonie said...

Oh so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.