Friday, August 28, 2009

The computer chaos theory explained

Last week I had encounters with an unwilling computer and well, it has not changed that much. It is rebelling, maybe because I am using it too much nowadays and do not give it any extended holiday time anymore like back in the days I was not Ravelry-ing, Twittering, blogging or working on the on-line shop! Maybe computers need some RnR? Who knows, we might get a computer union demanding a 38 hour work week...But enough of that, I would not want to put ideas in their intricate grey

As you know I have been saying that the online shop will be coming soon. And I have been saying "soon" for the last two years now, so I will totally understand that you will not believe me when I say that I am actually adding products to it as we "speak" and tweaking the last little clogs that will blast it into a whirled wide webshop filled with all kinds of and more! Patience, patience, give me another week? (fingers crossed) and PRESTO! "thou can shoppeth til you droppeth 24/7!" I have also added some information pages on bunnies and more, a pattern section (if all works out, and lots and lots of fibre and yarns and batts..yumyum!

There are so many birds around (hmm maybe because I am feeding the wildlife an abundance of birdseed and grapes and stuff? I was able to take some "noice" close ups. See more on

The bunnies are doing absolutely fabulous and the babies are growing by the second! I swear Babe is about as big as his stepmum! Out of the 9 kits, only two are girls! oh boy, oh boy..but they are all soo immensely cute!

We will have some of the kits available for adoption soon so all of you eager to adopt an english angora just let me know and for those of you on the waiting list: I will email you with all the details :) Here are some photos of the little ones.

Play is so important that is why we have a cat tunnel and little balls to play with in a big run where they can run around and investigate and more!

I have the babies and their Mum Topping in a run in the studio so they can socialise , hear noises like the vacuum cleaner and music..and be around our bunnydog Jazz. Socialising and play at an early stage in their lives are the most important thing (apart from a good feed to make the bunny a nice sweet happy bunny :) and you know what I say: a happy bunny makes happy fibre :)

So although because of the power outage for 2 days! this week I am offering you some yarn and some luscious fibres. Have a browse, drool and remember: email me with what you would like to cuddle in person and I will email you all the details and hop to the postoffice pronto :)
Have fun !

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny yarn 4ply yarn
(excellent sockweight yarn) +/- 300-340meters per 100grams

Rembrandt *2LEFT*Cassat *SOLD*Gauguin *SOLD*Monet *SOLD*

Hand dyed Baby Camelbunny Tops

Degas Pisarro Caillebotte Picasso Manet Renoir Sisley van Gogh


Blasé said...

Our computer recently crashed, cost us $300 to fix it.

I bet you have a lot of 'hopping around' at your place!

Dru Shepherd said...

They told us we has some animal hair in our computer. I can't understand where that came from.
Your bunnies are adorable, I want your fiber and I don't even knit-Dru