Friday, September 11, 2009

A Fibre Fun Filled week & Linguistic Linguini!

This week has been FUN! Sunday at the Arts centre market was FUN as always and then there was the Pascoe Vale Spin into Spring event on Tuesday which was an amazingly FUN day! I did lots of talknig, spindle spinning and ofcourse letting people cuddle my fibres. Everytime I heard someone holding a camelbunny or camelbunny and silk top sigh "aaaaaah!" or "ooooh wow!" I just had to smile. I did tell them it was very addictive but they wouldn't let the tops go and kept cuddling them. Every camelbunny top found a new fibre home to go :) I saw so many friends and ate an amazing array of fabulous homebaked treats..hmmm yum! Please put it on your calendar for next year, let the Pascoe Vale spinners know that you are going to be there because I tell ya: it is defenitely THE Spring event of the year ! fun, fun, FUN! It was also the launch of my new blend : an Angorino Deluxe! A 50/50 blend of 17micron merino with angora bunny: fingerspinning good! But more on that yumminess later coz you can adopt some hand dyed Angorino Deluxe today ! Yeah!
Yesterday I had a great time meeting Chantelle, Tim and their gorgeous daughter Abbie who drove all the way from Brisbane to see bunnies and fibre (well, not just to see bunnies but they made a huge effort to put our little fibre farm on their itenerary) and we had a blast!!!! (Chantelle: I am still dreaming about your Majacraft wheel am tempted! :P ).
Jazz our bunnydog was so excited seeing everybody, that as soon as we started talking -in our excited fibre mode- she wanted to join in and started talking as well ! she is a hilarious talkative dog :P There was lots of fibre and bunny cuddling I can tell you that :P in short: it was FUN!!!
By the way: I made myself a big promise: I will stop saying to myself "There is not enough time", "I HAVE TO do this, HAVE TO do that and that and that". Thinking that way will only make you stress out and REALLY have no time whatsoever. Time is relative they say, so I will make a huge effort and change the way I think about time saying "I have to.." NO! I am starting today saying: HAVING fun, DOING this now and that later, all in GOOD TIME ...and you know what? it really really helps! It feels like I have more time now than before! Amazing isn't it? .......Perception and Reality bound together with a linguistic linguini..okay..okay..and lots of fibre fun !
Here comes your fibre fun now :Angorino Deluxe and some yummy Cashmerino laceweight yarn !
Angorino Deluxe
(50/50 blend of 17micron merino and angora bunny, 50grams/AU$19)
Saint Saens
Cashmerino laceweight yarn
(50+grams/AU$18, 550meters per 50grams!)
Plum deep
Contact me by email or pm me (ixchelbunny) on if you would like to cuddle and adopt these fibres.
Have a FUN week! and hey, I may see you at the Arts Centre market Melbourne on Sunday :)
I leave you with an overload of bunny cuteness :P Hugs, Charly
Babe doing a big stretch to get that last yummy green bit
Kabookie, the cute chocolate angora
Tunnel hopping
(more cute bunny photos on

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Textile Tragic said...

I just found out that you ARE coming to the Guild Spinning Certificate class next month. Happy, Happy! I hope it's not too hot and you can bring some bunnies for us to see.