Friday, September 4, 2009

Spring, spin and Hop

Spring is in the air...I know because the trees are showing off their blossom and pretty flowers (see photos on and the bunnies are happily hopping
The colours that spring into my mind (pardon the pun) are different too. Mind you it is still cold and wet and we still have the woodfire on but somehow the colours that my brain comes up with are well...."springy".
This year time did not just SLIP through my fingers, the floodgates of time seemed to have fully opened and in the blink of an eye, more than half the year is gone! Amazing. Well you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun ! :) and yes, I know, I know, I KNOW! my website is coming soon!! I guess it is becoming a joke to say it, because I have been promising it for two years now with the latest deadline I set myself (AUGUST09 ) having just rushed by and it is already September!
At times like these I would really like to have a time machine and just stop the world so I can finally get the shop up and running...and then I guess, there will be something Like Douglas Adams once said:"I like the sound of deadlines as they come whooshing past" MY deadline has whooshed by so many times now it is not funny. I remember when I sat through my last exam at Uni and thought well, that is it! I will never have this "exam feeling again".
All that is left for me to do here is to quote an extensive passage from one of the "top observers of human behaviourisms, master of Dance and Words" Stephen Fry, that so sums up what I feel about deadlines:
"I have a ten-ton deadline hanging over me suspended by a single human hair. If I don’t stay and stare at my screen all day every day until I have bled out a screenplay (read in my case: on line ) I will have my nipples torn from me like medals from the tunic of a disgraced officer and Shame will know me for her own."
Oh without further delay: here is the BLOG update and then..really.....REALLY!!.... I will start staring at my screen, typing HTML codes and uploading fluffy stuff and fluffy Info to my on line shop (for future reference I will mention its name ..again: )
Have fun fun stalking !

Hand dyed Camelbunny Silk Tops 50grams/AU$19


Forget-me nots



Rainforest magic

Blue Berries



Velvet shimmer

Another Rembrandt


Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Sock weight yarn
(90-100grams/AU$26, meterage +/- 300-315meters/100grams)





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