Friday, November 20, 2009

In the naughty corner & taking it....easy-ER...

Some of the many get well gifts and signs of support friends have sent to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
So sorry I have not been blogging lately and keeping you up to date about all the things happening. Safe to say life is tough at the moment but with the amazing help and support of Paul, his dad, my sis in law and my dear dear friends it makes it all easier to bear and to fight. I have to say that in times like these you get to know who is there for you and, well...who isn't. I imagine "coming out" like I did was maybe too confronting for some people and they did not seem to cope with the emotional side of it...I am truly sorry if I made anybody feel uncomfortable.
However, I feel that it did save my sanity and help open up doors to a new way of life dealing with cancer and being forced into childlessness...(I hope that is a word...). I am committed to make a change! not only in my life but also to help other women who are going through or have been going through ordeals like this. I will focus on healing myself first but will keep you posted on the start up of the Ixchel Women Support Organisation: dealing with cancer & infertility. I have many ideas, hopes and goals and wish to share and help others more than anything. If you would like to be a part of this please drop me a line. All help is welcomed and the more people are engaged in this effort, the more help and change will be possible.
Anyway, my op is going to be on Tuesday the 24th and although it is creeping up on me at lightning speed I can remain I have to say I had a very hard time after the pre-admission session last Friday where I was poked and prodded and tested etc....they were all very nice so that is not the alarming bit...the awful traumatising unnerving aspect of it was that the doc said I might be pregnant, which just totally destroyed me (hence the not blogging). You can imagine that this kind of information was devastating especially since the outcome would not have a happy ending. Meditation and QiGong has helped tremendously.
I will be in hospital for at least 7 to 10 days and Paul will be taking care of the animals and everything concerning yarn and fibre in the mean time. Please email him or send him a message via the ixchelbunny group. He will certainly appreciate your support ! I have been working on finishing orders and yeah! I have finished all the orders, all the clubs are ready to be sent in the first week of December by Paul who has agreed to become my "fibre Hagrid"
I will post an update of all the yarns and special fibres I have been prepping in the first and second week of december as well so you can drool pre-X-mas style :)
We have been doing some burning off pre-fire season (some fire photos to be posted on later:) ) and this photo was taken of Jazz and Doris watching the fire from a safe you can see Doris'safe distance was greater than Jazz'

Now you all must be wondering what the naughty corner was all about... well, Skye , who is still living in the studio with her mum Topping and her sibblings Elvis and Kabooki is an escape artist. She can jump the enclosure in the studio and hops to her favourite corner in the kitchen/office where she can flop nicely on the tiles in between the chair and the office paper bin...and what is really amazing...she can hop in as well ! she is so clever! oh and did I mention CUTE? lol

Again, thank you all for your support ! I could not do it without you ! Lots of love and see you again soon after my op ! Thanks for being part of my incredible journey :)

Lots of love and




Teresa said...

Dear Charley,

Thinking of you and hoping that the op goes well. You've touched so many lives that at many groups I go to, there is someone who mentions your name and wishes you well.

None of us expect you to post, but it is good to read your words and look at your bunnies.

Lots of love

Sharon said...

I will cross all my fingers and toes for you, for your op and recovery. I think that its an amazing thing you have done, 'comming out', and to not let it overcome you, but to try and help others. Good on you, I think the world needs more people with that drive and good will. All the best,

Lynne S of Oz said...

Thinking of you from far away. I hope everything goes as well as possible. I'll spin some of the top I bought earlier this year on Monday (cos that will be Tuesday there).

wombat said...

Really Charley, what's this "infertility" business, I belive the politically correct term is......reproductively challenged....

luv yr guts n stay up grrrrrrrl..

Leonie said...

Hoping all goes well for you. Have just finished knitting a little cardy from your BFL/angora and it is simply gorgeous. Sooo love your yarns, they are truly as special as you are. Stay strong, keep busy but not tired, there are so many of us out here in your corner rooting for you. Good Luck.

Amy said...

Charley, I met you briefly at the Bendigo festival in July and fell in love with your yarns and fibers. (I go to the same SnB as Teresa and Leonie.)

My hubby and I have been struggling to have a baby for nearly 6 years now. It's hard and I can't even imagine how your diagnosis hurts. {{{HUGS}}}

Work on getting yourself better and loving those beautiful bunnies!

Marg B said...

Dear Charly,

Thinking of you for Tuesday and beyond. Hoping for the best possible outcome and hope that Paul will be able to sneak lots of cuddles and little treats for you during your hospital 'holiday'. You are an amazing tough woman who we all admire. Love and {HUGS}