Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello 2010, Good riddens 2009!

Dash smelling the flowers
I am sure you have heard and read it before because I am not the only one saying this: I am soooo happy 2009 is over! As you all know it has been a hell of a year for us starting off with bushfires and ending with surviving uterine cancer.
It has been a huge year full of dramas, disasters and at the end of it all glimmers of Hope, Love, Support and Healing. A year could not have been more dramatic. We lost precious bunnies and remember Mojo and Eowin, our gorgeous angora bunny mums. We had two beautiful nests of bunny babies and are now sharing the adventures of Dash, Babe, Ookie, Spot, Tribble, Elvis, Kabuki and last but not least Skye!
Kabuki just after her haircut, I bet she is blushing...
Elvis seeking refuge under the spinning wheel just after a haircut:
"don't look at me ...I'm all naked ....?"
Skye is just such an amazingly energetic bunny! I should have named her Energiser bunny because I don't think she ever needs her battery refilled :) She is running around in the house now (since no enclosure in the studio could keep her in). She jumps out of her "naughty corner"to the middle of the living room, looks around deviously if the door to the bedroom is open and if it is closed, oh well, just a bunny nose push and she is in! Although naughty, she is good : doesn't destroy anything (yet..... apart from her charging into the spare room with all the wool and fibres and thinking to herself: "that big plastic bag looks very yummy, what would happen if I bite my way through it and ...oh look, fluff! let's dig our way in! yeah!" in short, after only 10 minutes of me not keeping an eye on Skye, there was fluff all over the floor in the room and there was Skye proudly sitting on top of it !
This morning I had another bunny episode: Dash was very energetic and wanted to just run and do binkies in the outside run. He was flying everywhere, digging a bit and dashing off to every corner in the run. Although I looked if there were any troublesome plants in there I had not noticed a weed had crept in that had all sticky seeds on it. Ofcourse Dash was very interested and gave the sticky weed lots of bunny nose and chin rubs until he noticed that apart from them being very sticky they were also very prickly! So after I finished feeding all the bunnies I returned to see what Dash was up to and there he was sitting like an angel, looking at me with big eyes and not moving an inch....strange I I picked him up and spent the next 2 hours picking all the sticky seeds out of his coat.....thank God Paul gave him a haircut not too long ago!
As soon as 2010 started I started sleeping well, after the op (and before I might it was total disaster, not to mention the hormone stuff totally messed me up. I did lots of research (a never ending thing) and found out that black cohosh , wild yam cream and gingko biloba are amazing in helping me feel better in the hormone department-together with some other herbs I am taking, not to mention a huge difference in eating habits (more soy products or so called phyto-estrogens or plant estrogens). Every time Paul sees me doing my herbology stuff, he reminds me how lucky I am not living in the middle ages: I would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch making her brews....eiter that or I should be part of Dumbledores' School of Magic, but then again Paul himself is known to be Fibre
Apart from the herbs I am taking a lot of vitamins (E, betacarotene, C, B complex and ofcourse extra calcium). I am getting my energy back, I am glad to say I am still and I have been able to do some work again. I still have to take "baby steps" but it is getting better and I am looking forward to preparing for and being part of the Insubordiknit workshop in the Dandenongs (march 19-21), the handknitters Guild day in June, the Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show in July and lots more on the fibre front !
It has been amazing receiving so many get well cards, and presents and phone calls: your support has made such a huge difference! I could not have done it without you!
The Ixchel Foundation is starting its work in 2010: awareness campaigns on uterine cancer and support information, information on how to cope after a drastic hysterectomy (also very useful info for women struggling with menopause by the way). I will start a website solely for that purpose but more on that later !
Now, the update you all have been waiting for. Are you ready to be enabled? Well, here it is: the first 2010 update! Have a fabulous virtual cuddle and drool and stalk me anytime if you would like to give these fibre and yarn babies a good home!
Sock it to me hand dyed yarn
(95% superfine merino + 5%nylon, +/-420meters, sockweight yarn,needles 1-2US, 2-2.5mm, +/- 100grams, AU$23)
Outback circus -sold-
Outback Sky -only 1 left-
Forest Pixie
MILK Angorino Tops
(hand dyed, milk protein fibre 20%, 20micron merino 75%, Angora bunny 5%, 100g, AU$20)
Frothy Sea
Wattleberry -1left-
Coral Reef -sold-
Seaweed BFL Bunny Tops
(hand dyed, Seaweed 20%, Blue faced Leicester 75%, Angora bunny 5%, 100g, AU$21)
Koala -sold-
Clownfish -1 left-
Kingfisher -only 2 left-
Kookaburra -sold-
Alice in Wonderland -sold-
Camelbunny Tops
(super delicate & super soft!, hand dyed, 95% baby camel, 5% angora, 50g, AU$18)
Fairy dust -sold-
Beachparty -only 2 left-
FuzzyWuzzy -1 left-
Famous -sold-
Barbiedoll -sold-
Surprise Funky Bunny Batts
(Surprise colour, fibres are: superfine merino, angora, yak, australian heritage mohair, glitz, angelina, silk & camel! 100-130grams, AU$32)
Here is a fantastic chance to get one (or of these glitzy blingy Funky Bunny batts. The colours will be a surprise (but you know me by now All the batts are hand dyed and then hand carded in a very creative artistic way, becoming the famous Funky Bunny Batts you know :) Every batt is made from the abovementioned fibres and weighs 100-130grams! To adopt one of these surprise funky bunny batts email me and it's yours to cuddle :)
Just a little note: if you want me to dye some fibres or yarns for you or even hadn spin some yarn, let me know! I am more than happy to do it for you :)
Wishing you all a fabulous 2010 filled with Love, Peace, Health, lots of (fibre) Fun and Hugs!


Melissa Luxmoore said...

Found them!....Sandalwood case your wondering who this crazy person is....

Another good thing about moving to Canberra....WE CAN GET A BUNNY!!!!!! Not allowed in QLD. Ayla will love a bunny. :)

Marg B said...

Charly you are such an AMAZING woman; glad 2010 is starting on such a positive note. And you write so well - I can just see Skye & Dash hopping around your place causing chaos. Sending you lots of fibrey love. Marg

Arty Lady's blog said...

Charly, may this year be your year. You had a horrible time last year; things will start to look up for you now. You have overcome everything.


waterfall said...

recently a woman said to me, 'Happy New Year, It will be a happy new year come Hell or High Water!'

Love that attitude, and I love your attitude, You are doing so well! I thought it would be another month til you were posting your cuties!

Looking forward to what you do now!