Friday, January 15, 2010

Naughty bunny & more fluffy fun

Have you ever made a plan or even a List (notice the Capitol L !) ? Yes, I am going to do this and this and this today, this week, this month ? I have.... I have promised myself to do lots this week, dye some yummy blends, finish spinning camelbunny for my update, finish spinning and plying some pure angora, even plant some veggies and herbs and organise my studio and dye room. Yep, I had a plan! Meaning I had a plan and Skye, our angora bunny had some plans of her own. Hear that evil bunny laugh in the back ground? Yep, that is Skye....
hmmmmm I have an eeevil plan coming up.....
Like I told you last time, she is a bunny with a super personality and strong willpower. I have come to recognise that she must be a mutant bunny with super bunny strength and the mental capacity of a mad scientist.
This week she managed to find a way into the corner where I keep my huge carpet wool cones. I mean they are HUGE! it takes a big muscled human to pick them up. So, what does naughty Superbunny Skye do? She manages to get them on their sides and starts rolling them around. And if that is not enough for Missy Skye, she says "hey, I wonder what is hiding INSIDE that big ball of fluff? Let's make a nice hole in it and dig my way IN!" yeah, brilliant idea ! So the next morning when I go into the studio, what do I find? Two huge carpet wool yarn cones, shredded up like confetti! Big sigh! This was Tuesday ! The week had only just started :) I spent the day cleaning up and salvaging some of the yarn and ofcourse talking sternly to Skye, who, as every mad scientist bunny, looked at me saying :"whad I dooo?"
Wednesday was relatively calm: I dyed my yummy bunny blend tops (more on that later) and finished spinning a superfine laceweight camelbuny yarn that I was hoping to dye with indigo and cochineal later....All was fine in bunny land.
Until I heard some funny noises in the was like Frau Holle had come in and emptied all the duck down pillows out! Skye had gotten into my stash of hand dyed feathers I use in my funky bunny batts and funky art yarns. She can now open plastic ziplock bags! Safe to say, I spent the day cleaning up feathers..........
Skye: "So...Whad'I do?....I did nuuuuthin' !"
The camelbunny was plied, skeined and I started plying a fine angora yarn on Thursday..
I find it amazingly easy to spin very fine on my new Rose Majacraft wheel ! It is so relaxing and a fabulous wheel to work with. I call it my Ferrari of wheels :) I got up to make myself a cup of red clover tea...and when I got back to my wheel, there was Skye sniffing around my lazy kate where I was plying my lace fine hand spun angora with a fine lace cashmere yarn. Skye was in no doubt ready to activate another of her naughty mad scientist plans. Picturing of what had happened the couple of days before, I yelled "hey! Skye! What you doin?!!!!!?!!!!"
okay, I should NOT have yelled.....she obviously was feeling very guilty, so she took off at the speed of light ....with one of her hind legs caught in the angora bunny yarn she flew across the room, winding her way through the legs of tables , chairs, couches...until , finally, the yarn broke off and she escaped to the sanctuary of her bunny run....the bobbin filled with lace hand spun angora spun wildly ...zoooom....zooooooom....and more yarn was projected all around in wild swirls and curls and loops.
The room looked like it was covered with laser beams like those used in a museum at night...only, the laser beams were hand spun angora I had spun for about a week!........
All I could do was sigh....and grab a big piece of chocolate....(my last piece of Dark chocolate reese Peanut butter cups I had kept aside just for emergencies like this!lol) .
I closed the bunny run and I must say Skye did not jump out this time. instead, I swear I could hear an evil bunny laugh in the distance...muahahaha..muahahahahahahaha......
So, to cut a long story short: There is no camelbunny yarn in cochineal and indigo, nor is there a lacey handspun angora/cashmere....THAT is for next weeks least that is the plan.......
Hand spun Mulberry peace silk yarn (+/- 18-20wpi, +/- 150-185meters, 50-55grams, AU$32)
Amethyst Amber Dream Azurite Turquoise Sunset
Hand spun Angorino Deluxe (50% Angora bunny/50% 17micron organic merino) Malachite (20wpi, 170-180meters, 53grams AU$28) -sold-
Hand dyed Angorino Deluxe Tops
(50% Angora Bunny/50% 17 micron organic Merino) 50grams AU$19
Angelite-sold- Apache Tears
Sardonyx -sold-
Lilac Danburite -sold- Angel Hair Quartz
Email me ( or message me on if you want to have these new fluffy fibres to knock on your door :) Have a wonderful week and may all your plans come true :-)
Hugs, Charly

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Murfomurf said...

Oh dear- I can't believe how well you coped with the evil bunny activities! I couldn't be that calm! I'm so pleased to have come across your blog and fibre enterprise- I've been looking for some angora blends to knit with (apart from that naughty, over-the-top Anny Blatt stuff)- you may be my saviour! Re Lists: I've just recovered from 6 years of disgusting depression and lists are NOT part of my life any more- one or two items I suggest to myself for a day, but no long lists to tick off. I'm much happier not being pressured by those gold-danged lists! A psychologist was treating me last year and she told me to make precise lists for the day and stick to them. They made me worse because the undone items were just adding to the YEARS of unachieved goals I had behind me. I resolved to "think lean"- give myself permission to do less and concentrate on feeling positive. With the help of a proper shrink and a massive dose of pills that my GP couldn't prescribe, I am fixed! Bring on a renewed zeal for knitting!! But NO project list!