Friday, March 12, 2010

All Boxed Up and other Surreal Tales

Flopsy in her favorite Jack Rabbit Box

Has it ever occured to you that this world we are living in has several dimensions, realities, whatever you may call it...? Does it sound crazy? Well according to physicists there are numerous dimensions and never the twain shall meet..or? do they continuously interact? I'm no physicist but I can tell you one thing: my world last week was a "funny" one. and come to think of it: I always seem to be surrounded by that quirky, surreal or unreal and yes dramatically "funny" stuff...Welcome to my world ! :)
Reflections of Reality (trees reflected in the dam:) )

Here are just some little stories to illustrate it:

The missing Chook
As you may well know we have some lovely chickens running around. In the morning and at night they are in their safe enclosure and around noon I open the door and let them free range all around our property. They are free spirited chooks:)
Anyway, once the dusk sets in I make sure that all of them get back in their enclosure for "bedtime" So I call out, clap my hands, chant "chook chook chook bedtime!" 'til all the girls come speeding, jumping, part-flying and looking like some prehistoric dinosaurs in the way they speed walk to the enclosure to get some goodies just before bedtime.
Then there is a headcount a la chickenrun movie to make sure all are in and then the dorm closes for the night. They hop on their perch and within minutes this enchanting sound of chook snoring fills the air.
Well not this particular night! It was the night there were hailstones the size of golfballs thundering down, it was cold, there was lightning ofcourse and it all made for a very eerie and ofcourse wet "chook roundup". I called, they came..all but one..okay, were is she? I closed the run so the other girls would stay safe and went for a chook search...I looked everywhere! I called out, I called her name "missy!"choook chook chook "Missy"! but Missy was missing......
Normally when you call out and they happen to be somewhere in hiding they return your call by a certain purrrr. Well no purr was to be heard. I was soaking wet, it was dark and here I was calling out for a chook not only on our property but also across the road in the Forest. Paul and I searched all chook. By this time is was pitch black and still very wet...we had to wait til morning. Paul went out at first light and looked everywhere again....
Near the bunny run he stumbled across a big empty veggie box that had toppled over and thought: hmm I'd better take that box to recycling, picked it up and lo and behold there Missy was! She had just woken up ! The Scenario probably went like this: Missy stepped into the box with some left over veggie scraps, tipped it over and it fell on top of her..instant darkness.."Okay", she must have thought "It must be be bedtime coz it's dark all of a sudden. Let's just hunch down and fall asleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". Sometimes things you look for are just underneath a box :) Welcome to my world :)

The Life of a sleeping working Dog
Jazz as you know is our bunny dog. She is a working dog but I have to admit, she is in that fase in her life that she loves to ....sleep. She will sleep on anything. leave her alone for a minute..she will seek out that spot that is the most comfy and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz falls asleep in an instant. If you ever want to find an excellent sleeping Jazz..she will find it for you.
In the studio I have a huge huge bag looking like a bean bag really, filled with bunny clippings. Everytime I have to make a batt, dye or spin some bunny..I open the Bunny Bag and take a handful of our finest bunny fluff out. This bag is as I said huge:) all in all I think there must be about 20kilos of bunny fluff in there collected over the years and all the new super fibre collected every time gets sorted and put in the bag :)
With me being "off line"so to speak for a period of time after the holiday in the hospital late last year and the recovery afterwards, I haven't looked at the bag or put new fibres in it. Paul clipped the bunnies and put it in another bag ready for us to sort it out later since I was still recovering. Jazz on the other hand thought that the bunny bag was the best sleeping spot ever! We both did not think about the whole thing at all until...I went into the studio and wanted to grab a tub full of bunny fluff preparing for shows and what have you. I opened the big huge Bunny Bean hand went in expecting to find loose wonderful handfulls of bunny fluff..instead it hit a wall of bunny felt! Jazz had felted the top layer of the bunny fibre in the bag in her sleep !!!!! Hows that for a working dog! I could not stop laughing at the whole situation....typical!
We since moved the big bunny bag out of the studio in a spare room and now I will have to think what to do with a layer of felted bunny fluff....... Welcome to my world:) .........

I have been busy this week with preparing the last installment of the sock it to me yarn club which is a very special yarnn this month! and the pattern is awesome as well :0 All is ready an dry and offto be shipped out this weekend :) Same goes for the Fibre club and batt club last installment: they are looking amazing and are almost ready for shipping on Monday :) Next week I will start the signing up for all the clubs again for April-may and June installments. It is going to be awesome ! Promise :)

This weeks update is a special one as well: with some yarn, curl blends and ....some very special camelbunny silk! I won't keep you much longer ..have a look...a drool and , as usual, contact me anytime if you want to give these new fibre babies a good home :)

Hand Dyed Kid Mohair Curl Colour Blends
Radiation Blend Wild State Blend Enchanted Evening Blend Moss Sea Blend Daintree Blues blend Happy Smile Blend
Hand dyed Camelbunny Silk
8 Little Piggies Galapagos Turtles Pool of Possibilities Punctuated Equilibrium SuperNormal Stimuli Giant Panda
Hand dyed Lace Weight Mulberry Silk Yarn
(AU$32/100grams, +/- 1250meters/100g)
Dream Vision-1left- Burgess Shale-sold- Ladder of Life Jumping Genes
The Insubordiknit Fibre Market
Next Friday , March 19th, there is a fabulous Mini Fibre Market and get together. The Insubordiknit Workshop that Mandie EGMTK is organising runs from friday march 19th til Sunday 21st at the Mt Morton Conference Centre in Belgrave in the gorgeous Dandenongs.
Jacey Boggs who is responsible for the wonderful Sit and Spin DVD will be showing all of the workshop participants on Saturday and Sunday what beehives and coils and lots more are all about !
There is a fabulous Fibre Market on the friday as well open for all fibre fans! The doors open at 7pm ,so if you want to see what it is all about, meet some fibre nuts like us and you can also cuddle and adopt some luscious fibre: Please come and visit ! it will be worth the beautiful trip :)
What’s on offer? Well apart from briging lots of bunny fibre , felted bunny bits that do great in funky art spinning, I will also have kid mohair hand dyed luscious locks, Yak, English Leicester, lots of funky bunny batts and heaps of tops ofcourse (yes yes, silk, camelbunny and yakety camel will be there as well :) ) etc etc !! oh and some new stuff like fine threads variegated! and single coloured as well on balls to ply with !!! at awesome prices ! did I mention YARNS? no??? well, they will be there too:)
Here’s the address: Fairmont Ave, Belgrave Heights. 3160 melway ref 84d3 Please let me know beforehand if you are coming to the insubordiknit market: so we can organise some “platters”and other yummy stuff as well :) Hope to see you there !!!!!!