Friday, April 23, 2010

it's no Bunny !

IxCHeL art yarn "lifeline heartbeat"

It's been full on busy last week with two Bunny spin ins here at the farm and a hugely succesful Spin in Fair of the Grandvalley Spinners at Montrose last Monday. Not only did those events make me spin and dye lots of fibre, but most of all the amount of housecleaning to make the studio and all adjacent rooms representable to "normal" people was daunting. It was worth the effort though and I am now totally convinced that it's better to clean house and get rid of clutter at least once every of I mean : no use housecleaning every week :it gets too normal and you don't really see a difference, you are just maintaining a status quo. As with everything I like the graph to show hills and valleys instead of a flatline. Call me Chaos Bunny :) Besides who has time to clean when you can play with fibre? I also love the fact that when I vacume I have the most blingy dustbunnies you will ever come, I am not spinning those ( did cross my
It was so great to have fibre friends visit on the bunny spin ins and have them cuddle bunnies and show them fibre stuff. As you know every third saturday and fourth thursday of the month (except July) there are bunny spins here and everybody is welcome for a spin, a chat or a knitting/crocheting fun day out !
As you know I am always attracted to weird words, facts and science. It's not really that I am specifically looking for it: my brain seems to just pick up on weird stuff. I was reading something on line about movie premieres (Emma Thompsons red carpet walk for her new movie Nanny McPhee more specifically) and I noticed an odd animal she had on a leish : a pig no less! no, not a normal pig, it was an actual Sheep-pig -no I kid you not!- or what is commonly known in Serbian as Mangalitza (=a hog with a lot of lard). Apart from the fact that it is cute it is also ..hairy! I ofcourse googled it and it appears that it was actually shorn once a year to make sweaters ! and was a common sight in Lincolnshire, UK, until its extinction in 1972 ! Anyway, here is a photo :) where can I get some sheep-pig?.....hmm....
Because I was so busy out and about and on the fibre farm I did not get the opportunity to spin and dye a super lot for you but what I got is defenitely special and yummy :) The blend is a new one and totally awesome: superwash blue faced leicester and cashmere ! so soft it is unbelievable! great for the most luxurious socks or that top you always wanted to make :) also some bamboo bunny silk yarn in 4 ply with the most amazing softness and shine! some art yarn and last but not least a very blingy rainbow batt :) Have a look, a drool and stalk me anytime if you want to adopt these fibre babies ;-) Succesful snaffling !
Hand dyed Superwash Bluefaced Leicester and cashmere top
(90%/10%, 100grams/AU$24)
Cadborus-sold- Gougou-1left- Ogopogo-sold- Pingo-sold- Sasquatch-1 left-
Hand dyed Bamboo bunny sock weight yarn
(+nylon) 90-100grams/+/- 420meters/AU$26
Bangbelly-sold- Beavertail Impignorate Hodgepodge-1left- Witwonka
Hand dyed Yak Bunny merino yarn 4ply
with amazing yardage (+/- 525meters/AU$28/127grams)
Lotus -sold-
hand dyed Blue fAced leicester Bunny sock weight yarn
AU$26/90-100grams/+/- 325meters
Anglewitch-sold- Burpalurpa-sold-
Ixchel Art Yarn
(kid mohair, bunny, bling, silk, angelina, superfine merino, yak, alpaca, tencel
techniques: corespun, autowrap )
134grams/AU$29 (+/- 190meters)
The meaning of Pie
Hand dyed Funky bunny batt
(ingredients: polwarth, angelina, angora)
Manga 117grams, AU$32 -SOLD to a "norty girl";-)
(more photos of the batt on

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