Friday, April 16, 2010

Party like a .....or: what do you get when you mix Travolta, James Brown and the Haka?

Last Saturday Paul and I were invited to a Purple Party...everybody had to be dressed, painted or attired with things purple.
It was Pauls sister Margs 50th Birthday bash by the way and a huge event !! Now for us girls just a glance in our wardrobe and bingo! we have purple, so no problems there..for guys however the colour can be a bit daunting apparently.
The only thing in purple Paul had in his cupboard was a woolen knitted sweater :) As a profound professional shopper....NOT!...Paul set out to get some purple clothes for this important event and ended up at an op shop close to his work. He ended up in the womens section because in the mens section no purple was to be found (what a surprise)...well I tell you , he came up with some amazing outfits. It was not really one outfit, no ! THREE!!! he enthusiastically said to me the moment he got home "wait here, I am getting changed : check this out!" I sat down without too many expectations..I purple can one get? but Oh my Gawd I laughed so hard I cried.
On the night of the event he casually walked in the venue in his purple very tight pants and purple woolen jumper...very "normal"....he did mention to all he had three stages of partying ..a remark that was met with a lot of quizical looks I might add. There was awesome fireworks that Margs son Brett had organised (he is a professional pyrotechnician and a stuntman. by the way: if you want to have a BIG BANG of a party ask him !!!!! btw he is to be seen in Pacific the series as well ! Go Brett!!!) Anyway, after the fireworks the evening progressed very nicely and the music got louder and dancing began also got a bit too hot for the sweater so Paul thought that stage two was in order....BANG! well that t-shirt was a hit! of the people thought that was as far as he would go..but they do not know Paul.... as soon as he saw his sister Marg alone on the dancefloor in between songs he walked up to her and the performance began. The song was an instrumental one (no idea what it was) but it reminded me of a sixties guitar meets indian warlord tune that Quentin Tarantino could have used for pulp fiction. You get my drift. I have to advise you that Paul is not a dancer...he can move though, keep a beat, but like most guys he's not the ballroom dance kind of guy. The way to describe the whole dance performance he did was John Travolta meets James Brown meets a maori Dancer doing the use Margs words...very memorable ! The room went silent when Paul strut his stuff and when he, in the middle of the song, proceeded to take his second layer off ....BANG! there was stage three. I heard a guy walk passed me saying "well, I hope that is as far as he goes" The evening was a great succes !!!! It was great seeing friends and family again and meeting new friends ! I was also given some licorice for a knitting project by Emma C. ..more on that in later blogs no working on that one...:) thanks Emma C!

ANyway, all partied out and working hard again :not only for this weeks update but also for the Bunny Spin In tomorrow! the first one! I cleaned the whole studio ...almost...(amazing how many things one keeps accumulating ...) The Bunny Spin Ins will be held every third Saturday of the month and every 4th Thursday here at the farm (email me for more info). Tomorrow is going to be the first one: very exciting !

Here are this weeks update fibres: Hand dyed 18micron angorino, Blue faced leicester and Bunny and Kid Mohair~tops ! and last but not least Funky Bunny BAtts! Have a look, a drool and contact me anytime to have your fibre of choice sent to you :)

The names of all the fibres are bizarre words by the way that realy exist ! (

Have a fun week and ....don't forget to dance! :)

Hand dyed Angorino tops (18micron merino+angora 5%)

Gilly-gaupus-sold- Monkey's wedding Snollygoster Illywhacker-sold- Mungo Bumbledom-1left-

Hand dyed BFL Bunny + Kid mohair (65/5/30%) Tops
100grams /AU$21


Acrasia Carriwitchet-1left- Quagswag Wabbit Doolally-1left-

Funky Bunny Batts
ingredients: super fine merino, angora, yak, camel, silk, soy, australian heritage mohair, glitz, angelina

Snugglepot 127g/au34-sold-

Cuddlepie 148g/au39-sold-Nuttybub 113g/au33 Chucklebud 113g/au33-sold-

Nittersing 94g/au29

Yunkydoo 120g/au34


Textile Tragic said...

All the best for the spin in. I'd hoped to come, but my car had a serious mishap over Easter and is no more:( , so I'll have to wait until I'm mobile again. I'll spin at home look forward to it another time.

Anonymous said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................