Friday, April 9, 2010

The technicolour waiting game

Two reasons to have a veggie and herb garden (see above)

In a way it has been a good week. You know, one of those weeks where a lot of things happened, a lot of appointments, a lot of ..well, stuff.
First of all I had an appointment with the oncologist at the hospital to be tested and prodded and poked and questioned. I did not expect this period to be , well what to call it...anxious? but it was. After a cancer diagnosis and treatment, for the first half year , every three months you are checked out. Then after that every 6 months, and then finally after 3 years of investigative probing you are officially declared a "survivor" with a clean bill of health so to speak.
After each test there is a waiting period of about two weeks to get all the results back and ofcourse you tell yourself ït'll be fine" but subconsciously there is this wretched stressy nervousness going on....but, it'll be fine I keep saying to myself and will !
I do not know how other people deal with this kind of thing but I have a strategy...I keep myself so busy that worrying or stressing about "stuff" is just not possible :) So, I almost finished painting the hallway this week in sage green with gold paint accents, I managed to clear the slope where the legendary archeological find used to be (see story of the blue tarp in last weeks blog) and make it into a herb garden with lemon and lime verbena, hyssop, lots of lavender, thymes even a mushroom plant that looks like basil but tastes like..well..mushrooms. Apart from that I have even added a chaste tree and last but not least Sage..and a bay tree ofcourse....
The last step next to the chickenrun finished filled in and oh well, just has to be filled a bit more with woodchips...
The Stonewalled Herb patch
Since we are on a slope of some proportions..ahem...I needed to construct some kind of wall so I rounded up all the rocks I could find on the property and made a stonewall..looks awesome ! And I found a huge flat rock that can serve as a seat ! nothing better than to relax on a rock with a good book and surrounded by lavender scents in the air :) The rain has been coming down here in the mountains so I could not finish it all but give me another week and it will look gorgeous. I feel good ! Although a wheelbarrow decided the slope waas too much and toppled over , cushioning down a load of rocks on my foot..ouch! thankfully I was wearing my Blundstones and only had to use a limited selection of my swearing vocabulary....
Now don't think I just tinkered around the house, a week would not be complete without fibre and dyeing :) and clipping some bunnies ofcourse :) I have a new season of angorinos for you on offer this week as well and I have to admit it is one of the softest blends I have felt in a long time ! organic 18micron merino with angora bunny : an absolute yummy blend to spin or felt with.
Ofcourse I have been experimenting again with my new dye technique and have come up with some very interesting and nice colourcombos for the 4ply sockweight blue faced leicester bunny yarn: really nice to knit with or weave! and with its 340meters per 100grams you can do a huge amount of knitting or weaving !
Last on this weeks blog update is some mulberry peace silk tops that are just fingerlicking yummy !
So, here they all are! Enjoy, drool snd stalk me anytime if you would like to give these babies a good fibre home :)
Have a wonderful weekend! ((Hugs)) Charly
Hand dyed Angorino - organic 18micron 95%merino 5%angora 100grams/AU$17 !
Warm Chair Attribution
Carb Friendly
Handbag Husband
Geek chic -1left-
Poddict -sold-
Warm Fuzzies -sold-
Dream Team
Hand dyed Blue faced leicester bunny 4 ply sockweightyarn
90-100grams/AU$26 specially dyed to knit up in the most spectacular way !
Adrenaline bOOst -sold-
Cruizy -1left-
Hedgehog Concept
Woo factor -1left-
Conspiracy Theory
Hand dyed Mulberry Peace silk Tops
great for spinning fine and plying with the angorino or to add in felting or in your art yarn !
Rave -1left-
Frou Frou
Reality Check


Sharon said...

I love the herb garden, gardening is definately a passion of mine! I particularly loved the 'woven fence' around some of the plants - did you make it, or did you buy it like that?

The rain has been lovely!

Love the fibre too!

ixchel bunny said...

the woven fence is easy to make : just use the clippings of old apple trees etc adn well, same as weaving with fibre

waterfall said...

Those are some happy colors!
Love the gardens, and especially the rock wall!
You have probably the strongest vein of creativity that I know of!
Thank you for sharing your life.

Anonymous said...

教育的目的不是在製造機械,而是在造成人. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jordan said...

That is such beautiful fibre art that you have there. All of those different colors looks amazing!