Friday, June 11, 2010

As good as it gets!

smellin the roses.......:) (dash)

Its been a rough week…with lots of 6hour drives and visits to the Hospital and lots of cries for help that initially were, although acknowledged, far from resolved. After the whole ordeal of being diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer (endometrial or uterine cancer) last year and the operation to clear my body of this bad thing, the road to recovery has been tough.

There is hardly any support directly available or targeted at the gynaecological cancers or surgical menopause and the group of women who are suffering or have suffered this tremendous loss and were still trying to build a family are non existant. I have found that out the hard way; a month after the op my hormones were totally depleted and had left the building, leaving me in total chaos, feeling cold and most importantly feeling that her normally well functioning brain had left the country in search for a happier place. In short: total mayhem.

It is hard enough to deal with the cancer, the therapy and the loss that it holds, but it is amazing that women with what is called surgical menopause, women who have been hit by this traumatic train, are left to their own devices and in the past (I'm talking about the 19th century and early 20th century) have been wrongly diagnosed and sent to the loony bin ! The reason by the way that the medical procedure of taking the ovaries, tubes and uterus out is called a hysterectomy is because in the “olden days” medical society was convinced that women after a certain age were getting “hysterical” and it was probably caused by their female bits ..hence :”hysterectomy”..

Anyway, after a lot of searching I have come across a professor at the Royal Womens Hospital here in Melbourne who will not only be part of the menopause clinic that is already operating there but is adamant to start a program and research into surgical menopause …..because after centuries of poking around in womens bits hardly to no research has been done ! She asked me for my input and help and I will gladly donate time and effort to help other women going through all this. It may not be “out there” like breast cancer but it does affect lots of women and the fight against the gynaecological cancers , its treatment and the support women/families has to be built up more as soon as possible: The Ixchel Foundation is taking I just need to get my health in order first and foremostand.... apply to the powers that be for more time in a day…

Connected to all this I have come to realise that there needs to be more readily available support and media attention to the fact that so many people are trying to come to grips with infertility, being childless and all the grief that comes with it: society makes us believe that having children is normal and it happens to everyone. Let me tell you it is not: the % of couples going through IVF nowadays is only a small indication of the problems that exist in that area. Everybody needs to realise that, through no fault or often for no explained reason, couples cannot have children. Understanding that lots of people go through this and that trying to have a family is not all that easy has to be talked about and not pushed under the carpet.
In all of this I have discovered true friendship, overpowering Love and Strength that have helped me to fight and I thank all of you for your support in this very difficult period in my life.

Btw, as if that was not enough shit going on there was some new shit put on the pile when Paul tried to drive down the drive way coming back from footy training but found that instead of a drive we had a river going through and the car decided to bump into a tree….my newly repaired car! I am not one that yells out, fights or plays wrestling matches with my spouse but oh boy, did I yell now! After a fit of Tourettes I stormed off to the dyeing room and worked til 3am…so, I am talking to you universe! Yeah YOU! After all this crap you have given me the last %^%^ year I only want good stuff on my plate..not this crap ! “Sorry guys, just had to vent and hopefully the Powers that Be, while playing on Facebook and the world wide web, will read this now that it is riding the satellites…this is as formal a request I can think of…lol

Now –as Monty Python would say- now for something completely different ! I have been busy preparing for this update, finishing orders and doing some work as well for the Bendigo show coming up next month in between all the hospital visits and the testing, poking and prodding. So sit back, reflect, drool and stalk me anytime if you want to have these fibre babies knocking on your door ready to be cuddled :)

Yak camel silk hand dyed Tops 50g/AU$19 (last of this blend for some time so get it while it is hot!) This blend is super super nice to spin 50%baby camel, 20%yak, 30% tussah silk. It is soft, shiny and super luscious! Don’t miss out !

BooBoo (sold)

Copperhead sold

Bliss (1 left)

Renegades sold

Cozy Autumn sold

Vampire weekend (sold)

Dark Mountain SOLD

Shine SOLD

Wuthering Heights SOLD

Velveteen sold
Bamboo Sock weight hand dyed yarn
100g/$26 (+/- 450meters/100g, ndls 2.75-3.25mm)
Beautiful chain construction makes it easy to kit and its drape is out if this world !

Happy Chappy




Yak Alpaca Wool hand dyed 10ply spun yarn
50g/AU$16 (+/- 60-70m/50g, ndls 7-8mm)
Hand dyed using the special Ixchel dye technique that will make your knitting extra surprising ! a 100 gr will make an amazing hat, scarf or cowl

Your ride is here

Dip on a hot day

Lake Entrance

Iceland without eruptions

Flip flop fly

Slow boat to China

Iceland on a hot day

Harley D and me

Another Rembrandt

sooooo cuuuute!

groupies chilling

mad madder

Dates to remember:

Bunny Spin ins at the Fibre Farm …….
June 19 (Saturday) and June 24 (Thursday) 11am-5pm (last ones til August! )

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show …..July 16-17-18 !!!
Visit me at the Flowershed and get your bunny fix J:)Lots of surprises too !!

Queensland Spinners Annual Craft Weekend @ the Mapleton Centre ……23-25July
(I will be there with bells on, lots of bunny and other fluffy luscious animal fibre, tops and yarns and! very exciting workshops as well !!!! unmissable!
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Kelli said...

Sending virtual hugs to you across Bass Staight Charly. You Dash looks just like Jasper. He's lovely!

Murfomurf said...

OK- now I understand the cancer bit. I'm surprised- almost shocked- that there isn't an established regime of adjusting hormones using supplements integrated with the surgery and chemo! I have never had kids because I was born with very strange female bits that couldn't take the hard work! However, I've never felt any sadness or envy about this- maybe I'm the exception. I was even a developmental/child psychologist with a concentration on infancy for 11 years! Since you say there is a doctor at the Royal Melbourne who is organising some support for people like you, I'm interested in finding out more. I'm currently doing my Masters in Public Health and wonder if uterine and related cancers are a public health issue? Might be a good PhD topic for me- must explore!
Hope you're feeling more in control of your brain and that the treatment is not exhausting you too much now.