Friday, June 18, 2010

The Power of Now ?

Slow Rain on a Cold Day here at the Ixchel Fibre Farm

Last year just before al the nasty cancer treatment hospital stuff started I was determined to get well in spirit, mind and body, so I did my QiGong healing practices (breathing and energy meditations), I meditated on calmness and healing, took heaps of vitamins to boost my bodies’ immune system and for the hospital ride I even bought a book that I heard of was so fabulous and amazing and powerful: the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I even bought the hard cover! That’s how important I felt it was… keep my mind sane and healthy and nurturing it to cope with all the massive changes.
It was in my bag when I went to the hospital and then on my bedside table. I could not get myself to read it before I went into hospital and you know what? I could not get myself to read it IN hospital either…I knitted instead (the X marks the spot socks were created in Amazing but true: the Power of Now still lies next to me on my bedside table at home, unopened and unread. I could not get myself to read it. It was as if, as soon as I read the title and wanted to open it , something BIG was holding me back! Being a book and reading freak , reading and opening a book is normally a very easy thing for me to do ! What was going on? I felt conflicted as soon as I read the title: the Power of Now! "I did not want to be in this NOW", I thought. "This “NOW”was just not nice being in", I thought. Nope, the power of now was not doing it for me, so I did not open the book. Maybe the "now"was too powerful.....?
Strangely enough, at this moment that book is winking at me from my bedside table to open it up and open my mind and read it. How hard can reading a book be? Lol I have not read it yet though..not yet…too much to do I say, too much on my mind,.... but there are glimpses of sunlight peeping through the pages of that book as if beckoning me to FINALLY open it NOW!…I think sometimes we only can open doors when we are ready. It doesn’t work when we are forced to open doors, although sometimes we need a push to force us out of procrastination or the comfy grip of laziness. The best decisions and choices are made when we feel the time is right and we are ready to hear the signals and follow the signs and then, only then, open the door with confidence.
Jazz censured…
Sometimes I wonder HOW on earth Jazz, our bunny dog, can sleep lying like that- or in other very weird poses-….but apparently she feels very comfy that way…lol

This week was a road to wholeness and healing and ..yes hard work. :-) but it was so awesome to not have to go to any doctors ! So I did do a lot of dyeing and spinning and getting stuff ready for Bendigo in July (I CANNOT believe it is going to be in 4 weeks!!!!! So much to do in so little usual). I did get a chance to get some signage printed so you all can see where I am at at the Bendigo show grounds and here at the fibre farm as well. I must say: it looks pwetty darn COOL!
yes yes, the website is coming soooooon!

Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer , because I did promise to show you what I have been up to (amongst other things…lol) dyeing some amazing shiny stuff !: Kid Mohair! It is by far the softest shiniest and finest mohair fibre I have played with and now I am sharing it with you: some hand dyed tops and some boucle spun kid mohair yarns. Enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to open the snaffle door, because you know you hear the signs and you want to ;-)

Hand dyed boucle spun Kid mohair yarn
50gram skeins/AU$11
Yardage: +/- 40-50meters/50grams , needles 7mm


Happiness in a Curl


Autumn Whirl

Aquatic Dream



Hand dyed Kid Mohair tops
100grams / AU$24

World looking in

Trigger Hippie

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Blindfold -sold-

Way Beyond -1left-

Be Yourself

Dates to remember:
Bunny Spin ins at the Fibre Farm …….June 19 (THIS Saturday!!!) and June 24 (Thursday) 11am-5pm (last ones til August! )

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show …..July 16-17-18 !!!Visit me at the Flowershed and get your bunny fix Lots of surprises too !!
Queensland Spinners Annual Craft Weekend @ the Mapleton Centre ……23-25July (I will be there with bells on, lots of bunny and other fluffy animal fibre, tops and yarns )

All clubs for this month have been sent out !
The sign ups for the new clubs have started and the deadline for getting your club membership secured is June 28th. All the information is available on my blog of last week or on .
Email me or pm me when you want to know more or want to become or stay a member. Don’t miss out on the bunny Fun !


ixchel bunny said...

censoring is regulating or prohibiting types of speech or writing. Censuring is an official rebuke of a person for some offense. I went with "censured" because of Jazz's profound lack of decency while sleeping...but I'm guessing that censured and censored are - in this case - not that far

Anonymous said...
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jam said...

ummm, been listening to a bit of Morcheeba have you???
Love these yarns but am determined to finish the last lot first!
And YES about waiting until the time is right. You really cannot force some things..