Friday, June 25, 2010

The Winning and Losing Games

Blue Eyed Babe

What a week it has been! Filled with lots of work, dyeing, spinning, bunny spin ins but most of all epic historic drama: the Socceroos won but are still out of the world cup and the big hot topic in Australia now is of course the win of our first Red head female politician to take the throne of prime ministership and the loss of Kevin our former Prime minister. This week more than ever has brought to the surface that although you might win or seem to have won, you can loose at the same time. Let’s figure this out: I have never seen more devastated looks on a soccer team after they have won the match than on the faces of the Socceroos when they beat Serbia at the world cup. This was understandable because the win was not enough to keep them in the world cup…not fair I say; the politics of FIFA. As for the Australian political scene…well I am far from a political journalist or very involved in the game, but I can say that I am thrilled that we have a first female AND red head at that ! as a prime minister, I am also sad that our intellectual well meaning Kevin had to go in that way. Obviously good intentions and some far reaching decisions were not enough to keep Kev in power. It’s not hard to figure out that the mining industry debacle probably was the last straw. Politics is tough: politics and Big buck industry fighting it out teaches us now that the big bucks seem to win…. You win you loose, whether it is in politics, business or health, in the end winning and losing equals LIFE. Hoorah!

The Saturday spin in was filled with fluff floating around : Babe our blue eyed white was clipped ! Chiara (Z twist art with a fabulous blog! And amazing fibre art to match) took heaps of photos of the clipping and Babe and Jazz and fleeting finches and other wild life visiting our fibre farm. Here is just a small overview, I will download more on my flickr photostream later this week.

"tested on humans not animals…"Chiara said, when I held up Babe to my face and whispered to him that he was getting a haircut not a

making a partition

the first cut

the first cut ....with a bit left for winter

the saddle cut or should I say the Monk Cut? lol

a hand ful of Babe

sitting quietly at the hairdressers

clipping the sides while Babe is almost falling asleep ..

done yet? …

almost done …

hmmm punk look is the new black eh?

Also Firethreads just blew me away with her amazing hand spun and hand dyed and BEADED shawl! A fabulous work of art. I am just showing some details here and the photos hardly do justice to her gorgeous work. Well done Elizabeth!

Firethreads beaded hand spun and hand dyed shawl

Firethreads beaded hand spun and hand dyed shawl close up

I have been busy ..or should I say VERY busy trying to get things ready for the Bendigo sheep and wool show. This year I am going to be in the FLOWERSHED and since this spot is a bit out of the way from the rest of the hussle and bustle, I have made some signs, flyers etc to make people aware of where all the Ixchelbunny fibre and yarns can be found. I thought there was going to be a yellow line chalked on the road to show where all of us at the flowershed are, but apparently that yellow “brick” road is not allowed ?…so, please talk, rabbit on! About where we are to friends and fellow fibre fanatics !
Politics (be it federal or Bendigal) doesn’t keep me from doing what I do and that is dyeing and spinning : and that is LOTS at the moment! Lol Last week was full on with all kinds of fluffy fibres and yarns and I have some very special stuff for you right here!
Drool , snaffle and Rabbit On !

a clipped Gilderoy sitting outside enjoying some celery

Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer , because I did promise to show you what I have been up to (amongst other things…lol) dyeing some amazing shiny SOFFFFT stuff !: Camelbunny silk! and some amazingly nice -even if I say so SOCK weight superfine merino and nylon hand dyed yarn!
Hand dyed lusciously soft, unique and shiny CamelBunny silk tops

Autumn Symphony


Velvet Paradise


Mermaid Parade


Prairy Dogs

Hand dyed superfine merino nylon sock weight 4ply yarn
yardage 400-420m/100g
great for socks, scarves, shawls and more!


Purr Purr

Kelp Forest

Autumn Sun


Slow night





Dates to remember:

July 16-17-18 !!!.......Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show …..
Visit me at the Flowershed and get your bunny and super soft Fibre and yarn and BATT fix ! Lots of surprises too !!

23-25July .......Queensland Spinners Annual Craft Weekend @ the Mapleton Centre ……(I will be there with bells on, lots of bunny and other fluffy animal fibre, tops and yarns )

All clubs for this month have been sent out ! The sign ups for the new clubs have started and the deadline for getting your club membership secured is June 28th. All the information is available on my blog 2 weeks ago or on . Email me or pm me when you want to know more or want to become or stay a member. Don’t miss out on the bunny Fun !

thanks to Chiara of Z Twist Art for her gorgeous photos of the bunny clip and Jazz !


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