Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Bunny Show is on the Road !

Bendigo Show was amazingly full on ! and yes, you heard right I did dress as a bunny…lol…people who do not know me and saw my get up , thought I was absolutely out of my mind. Hey, even people who know me probably but you know how it is, when I promise to do something I do it. It was fun and I def loved the ears. On the Sunday IO ditched the skirt because I lost my tail and what is a bunny without its tail eh? Lol It was super to see everybody again and although I was in another spot than last year and a bit out of the way, I am sure next year we can get a bunny movement started and getmore people and fibre fans heading our way. There were a lot of brave bunny dress ups going on , because they knew that it would earn them a very nice fluffy pressie and hey, bunnies are cool :)

Here are some of the photos made by bunny fans of my version of a Tim Burton Bunny ..haha I know it will haunt me for a long time….lol

my best side?…lol

me and Tara (the awesome Ravelry event organiser at the Bendigo show !)

me and some of the funky bunny batts

After Bendigo Show I headed off to Queensland with all my bunny fluff and more for the Mapleton Craft Camp. A loooooooong drive with a car packed with heaps of fluffy airbags as I call them ! I stopped at Parkes (NSW) because I really wanted to see the Radio Telescope and they were just researching masars ! wow!

The Parkes Radio Telescope (so makes me want to see the movie The Dish

Then off to Tamworth, where unfortunately everything waas totally booked so I had a hard time finding a bed…finally found something ..phew but I must say (no offence to any tamworthians reading this)…Tamworth is not really my thing…After that I headed for Sawtell to meet my dad in law. It was very nice seeing and talking to somebody again, coz one thing I can tell you: driving alone is well, solitary…and although I was talking , my dashboard did not really talk back…

Sawtell was a bit nippy but very nice views !

It was getting warmer and by the time I hit the road for the final stage to Queensland today I stopped at New Italy (yes you heard right, but it is in NSW) and had the nicest coffee and tomato-basil bruscetta ever! Yum! I am in Queensland now where Chantelle and het family is making me feel very welcome and then it is Mapleton camp tomorrow. I hope I wont fall asleep but Im sure that the fibre fans will keep me wide awake. Tip: pour coffee in me at any time and I’ll be happy !
Here are some photos I took on the road. I do have some more raod trip photos but they are on my telephone and I don’t yet know how to get them from my phone onto my laptop yet..patience I will get there..soon.
I was hoping to worok on getting my website ready but it the 6 hour drives per day is taking a bit more energy out of me than I reckoned with. I promise as soon as I get back home I will get the website up and running immediately! First thing I do. Mainly because Paul and all my fibre friends are harassing me to get the show on the road ! and you know what? I am and I will …really ! lol

Mapleton camp here I come ! and after that it is a loooong drive back home ! Look at the map and see if you are anywhere near where I am passing through , shoot me an email and if you want me and my fluff will make an urgent fibre stop ! ;-)

Another product update will happen as soon as I get back home because I have some very nice yummy new stuff planned !


Queensland Spinners Annual Craft Weekend @ the Mapleton Centre ……23-25July (I will be there with bells on, lots of bunny and other fluffy animal fibre, tops and yarns )

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Textile Tragic said...

Hope Mapleton is great and please take care on the long drive home. Glad to see more of you in your glorious fluffy green:)