Friday, October 1, 2010

Still Bugged Up but...excited for fibre things to come :)

Thanks so much for all the hugs and good wishes you all have been sending my way. I am getting better bit by bit but it all takes soooo much time....I must admit it was much easier to relax when Dr Paul was home..on your own you just have to keep the fire going, feed the animals and make sure they are okay and ofcourse hard to cook when you're not hungry..;-)

Had some more bloodtests and will go back to the GP today ... the last one showed my system looked like an exhausted marathon runner without any electrolytes in her let me tell you, I do not DO marathons (although I would LOVE to be able to run or at least jog ! without having a

Anyway, just a little update on the fibre front I am extremely excited about !!!!!! I will have some very magnificent yarns to offer you very sooon ! and they will be offered for sale natural and dyed as soon as I get my strength back and kick these infections out of my system !

Let me give you some hints:

1. a baby camel + yak + angora bunny yarn that is just to dye/die for (+/- 125meters/50grams so a wonderful 4ply that will ofcourse fluff up amazingly!)

2. tadaaaaa! YAK + BUFFALO + SILK !!!!yarn (also a 4 ply in natural buffalo and yak colours but with a shine and handle that is out of this world!!!)

3. handspun baby camel and Yak with a twist (meaning light and dark plyed together) amazingly soft!

4. handspun baby camel and angora bunny

and last but certainly not least and one that I am extremely excited about: drum roll..........

super luxurious extraordinary amazingly GORGEOUS !!!!!.........

**handspun pure




Have you picked yourself off the floor and wiped the drool off the keyboard ?? :)

This is the NEW STUFF that is coming on the fibre front (well two of a lot

**CASHMERE**!!!!!!!! yes the fab blend with blue faced leicester and superwash to boot ! and
**baby camel - YAK :)))**

ofcourse it will take a while since I am resting !!!! at the moment I just wanted to let you all know that when I am ready to go back to the dyepots it will be AMAZING and worth the wait !!!!!

*phew...too much have me chamomile tea now and put me feet up....breathe breathe*

If all goes well I will be back on my feet later next week to get all te clubs for September out and then I can immediately start on the first installments for the new clubs in October. :)

In the meantime, I am trying to rest as much as possible : just to bore the lil' infections to death I guess.

Have a great week ! and hopefully next week friday I will have some new superduper fluff to offer you :)



Textile Tragic said...

Hey Charley, glad you've at least got enough energy to make us drool! keep looking after yourself. love C

Murfomurf said...

Yep- hang in there- the battle is almost won- can't give up now! I am waiting with jittery fingers for fresh and exciting yarny-yarn-yarn- yarns!! Yeehar!!!

Jen said...

glad to hear you are getting better honey
and totally dibs on the yak, buffalon, silk blend and the OMG!Mink
also buffalo yak spinning fibre - YUM

but you get well first, k?