Friday, October 15, 2010

When it rains it pours..

a punk rosella !

the inspiration of a Mohawk hairdo

It is raining again..or should I say : there is a waterfall bashing down on top of the house and all the animals near it. Even the wild birds are soaked while waiting for the birdseed we always put on our veranda. Well, we had a few days of very nice sunny weather so I guess I am not complaining because I got a lot of wool dried and tomatoes planted.
I have to admit that I have been “slightly” distracted. Ever since I got my Kindle Ebook reader with heaps and heaps of super interesting books and a free copy of the Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon, I have been spending every spare second leaping through the story. I am not really one for romantic history novels AT ALL but this one got me glued to my chair. I think trying to get better and relaxing to get rid of all these infections in my body, reading was probably the best thing for me. I finished the book last night at around 11pm, which is considerably better than not being able to put it down even when I was in bed at 2am in the morning. But I got through the 600+ pages of drama and feeling much better at that.
I am still coughing but at least I am not out of breath as much as I used to and the good sign is: I have been spinning, dyeing and carding again , though at a slower pace than usual. I am getting there, but I tell you this pneumonia-bronchitis-chest infection thing was frightening. Anyway, I am still here and as they say in the Netherlands: krakende wagens leven het langst (free transl. Creaking wagons live the
By the way, Paul is calling me Gadget girl now because I have accumulated quite a few gadgets in the last few years : a blackberry, an Ipod, a dsi Nintendo (how could one resist one for sale on Ebay for $65?) and last but not least my Kindle.

So without keeping you on the edge of your seats: get ready to drool and snaffle! There is only a small supply of everything so please contact me by email ( or on where I am Ixchelbunny or even message me on where I am also known as Ixchelbunny. Drumroll !!!!!!!!!! here is this weeks fibre update !!!!!

Have a great week and chat soon !
((hugs)) Charly

Blue faced Leicester bunny kid mohair tops
100grams AU$21

waterfall @montville-sold-

soft velvet -sold-

Fireglow -sold-

campfire2 -sold-

Hand dyed Baby Camel Bunny Silk tops
50 grams AU$19

peacock feathers -sold-

rain forest

sunny day -sold-

koala dreaming
mountain rain
hand dyed kid mohair tops
100grams AU$24

trigger hippy2
rome wasn’t built in a day2

I will leave you with two of the most unlikely to knit… you see, you never know who gets the knitting bug ;-)

Russell Crowe

Thanks heaps for your support and have fun!


Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm:

Saturday 16th of October (that’s TOMORROW! the 3rd saturday of the month) and Thursday the 28th of October (=the fourth thursday of the month) (bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, crocheting and a plate to share with everybody. There is cake and coffee and tea and ofcourse a lovely bunny to cuddle and lots of fibres and yarn!)

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