Friday, January 21, 2011

Dr Who and the Time Warp Conundrum, or, the Serendipity Complex

Who wouldn’t want a Tardis ?
Well come to think of it, who wouldn't want anything that is bigger on the inside? lol

And so it came to pass that for no apparent reason or logic, I now am almost about to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary !
It’s been more than ten years ago that Paul and I have met. That fact on itself is hard to believe, but wait til you hear how it all came about.
Most couples I know have met in the local pub, on campus or at school, on holiday or simply have known one another since childhood and so it was a logical thing to live together and/or get married. For Paul and me, no! ofcourse not!
Ten years ago I was working Belgium and I just acquired a new second hand computer. Ofcourse I worked with computers but in those pre historic times there was no face book or twitter or Ravelry (not that Paul knits but hey, you never but I did hear about this thing called chatrooms. Trying out my computers microphone and desperate for some interesting Australian Slang (I was very into linguistics at that time) I thought “well, why not try and get in touch with one of those chat room thingies?” so there I was , totally inept logging on to Yahoo and typing in Australian Slang and presto! There was a conversation going on I could actually hear! I have no recollection what the discussion was about : probably AFL football or cricket , but I was listening and trying to make sense of it all on my first time out LIVE on the world wide web. I was not intending to get to know anybody or find anybody : I was just road testing my computer and my non existing skills of computering at that time. And then, well, then it came to pass (yes I do love that line, much better than Once upon a Time. It’s just so much more Lord of the Rings quality , isn’t it? Lol…BUT I digress)……where was I ?
Oh yes.........And so it came to pass that there was this voice there saying these funny things and I just loved the sound of that it Love at first…we got to talking together and writing to each other for a YEAR ! (yes old fashioned isn’t it? Lol) and we hadn’t even seen one another. I mean he could have been an Axe murderer for all I knew…but he wasn’t: he was sweet and so funny ! and caring and no way that someone could keep this up for more than a year. We started writing each other and telling about our dreams and what we would like out of life. It seemed that we had so much in common and wanted so many of the same things. Serendipity!

I had some long time leave up my sleave and so a year and a bit later I saved what I had to go to Australia for a holiday and meet this nice voice ;-) Paul said he was going to meet me at the airport wearing his cricket outfit and holding balloons. lol We did exchange photos but you know how it is: a photo is not really the real thing. So here I was, on a plane , spending the next 24 hours being very excited and wondering what The Voice would be in real life ;-) The plane landed at 5am, custom checks etc, I was finally out to meet him around 6:30 am.
I was looking around and around but could not see anybody dressed in white and holding balloons….oh well, not to worry, it’s a big place, he’ll be there. I did see a guy leaning against a pilar ..could that be him? but,’S SO SHORT ! naaah, I thought, that’s not him ! Although I did not seem to recall asking him how tall he actually was.....dumb but true. I could be waiting for a very short axe murderer!
Looked around again: nobody there..almost everybody had left in the arrival hall and there I was standing with my suitcases and my heart nervously beating in my throat.
“Typical”, I said to myself. “Fly half way across the world and get stood up ! the Bastard!”lol
I tried my mobile but it did not work in Australia! Typical! The information desk was open though, so I went to the counter and asked the elderly lady there if I could use the phone to call this guy that supposed to have picked me up …
”not to worry Luv’, he’s probly had a lyin’(=lie-in)…”she said, “here !...giffemacawl”” (give him a call !). and handed me the phone while turning her head towards the back of the room and yeling out:”Hey Rose !..this lurvely goirl is bein stood up by this bastard! Whaddoyareckon?”
By that stage three more employees had gathered around to get the nitty gritty of the whole situation, while I tried to get my nerves under control and dial Pauls number……
RING …..

”eh…(yawn) ello? Eh..yawn….”
“eh..yes….oh …who…oh…..SHIT! what’s the time? Shit…. Wait! I ‘ll be right there. Well, I’ll be there I an hour! Oh shit I only fell asleep 2 hours ago! Damn!”

Apparently he was up all night, nerves and all, while I was flying over numerous puddles to get to Australia and texting him where I was on stopovers and he did not want to miss anything. He couldn’t sleep anyway…so he stayed up…but then…sleep got the better of him and well, the rest you

He arrived at the airport NOT wearing his white cricket outfit and he did not have any balloons either, but it was fabulous to see one another: like we have always known each other.
We spent the next 5 weeks driving from Melbourne up to Byron Bay and back again in a small campervan and everything just seems , well, RIGHT! Apart from that we had a great time doing the touristy things and spending heaps of time exploring beautiful national parks, camping out and enjoying the amazing Australian nature.
But then I had to go back to my job in Belgium…..sigh….
It did not take long before we were back together again though. Paul called me one day , about two weeks after I left Melbourne on the plane and said “I am coming over! I quit my job, I ordered the plane tickets, I’m coming over ! “ To make a long story short(er): We spent the next 18 months getting my visa application together . We got married in Melbourne at Pauls parents’ home on the 23rd of January 2004. Seven years of marriage this year, but we have known one another for lifetimes it seems.
So, next time you are watching a movie and think to yourself, “naaaah, that could never happen, it is way out of left field”, think again. Life is full of surprises, strange coincidences and Serendipity. Enjoy the ride!

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Paul said...

Sorry to hear about your marriage break up soo close to 7 years as well! two days short and then you published our wedding photo without my premission! Pack your bags! Stilluvyayeah

MildlyCrafty said...

Hi Charly, That's a lovely story! I boringly met my future husband at work :)

Wish I could come to your Bunny Spin In but I have to work that day. Have a good time!

I've made that dalek washcloth, it was too funny to resist.

Amy (mildlycrafty on Rav)

ixchel bunny said...

LOL @ Paul: thank you ! you grumpy Aussie Scot bastard! I have packed your bags and they are on the driveway waiting for you to crush them on your way to pick 'em up..oh and take your nagging chook Caramel with you as well ! luvyatoo :-) lol

Jen said...

What a wonderful story!
I do know one couple that met through a wrong number between Aus and the States, but this is just as romantic! (might have to write a script about it!)
hmmm don't think i can come thursday but let me know when you're thinking of doing your next lot and i'll bring the wheel!

ixchel bunny said...

Thanks Jen :-) there are bunny spin ins every month : the next ones in feb are sat the 19th and thursday the 24th ;-) Hope to catch up again soon!

Furry with Ruffles said...

BikeBoy and I have been married for 18 years next Jan 30. We met up while I was caving with another man - my boy toy as it happens. And they said it would never last!!

Gidgetknits said...

That's an absolutely fabulous story and made me grin! And then you capped it off with Doctor Who fibre!! I really need to learn to spin...