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Schrödingers Cat Experiment or Quantum Physics applied to the Fibre Stash Paradox

Flower Power!

Last week it was Dr Who with his Tardis that is so much bigger on the inside and this week, apart from another Futuristic NEW fibre blend on offer!, I give you THE solution to your Fibre Stash Conundrum. Basically I would say, both Tardis and The Stash Paradox need to be investigated on the same philosophical level. Well, at least I can have a stab at it in order to ease your minds and relieve you from the enormous pressure that your fibre stash is conjuring up in your mind: believe me it is not as bad as you think to have stash, better still: the bigger the stash , the better , but I digress. Let me explain.

Stash is good
Many have asked me to start a Fibre holics Anonymous Association or FAA for short. The pressure of family , friends and colleagues, who are blind to the fact that fibre stash is almost THE most important element in this world, becomes too much for some and they seem to succumb to a state of Delusional Destashing. We all know it is delusional, because of the same reason we cannot live without energy from the sun, we will perish if and when our stash will diminish too much.

Destashing is simply a temporary illusion of so called fibre stash insecurity. Truth of the matter is, the spot once held by the fibre now destashed, will almost immediately be filled with different stash. Look upon it as a sate of equilibrium in your fibre universe. And we all know it is not a wise thing to mess with that.

This is also where the Schrödingers cat Experiment comes in: once our amazing stash is in a container and for the untrained eye “organised”, it will not look as intimidating to the untrained non fibre fans’eye. The stash might not even exist ? The beauty of stash lies in the eye of the beholder. The Schrödingers Stash experiment can be interpreted to mean that while the box is closed, the system simultaneously exists in a superposition of the states "non existant stash or as Schrödinger put it “dead cat" and "Beautiful existing Stash or living cat": only when the box is opened and an in depth observation performed does the complexity of our stash collapse into one of the two states. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a live cat It is not the stash that has to change, it’s the observer .
So, in short: instead of actively feeling guilty about ones stash, we have to be wise and wear our fibre stash with pride, in plain view of all those non believers who get intimidated by the amount of fibre and yarns that, we, responsible fibre fans, stash in every nook, cranny, corner, under the bed, behind books, in the attic or basement and in those inaccessible places where our relatives will never look for it. And you will forget where you have left that extra special ball of yarn you so desperately need to finish that project you were working on! Believe me!
Fibre stash gets squished, confined in vacuum sealed bags where the oxygen is totally sucked out of so that any fibre or yarn resembles a pancake. I even heard of people hiding bags of yarn in pot plants! Even in shoes, boots, suitcases, empty handbags, yes even vases! We are treating our passion for fibre as if it was Frankensteins Monster that we have to keep hidden away. And so, I have come to the following conclusion:

Flaunt your stash & be proud!
Instead of secretly hiding away your fibre treasure, show it! Invest in storage boxes, glass cabinets, rooms, studios and display the magnitude of colours and textures with Pride! Not only will the guilt of having a fibre stash disappear , even one with proportions that will make Mt Everest look tiny!, but you will actually ENJOY it more and yes, I will say this because it is true: organising your stash be it in colour, or texture, or whatever your logic may be at the time, will make you USE IT and create a magical universe.
Believe me: even your staunchest critics will turn to you in awe and say “wow! This looks amazing! Here, get some more!” Now wouldn’t that make you feel much better than hiding it under the bed or at the back of the closet ? You will feel better and your stash will feel much better as well. It’s a win-win.

hiding yarn creatively ??? I don't think so...

Fibre Stash Installations
Even when you are not ready to commit to organised fibre just yet, you can, as I do, make your stash proud and create so called Fibre Art Installations: why not use the hand dyed tops or yarn as gorgeous curtains? Attach some cedar wood ornaments (so the moths wont get at them) and presto! Your stash has come out of the closet to play and looks fantastic !
Other things you can do is: display the yarn in bowls on the coffee table, hey , why not occasionally drape them over chairs or hang them from chandeliers? Anything goes in my book, just as long as the Stash can be visually enjoyed by all.

If worst comes to worse and your partner is a very practical person, just explain using physics, that the fibre is THE best and THE greenest insulation material on this planet and acquiring even more stash will actually SAVE money! Now that will get attention!

If, by chance, your stash has outgrown a room in your house, just say that you really think it is time for that investment property or a new shed (believe me , Men will LOVE that idea! And shhhh do not tell them you will need ¾ of the new shed) Presto! The space problem is solved. Ofcourse you can always open the first Stash Museum as well.

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm:

Saturday February 19th
Thursday February 24th
Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, crocheting and a plate to share with everybody. There is cake and coffee and tea and a lovely bunny to cuddle and lots of fibres and yarn!) very important !
Please, please let me know beforehand by email or message that you would like to come and visit so I can prepare the infrastructure and cake ofcourse !

And now: drumroll!!!!
Here is the super special fibre update of this week ! Enjoy!

Hand dyed IxCHeL Glitz Bunny Tops
100+grams /AU$20
a super lush futuristic blend of Angora Rabbit (5%), Tencel (5%) and Super Bright Trilobal Nylon or so called GLITZ (90%)

it has the handle of light fluffy silky smoothness that will make your mouth water and a Glitzy glamour bunny shine that will that will make your yarn look absolutely DIVINE! Core spin it, spin it laceweight or use it to make your Art Yarns super Special ! Even combine it with other fibres by (hand) carding it to make funky batts: Anything Goes!

Glitz Bunny the Everett Many Worlds Interpretation close up
See! I told you it was SHInEEH!

you will be hooked once you have tried spinning this silky blend!
a generous 100gram braid AU$20

Glitz Bunny Lunar Excitation -sold-

Glitz Bunny the work song nanocluster -2left-

Glitz Bunny the classified materials turbulence-sold-

Glitz Bunny the Roboticus Carpalium -sold-

Glitz Bunny the Love Car displacement -2left-

Glitz Bunny the Everett Many Worlds Interpretation -2left-

Glitz Bunny the large Hadron collision-2 left-

Glitz Bunny the Cornhusker Vortex-2 left-

Glitz Bunny The Berry Benefactor Factor -sold-

Glitz Bunny the adhesive Duck deficiency -2left-

Glitz Bunny the Quantum conundrum -2left-

Glitz Bunny the Thespian Catalyst -2left-

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Thanks heaps for your support and remember be STASH PROUD!


YUM !!
close up of the berry factor benefactor

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