Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Flower Power Bunny Stuff

The week has flown by and it is Friday again ! Unbelievable but true. Sometimes I wonder if I just go comatose, because it sure seems that a week goes by in the blink of an eye , but then I look back at what I have been doing –or trying to and it all becomes clear: I just need more hours in a week. I seem to have a bit of trouble going to bed early lately ad falling asleep. Even when I do try getting to bed early, my brain just plain refuses to shut off, because there is just so much to stay awake for. Too many distractions, fun stuff, troubling stuff, projects on the go and in the planning stages, so many shows to prepare for and spin ins and well, then there is just your run of the mill “plain” house and life stuff. Don’t get me wrong : I love having stuff weaving its webs around me and keeping me alive, alert and o my toes, but I do need my sleep: 4 hours I can handle for a couple of weeks or even months but it’s catching up with me. So, I have decided to do what I have totally been ignoring for the last year: doing my meditations and exercises again to calm the brain. Funny enough it doesn’t take long: you know just sitting down, focussing on your breathing and letting the brain just focus on black velvet (that’s what my grandfather used to say). It calms the brain, declutters it so to speak. And believe me, there’s a lot of clutter at the
So , in the morning after I feed the animals , I am standing under our walnut tree : arms wide open, breathing deep and letting the energy of the trees and nature around me envelop me. Breathing deeply, not letting any thoughts enter my head, just breathe. Sounds easy enough, but it is amazingly hard not to think of I have that same problem when I am spinning, especially the lace weight or the 4 ply, because the motions are very repetitive and take a looooong time , over and over again, so the brain starts to wander…a lot. The strangest thoughts come to mind and sometimes that is good, but sometimes its bad. Very bad. It’s like you are on this merry go-around , and especially when you are having trouble with things, bills to pay, health issues, your family, work, well you know STUFF, it can feel like the one thought just keeps repeating itself in your head. So what did I do? I read or watch a movie or tv while spinning: more Always multi tasking…lol Now, whenever that merry go round stuff happens I focus on breathing and ….“black velvet”. It is amazing how this simple practice for just a couple of minutes gets your feet back on the ground . Well, at least it works for me, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Kirk, our little red eyed white angora bunny explorer extraordinaire having a rest

These last weeks I have been working on some things: new wire core art yarn projects (see photo at the start of this blog) and new yarns and new blends. The new blends of tops is still in its development fase but I am very very excited about it ! Another exciting thingis the yarn that is on offer this week: a pure 3 ply angora yarn, hand dyed not hand spun this time, but machine spun. It is non shed ! (so all the people who would love to wear angora while they are wearing blak , but have never dared to go there because angora does shed a little bit every now and again, now you can rest assured that your black will stay pristine while wearing a supersoft extremely cuddly angora yarn. So, get ready for the amazing angora yarn with an awesome 400meter yardage per 50grams! You knit it on needles nr 3.25 to 4mm and therefore only need 1 or two skeins to make yourself an amazingly soft scarf or shawl ! get three skeins and you have yourself a huge lace shawl or even a top ! Because the angora fibres are so light there is a lot of yardage in this yarn and well, you just have to feel it to believe it ! !

Also a sneak peek at what I have prepared for my flower power art yarns to be spun up later; It is looking amazing already and I haven’t even spun it yet !

Wokshops in May and June :

MAY Classes
Beginner Spinner classes Tuesday May 8th, 15th and 22nd 10am-4pm $150

Learn how to spin in a day ! You will receive a bag filled with fluffy goodies to learn with and the use of a wheel! Different types of fibres will be covered from merino, to Shetland, to rare sheep breeds , angora , mohair, yak and alpaca !
Enjoy the relaxing environment of our little fibre farm and cuddle a bunny on your breaks from spinning. Lunch and drinks provided. Brochures on techniques etc will be handed out as well. Limited places available !

Art Yarns Saturday May 26th and Tuesday May 29th 10am-4pm $150
Make art yarns, dive into the world of creative yarns! Learn how to make the nip n tuck, coils, slubs, core spinning and adding fancy extras!
Lunch and drinks provided. Bring your own fluff or additions or dive into our shop to get your supply. Every student will receive a bag of surprise goodies to work with aas well.


Wire Core Spinning Saturday June 2nd 10am-4pm $150
Learn how to use jewellery wire in your spinning to make fibre sculptures , baskets, wearable art and more. !
Its an amazingly nice way to make adventurous, multi functional yarn !
Handouts , lunch and drinks will be provided a dn a bag of goodies, wire core and fluff to play with !

Plying Adventures Tuesday June 5th 10-3pm $100
Learn how to ply a balanced yarn, Navajo ply, flower power ply or do fancy boucle! Lots of new adventurous yarns !
Every student will be given a bag of goodies and lunch and drinks will be provided as well.

Tailspinning yarn Saturday 9th of June 10am-4pm $150
Learn the spinning technique in a day. You can create your own tailspun super soft mohair curls (fibre provided!) or even angora ! anything goes! It’s exciting to create yarn like this ! aand now is your chance to learn!
Every student will be given a bag of goodies and lunch and drinks will be provided as well.

Flower Power Art Yarns and Fancy Additions Tuesday June 19th 10-4pm $150
Learn how to make art yarns with your handspun that look like little flowers or beehives ! and how to add little bits and pieces, feathers, bling and more to your yarn to make it extra special !
Your imagination is the limit !
Every student will be given a bag of goodies and lunch and drinks will be provided as well.

To reserve a spot in any of these classes, email me or message me on Ravelry. I will send you all the details. It’s going to be FUN !

How To Order and reserve a spot for your classes:
You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Thank you so much for your help and support !

Angora bunny 3 ply Yarn 100% Long english angora bunny rabbit
+/-50 grams AU$22 meterage: +/- 400meters/50 grams ( ndls 3.25-4mm) you will only need one to two skeins for a stunning scarf or shawl !!! It is also available in natural cream and black !

Old Rose Bush

Dusk Petal


Dusky purple


Pacific Rift


Flax Field

Velvet Underground

Purple Twist

Barossa Valley

Cashmere Fling Tops Hand dyed
(5%Cashmere, 40% Tencel, 40% Glitz, 15% Bamboo)
100+ grams AU$22

Passion flower


Spring time

Nautical Fun


year of the Dragon
Mini Skein Selection February 2012
10 supersoft hand dyed miniskeins with an extra Valentine hexapuff chart !

No photos yet, but I kind of spilled the beans last night on my Ravelry group that I was working o a special Valentine mini skein selection and before I knew it , I had received heaps of messages and emails of people wanting to reserve their Valentine Mini skeins. I only have a limited supply, so before I run out before I even post it on my blog, Ithoght for all of you not on Ravelry, I’d better give you a chance as well. Email me to secure your Valentine mini skein selection ! Photos to come next week ! but I am sure you know what colours will be mainly in this Valentine selection: it’s all to do with love, so take a guess
Also, if you are already a club member I can send these Valentine mini skeins out to you together with your club shipments later this month to save you on postage !

Dates to Remember:

Warragul Knitters and spinners group show
February 14th from 9 am til 2pm
Gladstone rd, Fire shed, Warragul
There will be bunnies and yarn and lots of fluffy tops to cuddle !

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-4pm)

Saturday February 18th, 11am-4pm
Bring a plate to share your wheel or spindle, knitting or crochet, yourself and a smile and have a fun day out amongst bunnies and friends ! Please contact me to secure a spot ! Bunny food like cabbage, bok choi or broccoli is always welcome as well ! : the bunnies will cuddle you more for it ;D

Thursday February 23rd 11am-4pm

February 14th, Warragul Spinners and Weavers Group, Gladstone street
The Fireshed will be filled with fibre ! I will do a bunny talk and bring a bunny with me to “show and tell” and perform a bunny haircut !

April 9th, Sydney Royal Show
THE Angora Bunny Event of the year!!
Back to Back Bunny World Record
Join the fun and what better way to do it than visit all the Easter bunnies at the Royal Easter Show! Promoting the angora rabbits in Australia for the very first time ! and how ! More information on the Royal Syndey show website and here later !

April 16th
Flower Power Spin in
Grand Valley Spinner s & Weavers
Tapscott-Milbourne centre, Cambridge road, Motrose (melways ref 52 C5)
It is going to be heaps of fun with lots of new fibres and yarns !!! and lot sof spinning

April 28th
Mini Wool Show of the Hand knitters Guild
Time and place to be confirmed later.
I am preparing heaps of new yarns for that event that will be amazing !!!!!

MAY and JUNE: keep your calendar free for exciting workshops ! see above

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2012
Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd of July
I will be in the Flower (bunny) shed again this year with heaps of new fluffy stuff and in full bunny regalia J
This year it is even going to BIGGER and more HUGE than ever !!!
Join me in the fun !
The woolcraft schedule is published and the IxCHeL Fibre farm is sponsoring a catergory this year in the handspun yarn classes in Natural Animal Fibres class 23 and 24 !!! We feel it is very important to get the word out . Angora fibre and cashmere and mohair and alpaca and baby camel is amazing to spin, felt, weave, embellish and crochet with! Start planning and working on your entry for the show and get your art work out there for everybody tot admire and win prizes !! yeah ! What could be better eh?
Check out the website here for more details : and for questions relating to the woolcraft schedule and ore contact Dot Vallence at Dotv5 at optusnet dot com dot au

Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook or email me on or


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beinghappybeingme said...

Love reading your blog. Yes do get more sleep. Turn the brain of or redirect it to sleepy fuzzy thoughts. You are in charge of your thoughts, let them not be in charge of you XX
You do more in one day then I get done in a week..... lol I am amazed each week by all that you have done and achieved and are planning to do. Wish I had heaps of money to spend to buy your beautifull stuff and even more time to use it!!!
Keep balance and take good care of yourself. Love and hugs