Friday, October 12, 2012

Renovations and more Shemozzles

Our Bunny Halloween Party Scene..
with halloween themed felted bunnies ofcourse!…

There was something I didn’t mention I last weeks blog…the fact that I had not slept at all the night before and …that I was feeling extremely unwell…so sick in fact that Paul drove me to the nearest emergency hospital an hour and a bit away….there was something stuck in my throat and it wouldn’t come out. Now there is another thing you don’t know about me and would not in a million years expect me to have problems with…eating..yes, you read right:…every now and again I just cannot swallow food, any food, throat obstruction they call it. It’s annoying and very upsetting and stressful and normally it can be solved simply by just, well say, throwing up. I am absolutely not bulimic (proof is in the pudding …pardon the pun) but it is something that popped up its ugly head about 7 years ago I’d say and just recently a massage therapist pointed out looking at the inflamed state of all the muscles in my body that it might be fibromyalgia…my gp’s in the past have always contributed it to stress..more tests will be made, but Im on the waiting list…waiting… food and extremely careful eating is in order at the moment.

At home all night thursday last week I tried everything: the popular coke method (made me see stars and almost fainted), vinegar, water, tea, bread pieces, egg yolks, a whole egg raw! YUK , nothing worked, I couldn’t even get water to go down my throat! So finally, after 30hours of a healthy exercise pattern to the bathroom I gave up and asked Paul to drive me to the hospital. There they were quite sceptical and just thought I was a gubbely guts eating a whole cow in one hit so they gave me a coke, which I ofcourse spit straight back ..sick as a dog I was. Then the more serious treatment: they gave me a pill they usually give to heart attack patients to relax all the muscles etc, not working!, then they pumped me full of insulin for diabetics…that made me even more sick ofcourse and then they made me drink super cold water and coke again. Finally something started to move and I could finally get some liquid down. By that time it was late Friday night and I was exhausted. I need to have tests done so I am on a waiting list (public hospital remember) but at least I can drink and eat babyfoods and liquidy soft foods. It doesn’t make the stress of eating less I can tell you, but I try to relax…ohm ohm ohm.

   In the meantime it is absolute mayhem and chaos here at the farm because of a huge renovation in the kitchen dining area. I emptied the whole thing ready for Paul to start happily demolishing EVERYTHING! Today the skip arrived…I am sure that Paul is looking forward to the whole shemozzle …..Personally I am looking forward to Halloween and the fact that hopefully by then , the new kitchen cupboards will be in and I can start painting and moving everything back in again. Til then I have made a coffee bar in the studio and a very usable kitchen space there as well ! No stove but I can use the rice cooker and an induction plate with my cast iron pots there. I have invested in a slow cooker, will let you know how that goes coz I have never tried that before ! It’s going to be a food adventure. In the meantime, the lights are bought, the tiles are coming in two weeks, and the new pantry will be built next week.

 For now, it is just a big mess with an even bigger mess to come with the pulling up of all the tiles and the plaster and the cupboards. Will the skip be big enough I wonder.????

By the way , if anybody ius interested in an electric oven upright stove let me know! It can be yours for a song and a dance, since we are switching to gas in the new kitchen. All those power outages are driving me up a wall so at least when we are on gas I can keep on cooking AND making tea or coffee ! .lol
the studio coffee and tea corner (Jazz waiting for an espresso...) 

cooking with a view

ready to do a Tasmanian Devil Act on the Kitchen / Dining area

As for the update: Super special Angorino is on the cards again !!!! A fab blend of super fine organic merino 17micron and angora bunny ! Have fun snaffling !

How To Order from this Shop blog

until the website is up and running –which will be sooooon-ish!-:You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Payment : direct bank deposit, card or paypal ! easy !
Thank you so much for your help and support !

Angorino Tops

A great blend of 17 micron organic merino (95%) and angora bunny (5%)
Wonderful to spin and felt with in NEW colour combinations that will make your heart smile ! 100+ gram tops AU$22

Only a limited supply so snaffle quickly  
Halloween -sold-

Zombie party -sold-

Halloween moon-2left-

Pumpkin Bash -SOLD-

Jack Skellington

Sweeney Todd

Pumpkin heads-1left-

Little Demons -1 left-
It’s a movie never released by Danny Elfman,
please please have a listen to one of the songs of this movie called “the cat is dead”.
It is hilarious and I can’t stop listening to it and playing along on the piano!
A classic Danny Elfman/Tim Burton I’d say…lol
you can find it on YouTube right here:

Mars Attacks-1left-


Vampire hunter -SOLD-

Alice in Wonderland

Edward Scissorhands

Sleepy hollow

Oyster Boy

Nightmare before Christmas

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-4pm)
Every Third Saturday and every fourth Thursday of the month!

EXCEPT October !!!!!!
Next bunny spin in
Saturday November 17th, 11am-4pm and 
Thursday November 22nd,)   11am – 4pm

Bring a plate to share your wheel or spindle, knitting or crochet, yourself and a smile and have a fun day out amongst bunnies and friends ! Please contact me to secure a spot ! Bunny food like cabbage, bok choi or broccoli is always welcome as well ! : the bunnies will cuddle you more for it ;D

Monday , October 15th

Doncaster and Templestowe Spinners and Weavers
“Bunny Spin Day”   10am-2pm

The Upper Hall at Templestowe Uniting Church, Woods street, Templestowe.

I will be doing a bunny talk and a very nice way to get information on angora bunnies, their care and their fibre . Also a demo on spinning funky bunny yarn.

You will also be able to get close and personal with an English angora rabbit that will get a haircut AND last but not least: there willl be heaps of fibres and yarns, batts and woosh’s for sale as well ! Don’t miss out and contact the Doncaster + Templestowe spinners and weavers , who now also have a fab group on Ravelry ! Yeah!


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