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Tasmania Adventures and more

It has been over two weeks since my last …eh..I almost wanted to say “confession” ....(to stay in touch with the news that a new Pope , Francis, was elected this week….congrats to him and Argentina, who now have a Pope in the Vatican and a Queen in the Netherlands).

I have been getting emails and messages resounding with worry and some with symptoms of “cold turkey”, seeing I have missed two Fridays of blogging. To all of those who missed me…the normality of the Friday Ixchelbunny blog has returned and here I am ! I had good reasons to do miss two Friday blogs..the first Friday I was at Bothwell at their fabulous spin in weekend! and the next Friday I had just returned to Melbourne that morning from Tasmania on the boat where I ..well..I will get to that

I left the “mainland”, as Taswegians call it, on Wednesday the 26th of February and hit Tasmania after a very smooth sailing and a good night sleep in a shared cabin, on Thursday. I had a great time on the boat, saw Ice Age with all the other kids on board, and was very relieved that I made it to the boat in the first time and I didn’t drive in the bay with my Tardis… I was asked , before driving onto the boat, to have my car and contents inspected by quarantine. This was just after they asked me if I had any live animals on board (no, just a stuffed toy bunny), if I was smuggling any alcohol (ooops I did bring a celebratory bottle of Scottish whiskey with me to enjoy with my good friend Juleen while in Tasmania) and the ultimate question: “Did I have any arms, ammunition or…here it comes… my car”……huh?…sorry but I just had to laugh at that one and ofcourse made a joke..which ofcourse I shouldn’t have…because quarantine people are very serious. So all the doors were opened dangerously displaying puffed up bags of fluff about to explode onto the quai and then the back had to be opened as well, with a stuffed bunny toy popping its head out frantically hanging on for dear life before the rest of the fluff tried to escape, before being whisked away to far away Tasmania. In the end, all was well and could be poked back into my Tardis, and off I hobbled with the car onto the loading dock.

about to embark on the Tassie Adventure on the Spirit of Tasmania

Early Thursday morning I was able to disembark at Devonport Tasmania, and was again subjected to Quarantine questions..this time they were a lot more relaxed (rightfully so, what could possible have been smuggled on board in the middle of the Bass straight into my tardis?)..they thought I was moving to Tasmania seeing my full car..I might as well have been..all the essentials were packed : lots fibres and

the majestic midlands of Tasmania..on my way to Bothwell

colour overload at the Bothwell spin in in the IxCHeL corner..
and yes, it all fitted in my Tardis!

The Bothwell International Highland Spin in would open on Friday the 1st Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of march. It was going to be a super special because this is the 35th year reunion event. There are going to be heaps of fun stuff: sheep dog trials, show and tells, lots of workshops, fashion parades and demonstrations and ofcourse there will be heaps of stallholders offering lots of fibery goodies.
I had my stall there in a tent at the schoolgrounds filled to the brim with bunny fluff, tops, silks and ofcourse our very own IxCHeL blends! Oh and yarns! How can I possibly forget my sock yarns, handspun bunny mink, angora and art yarns ! and BADGES!! new badges! I was surprised that the ones that sold out in no time were the ones saying “will trade husband for yarn” or “will trade husband tools for yarn”…lovely ladies really, tough I’m afraid for their hubbies …and their tools..
I also had a request to make a badge saying “will trade kids for yarn” but you know me…I would immediately donate my full tardis and my left leg for one I’m not making that one....anybody who wants to trade their kids lemme know and message me. lol

I met the most beautiful people at Bothwell. Some who I have known for years and years and have become family, although I have never seen in real life (the wonders of the world wide web) and lots and lots of new faces and lovely fibre fanatics who were very happy to be enabled by me.
It was great to have two bunny slaves helping me at my stall. I could not have done it without them: the gorgeous Juleen , who makes the most wonderful shawls and spins beautiful stuff (have a ook at her amazing silk flower yarns and shawls!)  and how can I forget Lord Rory, her 5 year old, who showed he is a sales man in the making by selling his rainbow dyed tops and duck feathers..yes he even sold duck feathers to the Mayor of Bothwell!
Rory Selling his duck feathers and hand painted rainbows
(still going strong on the last day, sunday,  of the event!!!)

another view with Juleens flower wrap shawl in the foreground

More fluff ! and my fab bunny helper Juleen

It was extremely busy at Bothwell and…warm..and did I say hot? It was so hot I almost fainted in the tent where it had climbed to about I guess it was 40C and I called it the Sauna tent. Still people ventured in and haad to cuddle and buy my fluffy warm bunny fluff and yarns, some people just cannot be held back even by a heatwave. I want to thank everybody at Bothwell for organising such a great event and hope that in the future it will just go from strength to strength and gets bigger and bigger. Bothwell is a beautiful little town and the highlands in the middle of Tasmania and the only regret I have is that I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to visit the NANT whiskey distillery there. Oh well, there is always next time!
After Bothwell , Juleen, Rory and me drove down to Geeveston tot pick up Juleens famous husband, John the Spindle maker and off we went again to Battery point, Hobart to do a gig at the Kingston spinners and weavers guild. It was just awesome! Hobart, Battery Point, Kingston Beach, MONA (museum for modern and new art) , discovering a fab Japanese fabric and vintage kimono shop, it was all amazing !
I wish I could have stayed longer but I guess Paul would have left me. Paul you see, had to stay at the farm looking after the live stock and the veggies. I could not have done or do what I do without my hubbie. Thank you Paul for putting up with me…lol
Anyway, Tuesday was Kingston Beach Spinners and Weavers bunny spin in day and what a fabulous day that was! There were lost of people tere I had already met at Bothwell but also heaps and heaps of new fibre fans to be introduced to the magic world of bunny fluff. I also did a little demo on spinning angora and how to go about making your angora automatically have a halo and ofcourse I rabbitted on about the Navajo Churro project to make sure that everybody realises that it is so important to keep rare breeds alive..not only angora bunnies, but all kinds of breeds who could disappear off the face of the earth, which would make our planet so less attractive for us fiberfans but also takes a lot of culture and knowledge with them…Anyway, I am rabbitting on
The Kingston spinners and weavers were lovely and very enthusiastic. It is a fabulous group, so if you are in the neighbourhood or live semi close, support them and become a member. Sharing and showing and telling what everybody is making is so important. Just by sharing you learn so much!!!!
a great place to have a spinning group! at Kingston beach !

Back room at WAFU the Japanese shop in Kingston TAS.
They also have the most amazing Obis and vintage kimonos and..they are online as well !!!!

After Kingston Spinners Group I visited the wonderful and amazing Maree Hamming from Mareniko Angora. She has the most awesome angoras and is a wonderful spinner and weaver.
This is one of the smoke grey baby bunnies coming over to the mainland to join the IxCHeL bunnies here on the farm. So excited !!!!! Thank you Maree for your wonderful hospitality!

I had one free day in Tasmania and I desperately wanted to see the Museum of modern and new Art or MONA in Hobart so off we went on the ferry and had a brilliant day. It is a very eclectic mix of art and very inspiring! I was very happy to see some art of the Belgian Jan Fabre there as well..eerie but such a big impact and ofcourse there was also the CLOACA I ahd already had the “pleasure”to see when I was in Europe years and years ago…I had a quick peek and clamped my nose…once is enough. I am not going to explain what the CLOACA is, but google it and be amazed…lol
MONA entrance from the boat

me and Rory at MONA in a majestic chair near the bar

and ofcourse I can spot a bunny anywhere…lol.
One of the “moving”painting artworks at MONA

It was super hot and very dry in Tasmania…in the distance you can see a bushfire just starting…very scary when that happens! Such a beautiful place and so many beautiful, generous and crafty people! Bye Bye Tasmania, I will be back !

After that day I had to go back. So, on the Boat I went and I treated myself on a good dinner …after retreating to the reclining chair area(cabins were booked) where I found that the chairs did not really recline and every 24 seconds there was a loud irritating high pitched BEEP!…………………… BEEP!…………………… BEEP! It was Chinese water torture.. It is probably a plot by Spirit of Tasmania to wreck the reclining area and replace it with high class cabins where they can charge a zillion $…..BEEP! I didn’t sleep…BEEP!….Why 24 seconds?..because I counted to 24 ALL NIGHT…….BEEP!……….BEEP!…
In the morning I was ready to strangle the first person who would ask me if I carried any missiles….next time I have to stay in the recliners..I will take one………now I know why they ask if you have any missiles on board when taking your car…..BEEP!
I advised Paul I had arrived safely but was grumpy…that was putting it mildly..he dared ask me to get some produce for the bunnies and shop…I did not…I had a hard time keeping my eyes open…and you know , I got home, unpacked..and was wide awake!…typical…lol
I can’t wait to go back to Tasmania is a beautiful place..and if I do win the lottery I will transplant all of us here to the Huon valley somewhere, next to the river, with a little boat and good heating, because I did hear it can be cold, just not when Bothwell is on……
I did not really have a chance to relax after my Tassie Adventure..I had to prepare heaps of new fibres and yarns for the Peter Rabbit themed spin in at the McClelland Gallery Spinners and Weavers group in Langwarrin, VIC. And I also had heaps of art yarns to do for custom orders.
It was so much fun spinning those ! (have a look at my flickr photo stream for the whole process from batt to yarn !

The Spin in day at McClelland was a load of fun! Thank you ladies for having me over and being enabled ! you have a wonderful group and seeing so many people there visiting from groups like Foster and Gembrook and Montrose just goes to show what a beautiful place you have there at the Gallery and what gorgeous people you are to share ! Thank you for your hospitality and the lovely bunny themed day !

On offer on this weeks shopblog is a new batch of Blue faced Leicester bunny and silk tops that are amazing to spin and some lush merino and silk 4ply sock wool!.Enjoy !

How To Order from this Shop blog
 until the website is up and running –which will be sooooon-ish!-yeah yeah start laughing will ya.....You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Payment : direct bank deposit, card or paypal ! easy !

Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Silk Tops

100grams+ for AU$21
Heat wave -sold-

Rose -sold-

Happy Sailing

Merino Silk 4ply sock weight yarn

100grams+ +/- 425m great for socks and shawls and more ! AU$28


Steel Ocean

Mushroom Dreams

Parrot Party-sold-

IxCHeL Club sign ups are Open !

The IxCHeL clubs sign ups are starting as of today for the fibre, yarn, mini skein and batt clubs for April, May and June 2013! Here is all the nitty gritty:

 IxCHeL Fibre Club april, may and june 2013

The subscription is for a period of three months and you will receive one special hand dyed top/roving per month to the value of AU$22 , and as all of you past members know you get tops that are usually around $24 ! so it is a great deal!
All the tops will be hand dyed and will be especially made for the members of Ixchel Fibre Club ! Price to join the Ixchel Fibre Club #16 and receive your special hand dyed top :)) for three months (may-june-july) is AU$66 + postage (parcel post or airmail). AND there are good value double serves available !!!
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If you want to receive a fibre surprise every month then join the IXCHEL FIBRE CLUB #16 now. Numbers are strictly limited ! Deadline for signing up for fibre club #16 is mid april! And the first instalment is going to be shipped out end of april. Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal. Just PM or email me your details

The IxCHeL Sock Yarn Club April, May and June 2013

Every month for three months (april, may and june 2013) you will receive: enough hand dyed luscious yummy yarn to make a pair of socks or a lush shawl or scarf ofcourse! (the hand dyed yarn will be exclusive for the Ixchelbunny SOCK-IT-TO-ME Yarn CLUB and will range from a sockweight yarn or a 3ply or a 4 ply); Every month a new sock pattern, tips and instructions ! Now is that GOOD or is that GOOD ??!
I will even offer a double serve for those of you who like their socks extra long
For Australia : single serve $78+$24 postage (parcel post) double serve $130 (= one skein FREE!!!) +$24
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Numbers are strictly limited ! Deadline for signing up for the Ixchelbunny SOCK-IT-TO-ME Yarn CLUB! is april 8th.
Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal . Just PM or email me your details 
  By the way: you don’t HAVE to knit socks if you don’t want to.. the hand dyed yarn is amazingly nice for scarves, cowls, beanies and even tops ! Anything goes

IxCHeL Mini skein Club April, May and June 2013

Every month I will be offering a monthly exclusive IxCHeL mini skein selection for Club members. In that monthly selection there are 12 hand dyed miniskeins that are hand dyed and or even hand spun and awesome to add to your mini skein projects.
Here are all the details for the sign ups for the IxCHeL Mini Skein Club:
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Numbers are strictly limited ! Deadline for signing up for the IxCHeL Mini Skein Club is april 8th. The first Club mini skeins will be sent out end of april. Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal. Just PM or email me your details

 IxCHeL Funky Bunny Batt Club April, May and June 2013

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If you want to receive a fibre surprise every month then join the IXCHEL FUNKY BUNNY Batt CLUB now. Numbers are strictly limited ! Deadline for signing up for the funky bunny batt club April 8th and the first installment is going to be shipped out end of April 2013 :) Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal. Just PM or email me
Dates to Remember:
Exclusive IxCHeL Fibre Farm Spin in  with the Lara Group Spinners

Saturday March 16th.  11am-16
IxCHeL fibre farm

Hand knitters guild Mini Wool Show
Saturday May 11th, Brunswick Town Hall  !!!!
this event is a MUST and an absolute fabulous way to catch up with fellow fibre fans ! I will be there with heaps of new hand spun, art yarns, lace weight, sock yarn, bunny mink and angora yarns adn much much ! shhhhh don't it s a
also a special pressie for all who come dressed as a bunny....ofcourse!.. and ...a chance to win a very special IxCHeL basket full of goodies ! yeah!

Gembrook Spinners and Weavers Guild Spin in day

Monday May 20th, Gembrook Town Hall  !!!!
A wonderful get together with heaps of spinners and weavers in the beautiful Gembrook.


Friday 19th of July, Saturday 20th of July and Sunday 21st of July

This is the Ultimate Fibre and fun mix of them all! There will be lots of new things on offer at my IxCHeL stall ofcourse, with prizes to be won and lots of fun to be had!
This is the place to support farmers, fibre producers and independant "Indie" dyers and crafters and have some great fun discovering new things and even win prizes !

In the flower Power Bunny Shed there will be some extra surprises and new things happening as well, including …this is so exciting!!!!: you can see and try out new unusual spinning wheels adn spinning related goodies like andean plyers and nore from a wonderful new fibre fanatic fiberific! vendor ! Don’t miss seeing these new beauties! And ofcourse there will be lots more demos and wheels and spindles on offer as well in the flower power Bunny shed !
There is a woolcraft schedule available at the farm or you can email Dot : Entries for your fiber art closes on June 14th and there are lots of prizes to be won! Our little IxCHeL fibre farm is sponsoring sections 24 and 25 so get started on your entry to win some very yummy stuff !
Any questions or requests?
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook
or email me on or


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