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Bendigo Super Party !

Bendigo Show 2013 fluff to dive in !
A week has almost passed since the Bendigo Show 2013 and I am still on cloud nine..that is how absolutely amazing and fantastic it was. There were a few hiccups, like I kind of noticed when I arrived with my Tardis full of goodies that there was a HUGE sheep tent placed almost in front of our flower shed in the wool craft section..I have to worried me…we are already one of the last woolcraft sheds at the show, a bit out of the way, so any obstacle placed to obstruct the fibre fans , is in my opinion not a really good idea. Not to worry, its not like Superman would appear and grab the big structure and pull it gently out of the ground to pop it somewhere else , was he? So off I went, unloaded , set up with the aid of two gorgeous girls from the black and coloured sheep group and the fabulous Kylie Bradshaw, who was so undeterred to give me a hand that even a stupid tram hitting her stationary car !! could not keep her away from the show! Thank you all so much you fabulous fibre fans: I couldn’t have done it without you and would probably still have been setting up on Saturday morning…lol. The determination of fibre fans was amazing over the whole weekend! In all the years our little bunny fibre farm has been going to the Bendigo Show (I think a 10year anniversary is almost coming along!) I have never seen such a wet, windy and COLD Bendigo Show and still the people kept coming! It was amazing, truly amazing, how many old and new friends came by to conquer the cold in order to do some serious fluffy wool diving in the Flower Power Bunny Shed! Again, thank you, thank you , thank you all so much. I would not be able to do what I do and be a mum to so many wonderful angora bunnies without all of you supporting our little fibre farm. Thank you !

Every year we have a raffle at the show for all of you who spend over a certain amount : this year Bear has choses four winners. Because you already had to wait so long to read who was picked because of the flickr website being down (making sad face for the bad timing..) here are the winners of the Bendigo Show 2013 IxCHeL raffle:

Winner of the $150 Stash Pack goes to: Julia Jeffery from Wondai in Queensland !!! Yeah !!!! congratulations! Your fluffy stash will be sent next Monday !

Winner of a 2 months membership of the funky bunny batt club goes to: Nicole Anderson from Montmorency in Victoria ! Happy spinning Nicole! Your first funky bunny batt will be sent to you in August !

Winner of the 2 month membership of the IxCHeL sock it to me yarn club goes to: Vicki Judd from Boronia in Victoria !!!! Your first yarn will hop your way together with a sock pattern in August! Happy knitting Vicki!

Winner of the 2 month membership of the Fibre Club goes to; Leeana Gardiner from Gordon ACT. Your first Fibre club will be posted to you in August ! Happy hoppy spinning !!!!

Well, that was exciting ! All of the people who entered in the raffle and wrote down their email address or RAV name, will receive a special message from me in the next week with a special thank you note and something special to thank them for their support over the years ! Again, supporting little farms and small businesses is very very important. You are not only supporting a business, you are supporting the promotion of rare breeds, creativity, self sustainability, craft and treading lightly on the earth. Thank you all so much !

In the week, well 5 days, I have been home now, it has been full on, trying to answer over 200 emails and messages and orders, not to mention trying to finish custom orders and shipping them out…I didn’t really have a time to relax or sleep in yet, although I desperately wanted to…but you know what happens when you say to yourself “I can sleep in a bit now” wake up at 4.30am…right….lol

On offer this week are some extra special Cashmere flings, my brand new apron designs, the happy bunny patchwork kit (an amazingly fun stocking filler for those among you already thinking of Christmas…..aaaargh!) and paj silk felt kits to make an amazing shawl or two scarves ! Anything goes ! Well, allons-y Dr Who would say ! Enjoy the fluffy and crafty offerings of this week and have a wonderful happy hoppy weekend ! Rabbit On !!!
Bendigo show 2013

Just so you know…this was the SECOND DAY stash to be had……!!! There were an unbeliebavle amount of fibre fans snaffling aawaay on the Friday already ! wow!!!
How To Order:You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Thank you so much for your help and support !

Cashmere Fling Tops

A wonderful blend of Cashmere, tencel, glitz and bamboo that will make your mouth water ! and is so yummy to spin !
100grams AU$22

Man of Steel -1 left-

Fashion -sold-

Fame -sold-
Boys keep swinging-sold-

Dancing out in space -1 left-

heroes -1 left-

Valentines day -2left-
Tin can-1left-

the laughing gnome-sold-

Teenage wiildlife -sold-

Relaxed gorgeous alien -sold-
Oh you pretty thing-sold-

Paj Silk Felt Kits

Paj silk (5.5Momie) is excellent for nuno felting and as a base for embellishing as well. The silk in the kit measures 114cm x 2.2meters !!! and can make a beautiful wrap or two scarves! Also included in the kit ios matching angorino top , angora bunny top and lots of instructions. A great gift or to make yourself something stunning !
Paj Silk felt kit AU$52


Indigo dyed -sold-(

Australian outback
Alice in Wonderland-sold-


IxCHeL embroidered Aprons

A one size fits all 100% cotton apron, embroidered here at the farm! In some funny bunny designs. You can choose white, red or green embroidery on a red or black apron. The apron has two big pockets at the front aas well. A great gift for any lover of bunnies, alice in wonderland, spinning or knitting !
Rabbit on ! aprons AU$29.95, Alice in Wonderland themed aprons with an intricate embroidery design $39.95

Rabbit on! Apron

We are all mad here(

if you don’t know where you are going…
follow the white rabbit…

Happy bunny patchwork kits

three gorgeous fabrics, a bunny button and pattern
only AU$9

Happy bunny kit

Dates to Remember:

The black and coloured Sheep breeders Associations of Victoria 2013
Sunday 29th-September 2013 from 9.30am to 3 pm
Watch the IxCheL bunny with heaps of new fluffy stuff and in full bunny regalia !!
Cranbourne Public Hall (near KFC….),
Join me in all the fun ! There will be a huge amount of new blends and fibres to choose from. More info coming soon !!!





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