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The Bendigo Show Manic Panic

Master “Yoda” Bear in a starring role
It is all happening: spinning for the Bendigo Show, spinning the Tour de Fleece yarns , dyeing, wooshing (yeah yeah more on that later), batt making, label making, braiding…everything is in full swing for the Bendigo Show starting on Friday the 19th of July. That's NEXT WEEK!!!! The drying of the dyed tops and fibres are proving to be difficult because it is not only wet but also freezing cold here so all that is dyed up is hanging in the living room …everywhere: on clothes horses and acting as curtains, hanging colourfully on the curtain rods. Why need curtains when you have wool blend colourful tops ?

Standing still is going backwards , somebody somewhere said, so I am going to introduce a lot of new products at the Bendigo show this year:  lots of new wool blends! Pre felts, paj silk nuno felt kits, even happy bunny patchwork kits!, bunny buttons, bunny beads and last but not least loads of EMBROIDERED aprons and more! all in the bunny or spinning theme! There is even a steampunk spinning wheel ! And ofcourse THE WOOSH and our funky bunny batts and yarns, lots of them!!

I have had a lot of fun creating this wooshy fibre cloud . They are going to be so much fun to spin and felt with ! and even more fun trying to figure out a way to capture the cloud and package it. I think most people do not realise this but when you are a small farm it is not only taking care of the animals and spinning and dyeing, it is making labels, shipping, printing, packaging, finding new ways of labelling and packaging , thinking up names for the products and every baby in the new fibre and yarn flock and I haven’t even started on the book keeping of it all. In this reality the word multitasking doesn’t even start to explain how my days here are filled and filled to the brim very easily I might add.

Ofcourse this time of year is always a more than mad dash to try and get lots of stuff done and I don’t kow about you, but I feel this year has just flown ! At the speed of light ! I cannot believe it is almost mid july already and the Bendigo show is happening NEXT WEEK ! to quote Dr Who: “Don’t Blink!!”

So, you wanna know about the Woosh eh? the Woosh’s almost all prepared ready to be presented at the Bendigo Show in their Star Wars Light Saber like packaging (hence the photo at the top of this blog..I was giggling so much when I was making that packaging I just couldn’t resist putting our Bear Bunny in the starring role of Yoda ;) yes, I’m just having too much fun…lol Anyway, If you already like batts, The Woosh’s are awesome ! Hand dyed and wooshed and so fun to spin ! It is so much fun !!!!!!
Escaping Wooshy cloud

Another one inspired by Clouds” there is a Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde who creates clouds INDOORS! So kind of like a Woosh! Lol Seems like The Woosh is Everywhere !

The artist carefully regulates the temperature and humidity of the space, ensuring that conditions are perfect. Then, he sprays a short burst from a fog machine to create a cottony cloud suspended in the middle of the room for just an instant before it collapses.

More on his creations here as well were posted in the online Washington Post and a neat video made by the Noordhollands Dagblad with the name “Wolk in de Kerk”(=Cloud in the Church).

He is calling these cloud creations “Nimbus”…Wooshy eh? ;)

Check out the video here:

Or here:

And more on his work here:

I might try this at home, since the humidity is  super high and freezing cold...hmmm SNOW INSIDE ! Now that's a thought! ..:)

For this weeks blog there are some wooshes on offer. They are extremely hard to photograph in their light saber packaging… ! Well, Have fun looking at what I have been wooshing up this week for you !
How To Order:You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Thank you so much for your help and support !

Wooshy Clouds

There are 4 colour ways on offer this week.Enjoy! So what is a Woosh? …..Unwrap the Wooshy Cloud; Stand before it & there is no beginning…Follow it & there is no end; Pluck all the wondrous fibres from the Woosh & create your artwork.
May the Woosh be with you...always!
Ingredients: Angora, 18m merino, Blue Faced Leicester, Cashmere, Tencel, Silk,Glitz, Angelina, Wool nepps, Navajo Churro, Alpaca, Yak, kid mohair, Mink
100-130 grams AU$28

Flower Garden Woosh

Strawberry Woosh (
sorry about the crappy photo but this woosh really misbehaved and didnt want to be photographed it

Sea Scape Woosh
Outback Woosh

This is how the Strawberry Wooshy Cloud spins up.
This photo was taken by my phone so it seems less vibrant red as in real life ! Making mental note to improve photography skills after Bendigo Show (AND START THE WEBSITE!!!!...)

Dates to Remember:

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2012
Friday 19th-Sunday 21nd of July
I will be in the Flower (bunny) shed again this year with heaps of new fluffy stuff and in full bunny regalia !!
This year it is even going to BIGGER and more HUGE than ever !!! Come join the Happy Fibre Family at the Flower Power Bunny Shed at the Bendigo Show grounds. You can find me and heaps of other super creative and interesting spinning and knitting and craft people there. The Flower Power Bunny shed is the shed right at the end of the woolcraft sheds. Just go left immediately after the entrance gates and keep walking straight to the end (follow the carrots and the bunnies ! )
Join me in all the fun ! There will be a huge amount of new blends and fibres to choose from and last but not least: There are prizes to be won!!!!! Spend over $75 and have a chance to win a $150 fibre or yarn pack!!!  and a  chance to win IxCHeL club memberships  !!


The woolcraft schedule is published and the IxCHeL Fibre farm is sponsoring a catergory this year in the handspun yarn classes in Natural Animal Fibres class 23 and 24 !!! We feel it is very important to get the word out . Angora fibre and cashmere and mohair and alpaca and baby camel is amazing to spin, felt, weave, embellish and crochet with! Start planning and working on your entry for the show and get your art work out there for everybody tot admire and win prizes !! yeah ! What could be better eh?
Check out the website here for more details : and for questions relating to the woolcraft schedule and more contact Dot Vallence at Dotv5 at optusnet dot com dot au

Any questions or special requests?
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny,

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