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Bendigo 2015 and New Adventures

I was absent from blog land for very good reasons last Friday: it was the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show! I think it was the busiest, most hectic and fibery inspiring Bendigo EVER! I have never felt so rushed off my feet than last Friday when the fibre fans descended on the flower shed at the show and started snaffling and cuddling fibres. It was awesome ! and busy! VERY busy!
Here are some snapshots of the show for those who did not make it or for those who did and want to reminisce

On the Thursday I was so tired it totally ignited my funny bone…as soon as I saw that the organizers were sticking some “safety pay attention tape to the entrance for OH&S purposes... Emma from Spun Out strategically lay on the floor and I drew a chalk line around her to mark the fibre crime scene…it was too funny…there were several fibre and Yarn Snaffle victims but Peter was the winner with his yarn and wearing a kilt. Who could resist taking a photo of that crime scene eh?

not to worry , Peter was fine and received resuscitating hugs  and life saving yarn therapy

Then on Saturday I saw the Leader of the opposition , Bill Shorten, with his family visiting the show and actually stopping at my stall ! Ofcourse I could not help myself and started politically speaking for the rabbits: “get us calici and myxo protection and vaccines now!…and it appears that the pure angora bunny fibre that I sell and which is packaged with bunny ears was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Shorten family. On the label it says “ fluffy bunny fibre to be hugged and cuddled and called George” ..Daughter George(tte) thought that was awesome and had to take the bunny fluff home with her. George is awesome !

The Bendigo show was full on, filled to the brim with laughter and hugs and heaps of enabling!
 Also, as like every year for the last ten years I have been part of this amazing show, I have a raffle: everybody spending a certain amount will get a ticket to fill out and enters in a rafle to win fibery fun prizes!

This year the winners of the Bendigo 2015 IxCHeL raffle are: DRUMROLLLLLLL!!!!!!! 

 The winner of a huge fibery fluffy prize pack ! is : Bev Foley From Queensland !!! Congratulations! 

The Winner of a sock yarn club for three months worth over $100 is …..Natasha Thomas! Congrats !

The winner of the Fibre club membership august-sept is …..Kerryn Robinson ! Congratulations !

I drove back on the Sunday evening after packing up with the amazing help of Fiona and Peter (All Hail to the best packer uppers EVER!!!) and started dyeing and prepping the July club fibres and batts. It never NEVER

This year , as you know , I am focussing on the rare breeds and this blog update is all about another sign up of a rare sheep breed adventure.

New Rare Sheep Breed Adventure Sign UP

This new adventure is all about the Swiss cutest sheep : the Valais Blacknose! I had a few tops at the Bendigo show but they sold out in no time so I just have to organize and do some more won’t I?

This adventure sign up is for all of you who have missed out and for those of you who want to desperately cuddle some of those cute sheep in fibre form. I will offer you tops and batts.

These lovelies hail from Switzerland and I will combine their fibre with some lovely super soft fibres. Their fleece is not normally close to skin wear, but as I keep telling people, blending a coarser fleece with angora and cashmere and doing some blending magic: it will be soft enough to wear close to skin or very good socks !! Ofcourse a high micon sheeps fleece will not compare to super fine 13 micron merino or pure cashmere or angora, but every fibre has its purpose and every fibre can be blended to change the overall use. Everything has value, everything can be used and loved and cuddled.

Here are some photos and inspiration mood board pictures on which the dyeing process will be based. You can also opt for the natural tops if you like.

The blend will consist of:

Valais Blacknose
Eco merino
Silver Angelina

The tops weigh 100+g and are $25
Or you can sign up to receive a batt weighing around 150grams for $36.

The Rare Shep Breed Adventure tops and batts will be shipped out mid of September and on my ravelry group it will be part of the Mythical Magical Spin A Long for the month October ! It is going to be awesome FUN !!!

Sign ups start today and because there is only a very limited amount I can blend and prepare there is a limit to the quantity.
 All I can say is that the last rare sheep breed adventure sold out in about 2 hours….

 Email or message me on ravelry or facebook to sign up and be part of this awesome mythical magical rare sheep breed adventure.

The inspiration for this adventure  is from Switzerland : it’s beauty and cheese and fairytales and history. This time I couldn’t resist to base it on a story from the Gruyuere region: a woman who apparently had magical powers and yes…changed into a hare for a day to hop around the pastures and have fun: Catillon the Witch. More info on her and the beautiful gruyere region in Switzerland right here:

Have a fun weekend Creating your Dreams!

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable.

All my contact details are to be found at the end of this weeks blog entry.
Have fun !!!

Dates to put in your Calendar !!


Friday, July 31 to Sunday, August 2
Mapleton Craft Retreat (Queensland)
and please sign up because this is going to be an amazing retreat filled with fibery super fun ! Lots of workshops and fun stuff planned !!!! 

Saturday , September 26th

Play day at Pascoe Vale

More about this exciting event later !

Sunday , September 27th   (9:30-3pm)

Sheep and Woolcraft Field Day , Cranbourne Public HAll (near KFC)

A perfect fibre and craft day hosted by the Black n Coloured Sheep association of Australia and an absolute MUST!

How To Order:

1. You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or ixchelbunny at yahoo dot com dot au
2. message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny.

I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods.

Any questions? Any custom orders for yarn or dyeing fibre? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Thank you so much for your help and support !


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