Friday, October 2, 2015

Time to Be Kind

Last week the blog I wrote was titled “making Time’ …sometimes though…..time just runs out….

We had a serious wake up call when one of Paul’s footy friends (Australian rules Football for all you international readers) at the young age of 44 suddenly died. Just like that! Gone! Out of time…. When something like that happens so close to home, it is traumatic and really, really hits home. I feel for his two young kids: Abbie and Jeremy. It is not fair!  Life and time are harsh and there is nothing fair about either.
 There is so much loss and so much heart ache and it is not even caused by any human beings…just life….malfunctioning of organs or expiry date issues so to speak. So, why , are we humans able to make this hard stuff even harder? Creating drama unnecessary, not being kind to ourselves or others? What really hit me during the service for our friend Clarky, was the kindness and the difference he made to others. And that, is basically, I think , what we are here for.

Having read the “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” the purpose of life is not “42” …it is being there for one another, making a diference, help, being sympathetic and asking “If there is anything I can do to help?’, “I am there for you” …THAT , my friends, is the purpose of life! Compassion.I am sorry to be so “deep” and “somber” on a Friday night but hey, what if you were asked, right now, right here: “would you change anything in your life NOW” Wat would you do? Be kind. To yourself. To others.

Personally, me, at this moment, I cannot think of anything I would do different. I love what I do and I am okay with my view on life and asking people if they are okay and asking if they need help. I am there. In the end, that is what it is all about. Life is about caring and yes, fun!! and a smile!! and being inspiring to others. I think that is the purpose of life. Since I don’t have kids to pass anything on to, I guess all I can do is trying to be the best I can during the time I have. So, Raise your glass to YOU! Cheers! Be happy , be Helpful and Have Fun sharing the Love !

Here are some photos of the Pascoe Vale Play day and the Black n Coloured sheep n Wool show

For today’s update some amazing baby camel cashmere angora and silk tops: Amazing to spin or just cuddle … !

 I was hoping to get a sign up started for a very special rare sheep breed blend I am working on, but I am a bit set back with it being a holiday here in Victoria for the Footy Finals  and the events of this week.

Next blog update though I can assure you there will be an update for a very special sign up of a very critical conservation breed to make its’ appearance! It is sooooooo going to be worth your while!!! Believe me !!! I just did not have the time this week to finalise everything because all the fleece had to be blended by hand. And, it is just me..

 In the meantime , please enjoy this special Friday night fibre update ! Have fun and Enjoy !

Baby Camel Cashmere angora Silk Tops

50+grams/ 1.7oz AU$21
Baby camel, Angora bunny, cashmere and mulberry silk
A dream to spin and wear !

Rose Petal


Wuthering Heights-sold-

Wish you were here

Velvet Touch

Storm Clouds


Love is All

Love Child

Let’s stick together

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Indigo Child


Green Grass Rose


Duck egg

Have a fun weekend Creating your Dreams!

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Have fun !!!

Dates to put in your Calendar !!

Saturday , October 17th
Steiner School Fair
Little Yarra Road, Yarra Junction

Monday , October 26th (9:30-3pm)

Grandvalley Spinners and weavers
A perfect fibre and craft day hosted by the Montrose spinners group : my workshop is going to be all about Navajo plying

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