Friday, May 11, 2018

Winter isn't coming, it's HERE !

"Bunny Play" by the amazing painter Marcel Witte
(please check out his awesome work as a visual storyteller here: ) 

Well, where to start???? First of all: I have been dyeing and spinning and labelling and skeining like an energizer bunny, trying to get everything done on time (it is CRAZY!!! Or cray cray times 1000); On top of all that Flickr (the photo site I put all my photos for my blog om) decided it might be a good idea to blow everything up and dumped all my photos in an undisclosed location , which I cannot access or add to.Thanks Flickr! Grrrrr) and then there is the amazing COLD snap coupled with the amount of deluge and snowiness the end of times would be proud of advertising. Great for drying yarns ! LOL But hey, I am not panicking or angry or distressed or any of tht stuff that doesn’t really help to get things done. Instead, I made myself a cuppa with some nice honey and added dash of brandy to hold off the head cold and let’s face it , cold in general. I am pretty proud of myself not exploding in a Tasmanian Devil kind of rage or panic! Maybe there is a point that you just tell yourself…”whatever” and say “this is what it is, let’s work with that” …..

Anyway.......on tonights blog I am going to offer you some newly made kits and advertise the fact that I am going to be at the Handknitters Guild show next Sunday at Coburg Town Hall. I know, well it has been brough to my attention, that Sunday May 13th coincides with mother’s day , which is a bit of a clash for a lot of people, but I do hope that lots of yarn fans still show up to see what so many indie dyers (including little old have been working so hard to create for all of you.

 I wish I could offer you all the tubs and tubs worth of stock I prepared for this event ( I managed to dye around 30+kilos of yarns and hand spin around 10kilos!!! so I am pretty chuffed about the fact my body has not totally collapsed yet LOL) BUT I promise (fingers crossed that flickr cleans its act up or I find a work around) that next weeks blog update will be filled with speckles and colourful yarn !!! (update: I found a work around which takes a bit more time but I can deal with that LOL so next weeks WILL be filled with speckled  and handdyed and yarny fun!!!)

Here's a  little look of the yarns that are about to be labelled and packed  I hope to see you at the hand knitters guild show on Sunday, together with a new colourway range I am working on at the moment called the "sexy Scientists" range !!!  lol

the "sexy weatherman" colourway  will be available at the Handknitters guild show on the IxCHel Sock yarn base
and the IxCHeL silver star sock yarn base too wih more sexy scientists coming soon :-) . Stay tuned !!!

Also, there are still some spots available in the super rare sheep breed adventure of last week with the Icelandic Leadersheep tops and batts!!! This fluffy stuff does not come around often, so have a look at last weeks blog to read up on this fantastic sheep and contact me with your choice of undyed or dyed tops or batts to support this amazing breed and small farmers.

Have a fabulous weekend with lots of fibre play and fun!!

All my contact details and "HOW TO ORDER" are also to be found at the end of this week’s blog entry. And please remember: Every time you buy from a small business or a farm you are not only getting something unique and handmade but you are supporting so much more !

IxCHeL Indigo Dye Kit


Comes with everything to dye 750 to a kilo of yarn, fibre or fabric ! plus a fibre top, gloves and recipes to make your dye vat successful !

I also have used the indigo to produce awesome shibori type resist dyes on yarns and fabric, Dyeing with indigo is just absolutely magic !

IxCHeL Osage Orange Dye pigments


Comes with a 100+ grams of osage Orange and recipes to dye at least 500grams of yarn, fibre or fabric in full colour and you can use it again and again to exhaust your dyebath, creating the most wonderful array of colours !

pre mordanting your yarns will make it either a gorgeous yellow gold or a mossy green ! magic !

The Osage Orange tree produces this amazing fruit (which I have not dyed with (yet) 
and the wood has also been used by first nation peoples to make bows, 
because of its amazing flexibility and resilience)

Have a fun weekend Creating your Dreams!

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable.

All my contact details are to be found at the end of this weeks blog entry.
Have fun !!!

Have a Creative and Fun week!

All my contact details are here:

How To Order:
1. You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or ixchelbunny at yahoo dot com dot au
2. Message me on facebook or 
3. Message me on  where I am ixchelbunny.
4. message me on Instagram where I am @ixchelbunny

I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods.

Any questions? Any custom orders for yarn or dyeing fibre? : Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Dates to put in your Calendar



I know it is mothers day  but please, if you are a mum,all you have to do is request to be taken to this awesome event and demand presents and if you are NOT a mum -like me- , demand to go this event and get pressies because we all deserve it ! See, a happy day for everybody ! LOL

A fabulous day filled with lots of yarn and fibre goodies and spindles, bowls and lots more !
An amazing day out !
Hope to see you there !
You can find the IxCHeL Stall and wall of colourful yarns and fibre at stall nr 1 and 2 at the front entrance. You can’t miss us !

Friday July 20th to Sunday July 22nd 

Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo.
Go to to see what is happening and book your tickets. The Bendigo Sheep and Wool show is the biggest wool show in Australia ! with an amazing amount of woolcraft, indie dyers, a huge amount of tops, yarn, craft, felt and spindles, spinning wheels and anything you need for your knitting,crocheting and crafting.
I will be there with an amazing amount of new exclusive wool blends and yarns, batts, felt and landscape and botanical natural dyes and so much more !!!
I will also have spindles by the amazing Bearded Dragon and lots of fibre tools as well from darning mushrooms to noste pinne and needle cases to distaffs. And, there will also be some wonderful Turkish spindles from my friend Scott Snyder available again !

Get ready for a fabulous weekend filled with lots of craft and fun !!!


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