Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bunny Hypnosis, Hand dyed Angorino Tops & Other stories

Have you ever hypnotised anybody? well, how about hypnotising a bunny ? It is a very simple technique that gets the bunny very very relaxed, cures all stress or anxiety that they might feel AND allows you to inspect or groom your beautiful bunny rabbit in those hard to get to places! Very simply hold the bunny firm in your hands, hold the ears back wit one hand while gently flipping it on its back. Have a very steady surface underneath the bunny so it cannot hurt itself ! I think while sitting in the lotus position works a treat, but ofcourse when you are not into the yoga thing, a good table with a big fluffy towel works very well ! While gently flipping the bunny on its back start blowing gently onto its face (around the nose area)....after a while you can feel the bunny relax..its back legs will just flop and extend out and it will seem asleep....hypnotised! Don't let this state fool you into thinking that you can leave it on the table un supervised! be there for the bunny at all times, holding it firmishly, so that when it does come out of the trance, you are there and it feels secure and safe.


I have been busy again and this time I had the most gorgeous indigo pigments to play with ! So there are blues in all shades and luscious greens available as well. My favourite is the "Berry Bunny" one, so glad how the reds have turned out! Together with black hand dyeing, Red is the most difficult to get to that deep, yummy, velvetty stage.....hmmmmmm have a drool, a virtual cuddle and , as usual, stalk me-email me-pm me anytime when you want to have a good real hug with these babies :) Have Fun!

"Violet sky bunny", hand dyed angorino tops, 150-160grams, AU$19 (SOLD)

"Rainforest Bunny", Hand dyed Angorino tops, AU$19/150-160 grams (SOLD)

"Parrot Bunny", Hand dyed Angorino tops, AU$19/150-160 grams (sold)

"Purple Haze Bunny", Hand dyed Angorino tops, AU$19/150-160 grams (SOLD)

"Happy Kingfisher Bunny", Hand dyed Angorino tops, AU$19/150-160 grams (sold)

"Berry Bunny", Hand dyed Angorino tops, AU$19/150-160 grams (SOLD)

"Outback Bunny", hand dyed angorino tops AU$19/150-160grams (1 left)


I couldn't let you miss out on this gorgeous deal: normally we sell the pure angora tops for AU$9/25grams, but NOW when you order some and mention this blog, you can buy 100grams of the pure WHITE angora for AU$32!!!! Now THAT is a great deal for spinning THE softest fluffy cloud EVER! The fibre is 10 microns and pure natural white, carded very very well and made into pencil rovings for extremely easy spinning!

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