Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009 !!! It's going to be FUNKY & FINE !

Happy hoppy 2009 from all of us here at the Ixchel Fibre Farm!
I am convinced that this year is going to be fun, filled with fuzzy wuzzy fibre and fine! There are soooo many new projects on the go here at our fibre farm it is mind blowing but hey, a new year, new creativity, new energy !

Paul is busy making the farm a safer place so he is building steps. As with everything he does, it has to be RIGHT, precise, meticulously planned and sturdy as a rock...I think he missed his calling and should've been an architect. He finished putting the drainage in (which, believe me, we NEED in this wet rainforest area!), dug heaps and heaps of soil out and is now placing the steps, that now look like, we are not training for the Olympics.....Although the chooks are very keen on hopping on and off the "hurdle steps" at the moment..

Caramel, our "chook who thinks she is a dog" inspects Paul all the time to see if everything is going according to plan.....
Paul smiling, because the drainage pipes are in and it's time for putting the steps in place!
New hand dyed angorino tops

I just finished taking photos of all the new hand dyed angorino tops and theyare all ready to be adopted! yeah!!! there are some awesome rainbows in there , some gorgeous indigo shades and a very happy new year angorino! stalk me anytime when you want to cuddle them and give them a good fibre home! :-)
"Woodstock Bunny" Angorino tops Au$19 150-160grams (sold)

"Velvet Wine Bacchus Bunny" hand dyed angorino tops AU$19, 150-160grams (1 left)

"Opalesque Bunny" hand dyed angorino tops, AU$19, 150-160grams (sold)
"HAPPY 2009 Bunny" hand dyed angorino tops, AU$19, 150-160grams(sold)

"Bunny Hop" hand dyed angorino tops, AU$19, 150-160grams

"Bird of Paradise Bunny" Hand dyed angorino tops, AU$19, 150-160grams (sold)

"Blues Brother Bunny" hand dyed angorino tops, AU$19, 150-160grams (2 left)

There are lots of new things on the go as well for the next two weeks: including some more SUPERANGORINO tops! (probably will be dyeing some in the week of the twelfth after the processing of some more kilos is done! The last batch of a kilo was gone in a blink of an eye and I had so many people asking me to pleeeeeease have some more :-) Your wish is my command!
NEWSFLASH: Some Ixchel Crazy Curlzzzzzz Bunny Batts are going to be happening and available in the next few months! if you are into spinning funky yarn these Crazy Curlzzzzz Bunny Batts are the way to go! More on that later!
And and…..much much more including Polwarth, Australian heritage mohair curlzzz, organic alpaca pencil rovings natural and hand dyed, new bunny stuff, patterns ! and ..and …..2009 is going to be AWESOME! Well, better let you virtually cuddle the new hand dyed angorino tops :-)…drool, wipe & stalk me !

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Sharon said...

2009 sounds like its going to be a good year! I am looking forward to the polwarth, as I am really keen to try that and the heritage mohair - could you tell me more about these goats- are they just standard angora goats, or old bloodlines or are they a unique breed?

Oh, I am about to start spinning the kingfisher angorino top I bought from you a while back.... yeah, I am slow... I just like to finish one thing before I start something else!