Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A heat wave!!!!!!

Our bunnies are okay and although it is hot, they love to play the game “how many bunnies can fit in an empty milk crate?” ….lol

It is sooo hot this week : 40degrees Celsius! and it just doesn’t get any cooler. We are very lucky to be in a cooler zone surrounded by mountains and forests BUT it is still very hot ! Our bunnies are doing well and are kept cool, but for any of you out there: please take care! Get them out of the direct sun, put them somewhere cool and if they show any signs of dehydration or slumpy behaviour PLEASE do the following: get a iceblock (you know the ones that you put in an esky to keep your drinks cool, it has the protective plastic stuff round it. I do not mean ice cubes…that would make a terrible mess…lol), put a teatowel around the iceblock and place it in the cage where your bunny is …in no time you will see that the bunny will move to the strange object, sniff it and then gently lie belly down to COOOL DOWN…lol If the bunny doesn’t seem to move on its own accord, please pick it up gently and just lie it next to or on top of the iceblock.


Kim said...

oh, they are so cute! That is warm! If my buns get around 75 degrees f, I worry and give them ice. I freeze water into a half gallon milk jug and plop that into their cage.

Kathy Ann said...

what great ideas! ive been putting ice cubes in a plastic bag all this time but the bunny usually eats at the plastic spills the melted ice and gets all messy. Im going out right now to get those ice block things. Thanks for the ideas!!!!

Sylvia said...

While I don't have bunnies, I have pet rats, and ways I keep my girls cool on hot days include: frozen grapes or chunks of baby food (banana custard works well!) as food throughout the day (a bit messy though), a shallow dish of coolish water (if it's too cold, they get cold fast), a terracotta pot big enough for them to get inside when you put it on its side (I usually fill it up with water, and put it all into the fridge overnight (in a bucket, or you get water everywhere 'cause it's porous) and then empty it out (keep the water to recycle or water the plants!) and put it into their cage the next morning), and if your bunnies are in cages that have solid floors - frozen freezer bricks taped to the bottom of the cage gives them a nice cool floor to lie on - good, 'cause they're resuable, and they can't chew them and make themselves sick when it's outside the cage and not in with them (i wouldn't put the freexer bricks anywhere they can chew through as you can never be sure what nasty chemicals are inside). Not that this advice will help you much as we're (Finally!!) in autumn, but, maybe next summer?