Friday, February 5, 2010

Out of Control ?

a close up view of my brain....
It is so easy when we feel we are in control of, well, everything really: our daily chores, our time table, our work, health, our animals (yeah right, have Skye, our anarchisticly inclined bunny queen of destruction with you and your view of control changes immediately! Even the spinning and knitting we do, we want to have control. Everything is under control.
Well, here's a news flash: it is all out of control ! lol The moment we let go of the notion we CAN control everything life becomes much more ...enjoyable. 'The Out of Control principle'" hit me totally in the face when I was told I had cancer ofcourse. And, although I have had set backs getting used to the new "me" , I fought back hard and I have gained a new element in my life: somehow there is a calm acceptance of not being able to be in total control. Not that I am absolved and am thrown into the abyss of "I don't give a D..." there is less stress.

I have taken time out to do things I did not let myself have much time for previously, like reading and playing music. I am reading two books at the moment (yep multitasking my Out of Control by Kevin Kelly ( a great book about the new biology of machines that is paradigm and another called "the natural history of the universe"about big bang, quantum physics and string theory by C. Ronan.
On the music front: in the absence of a piano (I am still furiously looking for a nice affordable upright one. Mind you a baby grand would be very nice , but I will have to win the lottery for that so, I am plucking my stringed instruments and starting to sing again. has been too long..In a previous life I have been singing and playing all kinds of instruments, writing songs and performing in bands like the Blues busters, Street Level and did some back ground vocals with the Golden Earrings. It seems so far away and another life

This weekend I am really looking forward to playing the celtic harp with Jacquie Spring. She is an amazing artist and does workshops and classes as well. This weekend she is in Belgrave doing "Pull your own harp strings": all about meditative focus, intuitive improvisation and use of healing modes of the celtic harp. More about her and her harps on
Anyway, just like music is part of my 'Out of control"life, so is spinning and dyeing. It is so much part of so many peoples lives to create and it feels so good!

Spinning, knitting and surrounding yourself with this creative magic IS life and as with all things creative: to let go of control gives you the opportunity to create unexpected things full of adventure. Welcome to my week in fibre!

Cashmerino lace weight yarn, hand dyed (+/- 50g skeins/AU$18, +/- 550 meters per 50grams)

When you order cashmerino this week you receive a free lace shawl pattern called "Tsunami shawl"a gorgeous triangular shawl that is quite easy to knit-it's on opposites- and it would take around 100grams to make one with the full repeats.

You can also knit the pattern with a 4 ply (read my blue faced leicestre bunny yarn) AND for spinners: consider using a laceweight hand dyed yarn to ply your singles with and create a great yarn!

Proxima Centauri -sold-

Shockwave singularity -sold-

Venus Fly trap

Trilobite -sold-

Cool matter -sold-

Crab nebula -sold-

Life on Mars

Butterfly enigma -1 left-

Meteor landing -sold-

Cassini flyby

Voyager -sold-

Quasar -sold-

I can dye the cashmerino in any colour you like so please drop me a line to talk colour, tone etc :) Happy to enable:)
close up of the lace stitch Tsunami
Before I forget: SPECIAL OFFER COMING UP !!!
I have a super special offer for all you lace knitters, weavers and spinners: A full cone of lace weight cashmerino yarn weighing +/- 1 kilo!!! is on offer now for the amazing price of AU$89 (normal RRP AU$159)!

Angora Silk yarn, hand dyed and hand spun, plyed with cashmere. +/- 15wpi (25gram skeins/AU$14)

Tardis (159grams available) -sold-

Jewel box (188grams available)

Blue Faced Leicester Bunny & SilkTops, hand dyed 100grams/AU$20

Event Horizon -1left-

Artificial Life form -1left-

Space probe

Hopeful Monsters -2left-

Coffee based lifeform -3left-

Hubble Hug -sold-

Supernovae -4left-

Angora Bunny and Baby Shetland hand dyed Tops 100g/AU$20

Anti Matter

Relativity paradox -4left-

Magnetic fields -1left-

Big Bounce -4 left-

Space in a knot -2left-

Mitosis Magic -sold-

Eccentric Communication -2left-

Uncertainty principal -2left-

Eclipse -sold-

Stalk me on or email me to secure your fibre fun :) Have FUN!!!


Textile Tragic said...

I like the thought of "a close up of your brain" being a random-hand-dyed skein! You make "out of control" sound excitingly attractive. I hope the harp playing does great healing work for you.

Wipso said...

I really love your yarns/fibres. I will be back :-)
We do some embellishing and sell it in our blog shop. There is a Gift draw going on over there at the mo if you fancy popping over for a look. Good luck if you choose to join in.
A x

Lynne S of Oz said...

Charly, have you got any of:
Event Horizon
Artificial Life form
Space probe
Hopeful Monsters
Magnetic fields
Eccentric Communication
left? (Not that I can buy all of them but a couple would be nice :-)