Friday, February 19, 2010

Reversing Established Orders, Brain food & Little Parcels of Peace

Jazz in oil
This week has been a very contemplative one. A year and a bit after the bushfires we are looking at new life sprouting from ashes like a Phoenix; amazed at the enormity of destruction and at the same time the beauty of natures regenerative powers, in awe of the energy of Mayhem still hovering amongst the blackened treetrunks. Yes, this week has been a contemplative one: One that I am still trying to survive and get to grips with. Not only am I trying to make some logical sense of the world order (note: impossible) but also of my body and brain (note: also impossible).
When you hear guys complaining about women and their hormones I have some news for them: wait til they do not have any hormones left and you will RUN and wish you could still complain about pms ! I tell ya: after my op and being absolomed/lunged/luged (and other winter olympian terms come to mind) into sudden menopause I can only describe it as ....well...."gothic".
Apart from that I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with some obviously crafty challenged Australian / New Zealand Quarantine services who think that Batts or tops (or sweaters for that matter : I kid you not!) need a veterinary health certificate to be able to bring them into New Zealand. I have been talking like a diplomatic lawyer and trying to stay calm but to no avail: Illogical pandemonium it was.
The whole world was topsy turvy and Alice in Wonderland immediately comes to mind: "Sentence first-verdict later", Or in Gilbert and Sullivans town of Titipu, where the tailor KOKO, condemned to death by decapitation, is elevated instead to Lord High Executioner because-it is so obvious after all- a man "cannot cut another s head off until he's cut his own off"..........And I am right and you are right and all is right too-loora-lay".. .. .. .. .. .. ..... ... ... ..yep I think I lost my brain ....but there is hope: apparently somewhere in this world there is a drive-in where you can buy a brain for 25cents (see photo below)........What keeps me going ?I hear you uttering in amazement...well, apart from Paul, Jazz the bunny dog, all the fluffy animals here on te fibre farm and all my numerous passions it is exactly that: trying to make sense of a world and staring at the duality and mystique of humans and nature and hopelessly "logicalising"stuff....
If all were just simple and fluffy and spinnable and cuddly, all would be well in the world. It's no wonder that Ghandi advocated that if everybody would spin at least an hour each day it would bring peace to the world. I agree totally: how can anybody even contemplate anything illogical while spinning yarn? lol ANyway, enough rantings...
I have worked on lots of different stuff: hand dyeing kid mohair curlzzzz that are amazingly soft and wonderful to make a funky yarn, some hand spun Camel yak yarn that is the softest !!! yarn I have ever spun ! really! AND last but not least: some wonderful gorgeous blue faced leicester bunny seaweed blend :)
Have a look, a drool, contemplate on the infinite logic and possibilties and stalk me anytime on RAV or by email to have a little Parcel of Peace come your way :)
Big hug!
Kid Mohair Curlzzzzzzzzz 50grams/AU$9.50
Berry Swirl


hand dyed and hand spun Camel Yak Yarn (50/50) 50grams skeins/AU$24, 110meters per 50grams, needle size 8-10US, 5-8mm)
Bushflower essence

Reversing Order

Topsy Turvy

Blue faced Leicester Bunny Seaweed (30% seaweed, 5% angora, 65% BFL) AU$21/100gram braid

Craze for Aquariums

Bushy View of Evolution

Signs and Symbols

Cro Magnon Moon Party

Hippocampus debate

Global Warming

Martian Meteorites

Nervous System

Passion for order

If anybody wants to know more about what is going on here at the Ixchel Fibre farm please have a chat on my Ravelry group site ! what? you are not a Ravelry member? Inconceivable! go to, sign up and be amazed :) Want to see more photos and crafty rantings? Go to

Have fun and ...Spin for Peace :)

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