Friday, March 5, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

You may have noticed this before, but I love bunnies, anything adorned with bunnies or ofcourse any movies or art featuring bunnies. And, as a Tim Burton (okay, and a Johnny Depp fan...) I was really looking forward to the new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. You also might notice the names of this weeks update are inspired by this surreal tale of wonder :) The artwork and design of the Tim Burton adaptation is fabulous as usual. So, I couldn't help but adorn Flopsy our bunny with the mad hatter outfit :)
Flopsy as the Mad Hatter Flopsy without the outfit
By the way, Flopsy is luxuriously living in my studio and loving it:) She is slowly but surely getting better again from a bout of dandruff. Also I have had to put her on a diet...she is a girl that likes relaxing and eating lots of food and unfortunately that means that she was putting on too much weight. She was the smallest of the litter and now she weighs more than 4 kilos! too much for a little bunny munchkin so I am giving her a bit more exercise (meaning I am taking her out to walk more !) and lo and behold she was doing bunny binkies in the studio this afternoon! AND she lost 300grams! yeah!
It has been a busy week with fibre preperations and finally finding a wonderful GP that listened and offered lots of help after I had been so ungraciously dumped down the rabbit hole after my cancer ordeal and the hysterectomy that followed. If I have learnt one thing it is that it is so important to speak up and perservere (oh that is 2
I was also blessed by the fact that my good friend Veronica asked me to go to a QiGong retreat day by Open Sky QiGong in Warranwood last Sunday. It was an amazing day filled with lots of meditation, practices and healing. Thank you so much for everything Veronica, Marg and Andy ! Healing has so much to do with strengthening the spirit and the mind as well. The simple and easy QiGong exercises that I did before going to hospital helped me so much and now it is really energising and healing as well. All I have to do is remember to practice...and just like I forget to eat or drink sometimes because I am too busy doing "stuff", it is really worth it to just stop for 5 minutes and reflect and practice.
Anyway, I am slowly but surely getting better and seeing a light at the end of the rabbit hole. So, this weeks update is quite special.
The Churro bunny tops that I am offering you this week are unique, just like the history they have : The Navajo call them "the Old Ones" and see the Churro sheep as a gift from the Gods. The wool from these sheep are the basis of the Navajo Weaving and also is a wonderful fibre to make socks and ponchos. The sheep were nearly wiped out during the tribe's forced relocation in the 1860s and again in the stock reductions of the 1930s: federal agents just went from hogan to hogan and shot a large percentage of the livestock and horses, more than 250.000 animals were killed and the Churro sheep were almost extinct with fewer than 700 head by 1990! But they are making a comeback, due to the efforts of the Navajo Sheep Project so they can return to their historic place and purpose among the Navajos so that they can benefit the Navajo People.

Ray Swanstons beautiful painting of the shearing of the Navajo Sheep -1993-

These hand dyed tops that I am offering you here are blends of soft white Churro fleece with Angora Bunny: it makes for a wonderful mix and will make the most wonderful yarn, suited for socks and outerwear as well as sweaters. The Bunny added to the Churro makes it softer to handle and easy to spin. Help in the fight against Extinction of this rare breed. It is extra special that these tops have been cleansed and blessed with some beautiful Grandfather White sage as well:-)

Also on offer this week is a yarn blend that I have never offered before except to those in my sock it to me yarn club: the bamboo bunny sock weight yarn. An awesome blend of silk, bamboo, bunny and nylon with an amazing yardage ! All hand dyed ofcourse and so silky soft and shiny it makes my mouth water.

Are you ready for the mad hatters Yarn Party? ready? Set? GO!
Remember : stalk me anytime if you want some of these special fibres or yarns: email me or message me on rav anytime :) you know me: happy to enable !

Hand dyed bamboo bunny yarn
(100grams, AU$26, +/- 450meters, silk 20%, Bamboo 60%,Bunny 10%, nylon 10%)

Flamingos and croquet

beautiful Soup


Dodo Doodle

Timeless Clock

A Grin without a Cat -sold-

A cuddle session with a Navajo Churro sheep

Hand dyed Churro Bunny Tops
(100grams AU$20, churro wool 95%, angora bunny 5%)

Down the Rabbit Hole

Mat Hatter -1left-

Queen of Hearts

Mad tea Party

Cheshire Cat

Mock turtle -sold-

Pool of tears

Blue Caterpillar

At the end of this update I just wanted to share a painting with you I did of a bald eagle. I found just the skeleton head in Wisconsin where I lived for a bit a long long time ago now....and sketched it a lot. Maybe finding it had something to do with the fact that later on I studied Anthropology and am still fascinated by bones :) The painting is in Gouache, acrylic, watercolour and some gold specks.

In the eye of the Bald eagle

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