Friday, May 7, 2010

Indigo Magic & supersoft fibres on cold days

It is starting to get busy...verrrrry busy.... in preparation of so many fibre events coming up: the hand knitters guild day at the Brunswick town hall on Saturday the 29th of may and then the bendigo Sheep and Wool show in July ! I am dyeing and spinning, weaving and knitting as a mad having a great time preparing dyepots, pigments and ofcourse prepping the fibres from our fluffy bunnies, lots of alpaca mooshy fluff and mohair curlzzzz. It helps that the temperatures have dropped and the fire is crackling away :)
I have been trying some new things this week: as you know I do weaving and have been doing shibori fabric for some time now but wanted that same effect to trickle down to knitted fabric and what is better to do that with luscious pure silk laceweight yarn and indigo resist dye baths :) I must say I am very pleased with the results on how the shibori effect has come out.
Mokume shibori hand woven fabric
the indigo resist dyed silk lace yarn see below in the silk yarn section )
Also some new blends: yak camel and tussah silk! this blend is super soft luxury with shine. THe base colour of the yak is dark brown and well, camel is beigy in tone with the tussah silk being a yellowish colour: so quite a challenge to dye and get the toning right ! They are amazing to spin and the colours are just magic. Last but not least a super luxury : cashmere (50%), bunny(5%) and super fine 18 micron merino tops(45%). These are amazingly soft and have been blended in a way that you can see the streaks of cashmere in it: you can see the difference in how the cashmere takes the dye :) I will not keep you waiting longer: get ready to snaffle and drool ;-) Email or message me anytime to place your order and I will get back to you immediately with all the details :)
Hand dyed silk lace yarn
Angel -1left-
Safe from Harm
Karmacoma -sold-
On a good day
Baby Love
Good intentions
Jack Rabbit -sold-
Shibori Indigo
Morning Dove
Hand dyed YakCamel Silk tops
(AU$19, 50grams)
Momentary Lapse of Reason
Indigo Eyes
Soul Song -sold-
Lucky You -sold-
Malaya Kite
Signs of Life -1left-
Hand dyed Cashmere Merino Bunny tops
(50%/45%/5%, 50grams/AU$19)
Ziggy Stardust -2left-
Golden Years
Changes -sold-
Diamond Dog -sold-
Modern Love
Blue Jean -sold-
Let's dance -1left-
Before I sign off for this week: today is breast cancer awareness day with lots of pink appearing all over: I wish to add a little dash of Peach to that for us all to remember all the women who have and are still struggling with any type of so called "female cancers" or infertility. Let us all hope, fight and find a cure for cancer that causes so much pain, heartache and loss to so many women and families all over the world.

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