Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mystical Mimicry

super shiny Wensleydale top close up, followed by Angora Hand spun Yarn showing off its fluffyness :)

This week has been filled with bunny clipping, yarn dyeing and spinning and lots of preperations for the hand knitters guild mini wool show coming up (Saturday 29th of May at the Brunswick town Hall).

I have finally finished the herb patch : Yeah! and just in time for the very wet and cold weather we are having. The chooks have a great time foraging and every worm that pops its head up to see what the weather is doing takes a big risk. I tell you those chooks are fast !
The parrots are coming to our verandah in huge numbers now looking for food and I always have two bowls filled with seeds ready for them. If I dont fill them up in time they complain by sitting on one of the chairs outside on the verandah and looking into the studio window saying "come feed us now or I will stare at you all day" It is a great sight to see all the wild birds perching on the verandah and enjoying a feed and being out of the rain and in a safe place. The chooks have wisened up though and think that bird seed is a pretty nice treat as well so they flock up onto the verandah as well. One of our chooks,Funny Feet, has taken the staring down tactic up as well: I found her perching on the verandah just like the parrots do and looking at the bowl and then looking at me, looking at the bowl and then back at me : making a very clear demand : either you fill the bowl with bird seed or ...I'll drop my egg NOW !......

The fire is on all the time now : it is so nice and cozy inside. It's a fabulous time for knitting and spinning and I only wish there were more hours in a day to do more of that. I am blessed being able to "play"with so many fibres and colours and fluffy animals and I enjoy every second of it. I am preparing the studio again for this Saturdays Bunny Spin In: so lots of my yarns and tops will be available for cuddling and adoption :) The Bunny Spin In Day is this Saturday from 11 til +/- 5pm so if you are in the neughbourhood and want to cuddle a bunny or snaffle some yarn or tops, have a knit, a chat and a spin please feel free to drop in! Coffee and tea is ready and I am planning another batch of yummy cakes as well :) This weeks offerings are special: I have hand spun and hand dyed Angora and angora/silk yarns, hand dyed yakbunny merino yarn with a whopping 500meters/100g and also a numnum selection of shetland and blf bunny sockyarns on special this week ; Normally they are $26 per skein (90-100grams) now you can take advantage of ouyr offer that ends Thursday 20th of May and pay only $20! Alos this week some special Wensleydale tops: this sheep has style! It has an amazing lustre, softness and most of all SHINE that will knock your socks off. It is strong, has a very long staple and has a crimp you just have to see and feel. It is one of my favourite sheep for sure! Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any requests or questions: as you know I am always happy to help/enable:)

Handspun Angora Yarn plyed with cashmere
(8ply, 25grams/AU$13, WPI 15)

Rembrandt revisited in angora
(Angora silk blend plyed with cashmere, 190grams available)

Lady Marian -sold-
(angora silk blend plyed with cashmere, 221grams available)

Robin Hood
(Angora silk blend plyed with cashmere, 200grams available)

(pure angora plyed with silk, 179grams available)

Tsunami -sold-
(angora silk blend plyed with cashmere, 220 grams available)

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Sock weight yarn SPECIAL!
normally AU$26 per skein now AU$20 for one week only til May20th.
90-100gram skeins, +/-330meters/100grams

Friar Tuck

Lionheart -1left-

Crusade -1left-

Nottingham -sold-

Sherwood -1left-

Hand dyed Shetland sock weight yarn SPECIAL!
normally $26 per skein now AU$20!!
one week only, special ends thursday May 20th!
90-100grams skeins +/- 325meters/100grams



Magic Ride -1left-

Forest pixies


Bee Happy

Hand dyed Yak Bunny Merino sock weight yarn
amazing yardage: +/- 525meters per 100grams!

Kingfisher -sold-

Plum Party (100+grams available)

Autumn symphony (sold)

Purple Power(100+grams available)

Hand dyed Wensleydale Tops (AU$20/100grams)

Spooky kids -sold-

High end of Low -sold-

Mechanical animals -sold-

Tainted Love -sold-

Dates to remember:

Saturday May 14th Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm

Thursday May 27th Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm

Saturday May 29th Handknitters Guild Mini Wool show, Brunswick Town Hall


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I like your blog................................

Kelli said...

So hard to choose which yarn I'd like to have. I want it all!