Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Naked Easter Bunnies...

Happy Easter everybody !

Last Monday I had a fabulous time at the Templestowe and Doncaster Spinners and Weavers , where we were celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.

I rolled up with a car load full of fluffy fibres and yarns and Max, our smoke grey angora bunny , who would do a performance. Well, I did have to prepare her a bit , mentally, because it involved her getting naked in front of a crowd. Luckily she is an "old pro" at this and she was so calm and lovely, that people were even asking me if I had sedated her… but no, Max is just a wonderful bunny who does not care in the least who and how many people are watching her getting a haircut…lol

I cannot believe it is already Easter and almost May ! Time flies when you are having fun they say.

The Handknitters Mini wool show is on again at the Brunswick town hall at the end of may (28th to be exact) , so I am spinning hours and hours each day to try and get as much yummy stuff ready for all of you who are looking for some angora bunny yarn, mink, baby camel and other dream yarns to knit with.

That’s why I have not had time last week to get at the dyepots that much, apart from getting the fibre club, sock it to me yarn club and batt clubs ready to go.

Next week however, I promise you , it will be a Friday update you will not forget! It’s the launch of a new IxCHeL bunny blend and it is out of this world!!!!!!

No exaggeration there I’m afraid, I went totally !!GAGA!! when I saw it arriving and hence the name “GaGa Bunny”.

I won't tell you what the blend exactly is....YET !,as a true evil bunny temptress I will keep you in suspence til the ixchelbunny blog update next Friday the 29th of April, but believe me , it will be well worth the wait ! but here is a sneak peek !

!! GaGa !! Bunny Blend waiting for the dye pot

Here’s this weeks update . Lots of bunnies got naked especially for you. Email me , message me on Rav or on FB if you want to spin or felt some of these amazing English angora bunny fibres.

Happy Easter!

English Angora Bunny Fibre
Straight from the bunny ! This is fibre from our English Angora Rabbits in all the colours we have in stock at the moment. More coloured bunnies are waiting to be clipped, so there is more to come later in the year:-)

super fine fibre, 9 - 10micron!

the greys and blacks are silky smooth, while the gold, chocolate and whites are super fluffy! you have to feel it to believe it!

25grams AU$8

Jasmin Red eyed white English angora bunny

Elvis , smoke grey English angora bunny rabbit fibre

Babe, Blue eyed white English angora bunny rabbit fibre

Ookie, chocolate english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Mickey, grey english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Gorby, silver english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Gandalf, silver fox english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Wombat, black english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Dash, black english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Pippi, smoke grey english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Max, smoke grey english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Popcorn, a true gold english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Kabuki, chocolate english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Topping, chocolate english angora bunny rabbit fibre

Skye, smoke grey english angora bunny rabbit fibre

All the fibres come in 25gram packs with a photo and name of the bunny who lovingly donated his or her fibre.

There are more than 4 packs per bunny available.

Let me know how many of a particular bunny you would like and I can tell you exactly how much fibre I still have.

You can also reserve your favourite bunnies’fibre for future clippings ! Email me if you want to go on the bunny rabbit fibre adoption list.

Well, me and my bunnies have heaps and heaps of work to do to get all those easter eggs out and about …lol…so, to all of you a very happy holiday and enjoy the chocolate and bunny fibres !

Email me on if you want to adopt any of these babies or message me on Ravelry or facebook where I am Ixchelbunny !

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-5pm)

Saturday, May 21st
Thursday May 26th

Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, crocheting and a plate to share with everybody. There is cake and coffee and tea and a lovely bunny to cuddle and lots of fibres and yarn!) very important ! : Please, please let me now beforehand by email or message that you would like to come and visit so I can prepare the infrastructure and cake ofcourse !
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook there or email me on

Thanks heaps for your support !

Monday 23rd of May
Gembrook Craft group Spin in !!! It’s a bi-annual event so come and visit this year!
Gembrook Community Hall, 9-3pm

Saturday 28th of May
Brunswick Town Hall
Handknitters Guild of Victoria Wool show
An absolute MUST for every fibre fan !

Saturday 11th of June
International Yarn Bomb Day ! Want to get involved in a public Yarn Bombing avction in the Yarra Valley? Come to a bunny spin in to discuss a plan of action , call me or email me or message me on RAV or FB ;-) Start preparing your yarn bomb products people ! and remember : it can be anything: knitting, crochet, weaving, YARN! Tags will be supplied by yours truly ! Join the Guerrilla Yarn Bunny Bombers (GYBBies for short) and if you cannot make it to Yarra Junction, Lilydale or Healesville (we will end at the WHITE RABBIT brewery ) on that day, please make the international yarn bomb day a special one by yarn bombing where you live !
Help make International Yarn Bombing Day happen! The Knitting Ninja is promoting June 11th as a day where all things should be knit. Join the facebook group and find out more: There also a Ravelry page (you must also be signed in to join this):

15-16-17th of July !

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show (with a big dash of Rabbit from yours truly)
see website ;
Woolcraft entries close june 10th. Contact Dot Vallence at the Woolcraft committee for more info or come to one of the Bunny Spin ins to g et your copy oif the woolcraft schedule book.

Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show is NOT to miss in this year of the rabbit !
Lots of special goodies on offer, prizes to be won and a super competition of “Bunny dress up”again this year! Make a a statement ! This year there’s a “Rock-a-Billy Bunny-dress up competition”and win a super duper Bunny Spin or Yarn bunny Prize! C’mon be a rockin”Fibre Bunny! You know you want to J
All the preperations are already on their way to make this years Bendi show an amazingly FUN FIBRE EVENT !!!!!


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