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Monster Update & Memory Lane

Last week I talked about the piano (among other things…ahem) and I remembered there must be a photo of me sitting at the piano when I was very very young. Sometimes photos are just imprinted on the brain you know…well, rummaging through heaps of albums I found it in my grandmas album….and it was just the way I remembered: me , year old , cannot stop touching the piano and then at 2.5 years I started playing “seriously”

When leafing through the albums I found my favourite photo (one of very very few that exist actually) of my granddad as well: him riding a bike with his trusty German Shepherd Max, who had a floppy ear but was extremely sweet, according to my mum.

It is wonderful looking at these old photos : so many stories. Next week I will post them and tell you more about some of the beauties of a distant past I found..
This MONSTER update is so huge I did not have it ready at 12…I think it is well worth the wait with NEW YARNS!!!! And NEW COLOURWAYS!!! I am particularly happy with Classy Zen and Cassis. Not to mention the Zombies and Mermaids !! I won’t keep you waiting for longer: here is the YAAAAAAAARRRN!!!

Here’s this weeks update Email me , message me on Rav or on FB to put your order in for some!!

As promised here is also a sock pattern to make great pirates sock using the black purl and the knitting pirate chart I put on my blog last week !


1 skein of BFL Bunny sock yarn Black purl
1 skein of BFL Bunny yarn in any colourway you like

Size 2.75mm/US2 needles (or size needed for gauge)- Waste yarn for provisional cast-on

Gauge: 28sts=4"/2.5 cm in Stockinette stitch

Short-row Toe:
Using crochet hook and waste yarn, cast 32 stitches onto needle. Change to MC and knit across all stitches. Then, following the great Short-Row Toe instructions here, work short rows until you have 8 live stitches in the middle, and 12 wrapped stitches on either side. At this point, go on to the "Now work the second half of the toe" section of the instructions until your toe is complete.

Once you have the toe complete and have placed your provisional cast-on back on your needles, work one round with CC1, and then switch to the MC. Work in the MC in stockinette until the sock is about 2" shorter then the intended wearer's foot.

Change to CC1 again, and work the short-row heel exactly the same way you worked the toe, leaving the instep stitches on a holder or another needle.

Once the heel is complete, change back to the MC and work 5 rounds in stockinette. Join CC2 and work the pirate motif chart. Be sure to keep the floats nice and loose so that the cuff will stretch over a heel. The entire chart will repeat twice around the top of the sock. Once the chart is complete, work another 5 rounds in stockinette in the MC. Change to CC1 and work 5 rounds of K2P2 rib. Bind off loosely. (I like EZ's sewn bind off, personally. Loose, but not sloppy.)

Repeat for second sock, unless you are like me and do both at once. Now, go sail the high seas and plunder a village or two!

Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Sock yarn (95/5)
4ply spun hand dyed +/- 330m/100g AU$26

Faery dust

Black purl

deep faery dust -sold-

Mickey Mouse

Classy Zen

Pacific Ocean

Zombies & Mermaids

Cassis forest

Forest berries

deep cassis forest -sold-

Rembrandt revisited -left-

Autumn shine

This yarn is super soft and is just the most gorgeous yarn I had the pleasure to spin. The mink down is harvested from the mink once a year by combing the down at moulting time so no animal was harmed !!! Animal and human friendly J
110 Meters per 50g ! AU$27 per 50grams of pure luxury that is very very very VERY RARE!!!

For those of you who wish to spin the mink down yourself I have a very limited supply left of the down.
AU$18 for 25grams
There is only a limited supply !! you only get about 25 grams per animal per year !



Think Pink!


Mickey Mouse


Minky Classy Zen


CHURRO BUNNY Tops (Navajo churro 95/angora 5)
100 grams AU$20

autumn spring

the Dells

Churro Bunny Mickey Mouse

Silk yarn sportsweight
NEW YARN! Amazing sportweight pure mulberry siilk yarn that has an amazing handle shine and drape

+-/ 300m/100g
100g AU$26

Silk Sportsweight Rembrandt Revisited

Silk Sportsweight Classy Zen

Silk Sportsweight Blue Moon

Silk Sportsweight Cassis

silk sportsweight forest berries

Silk sportsweight Lucky

Silk Sportsweight Moss

Hand spun and handdyed Mulberry Peace silk Singles
50grams skeins AU$12 !!!
+/- 150m/100g

Peace silk Classy Zen

Peace silk Everglades

Peace silk Rembrandt Revisited (colour is actually deeper red)

Peace silk Seal Island

Peace silk Tickled Pink

Peace silk Yaaaarn!

Peace silk Rainbow

Silk Lace weight yarn
Pure luxury silky soft and shiny!
100g AU$36
+/- 1200 meters/100g !
great for weaving, knitting and crochet!

Lace silk Classy Zen -1left-

Lace silk Black Bear -1left-

Lace silk Indigo -1left-

Lace silk Moss

Lace silk Pink!

Lace silk Zombies & Mermaids

Lace silk Light Cassis

Lace Silk Deep Cassis (very excited about this NEW COLOUR!!)

Lace Silk Rembrandt Revisited -sold-

Angora –Merino-nylon 4 ply yarn (40/40/20)
+/- 400meters/100grams
100g of fluffy yarn AU$28

Angora merino Grey Sky

Angora Merino Jitterbug

Angora Merino Mountain Dew

Angora Merino Cassis Milkshake

Oh before I forget, I finally finished spinning the GaGa Bunny tops Zombies & Mermaids of last weeks offerings somebody wanted to be spun in a 5ply navajo spun yarn ..almost done (this si at 2.30am ! alst just could not stop spinning ) : only have to navajo ply it : Looks amazing and was such a wonderful spin ! Magical!

Zombies & mermaids on my Majacraft Rose Super bobbin

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-5pm)

Saturday, May 21st
Thursday May 26th

Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, crocheting and a plate to share with everybody. There is cake and coffee and tea and a lovely bunny to cuddle and lots of fibres and yarn!) very important ! : Please, please let me now beforehand by email or message that you would like to come and visit so I can prepare the infrastructure and cake ofcourse !
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook there or email me on

Monday 23rd of May
Gembrook Craft group Spin in !!! It’s a bi-annual event so come and visit this year!
Gembrook Community Hall, 9-3pm

Saturday 28th of May
Brunswick Town Hall
Handknitters Guild of Victoria Wool show
An absolute MUST for every fibre fan !

15-16-17th of July !

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show (with a big dash of Rabbit from yours truly)
see website ;
Woolcraft entries close june 10th. Contact Dot Vallence at the Woolcraft committee for more info or come to one of the Bunny Spin ins to g et your copy oif the woolcraft schedule book.

Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show is NOT to miss in this year of the rabbit !
Lots of special goodies on offer, prizes to be won and a super competition of “Bunny dress up”again this year! Make a a statement ! This year there’s a “Rock-a-Billy Bunny-dress up competition”and win a super duper Bunny Spin or Yarn bunny Prize! C’mon be a rockin”Fibre Bunny! You know you want to J
All the preperations are already on their way to make this years Bendi show an amazingly FUN FIBRE EVENT !!!!!

Bunny invasion in Queensland planned again ! @ Mapleton Camp of the Queensland Spinners & Weavers ! More info soon !


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