Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Stoned and more adventures

Bunny Bowls..

The renovation adventure is almost over. Renovations have made room for cleaning up and dressing up and filling in. Because of the Bunny Spin in tomorrow at the farm I had to clean up the make shift kitchen in the studio area, the total chaos in the fibre production area and also do some producing.. although not quite finished, both Paul and I are very happy with what the kitchen area looks like and Bear is absolutely over the moon that he now has a ballroom to play with rather than the chaos he had to deal with before. It is really funny to see him hopping around sniffing at every little thing that has changed..again…

The pantry cupboards are in place and instead of having our original plan come to fruition , which were stainless steel doors on a bi fold mechanism, we opted for a tapestry “door” in the short run..I still had an old Lady and the Unicorn tapestry hanging around and what do you know? It fitted in the pantry door opening ! yeah! No second hand couch yet, but I put two carvers from our dining set in the relaxing area instead. They were recently re upholstered by the magnificent Whittakers ( ). Get in touch with Mary there and she will give you the best service and advice ever ! Fabulous quality and great crafts people to deal with! So instead of buying a new plastic chinese import couch, go for one with character and make it your own and at the same time support a local business and craft !

Lots of spinning and dyeing this last week and making heaps of fun art yarns. Looking forward to taking a break from renovations for a while and getting on top of making new blends that I can offer you next month ! In the meantime you will just have to get by with some new nip n tuck yarns and some very special tops and fibres. I have some very very rare mink down and Yak down on offer. Both are harvested animal friendly and are quite hard to come by. The mink only produces 25grams or thereabouts per year! It is the softest down to spin and you can try it yourself now ! Only a very limited supply so be quick snaffling !
Also, Here are some photos of the whole kitchen reno in its last phase. The granite stone benchtop was put in last Monday and it is absolutely stunning! I know now why there is this saying “get stoned” because honestly, I can’t stop looking at the granite with its copper flecks shining like a big universe. It is absolutely awesome. You just have to come visit to enjoy it because the photos just don’t do it justice. The Stone people from TTI were great to deal with as well, so if you ever want something like this go to a local stonemason !
Here are some photos of it all: enjoy!

The make shift kitchen relaxing area with the amazing chairs Whitakers re upholstered.
Thanks Mary! You are a star!

Cool kitchen ! with tapestry pantry “door”,
LED lighting and lots of super funky stuff like
a hand made sink by Paul and Travis and
red gum doors, granite copper fleck bench tops and metallic deck tiles
handmade sink
and ofcourse there is “Da Bar!” ..I still have to fully assemble the light fixture on top,
but hopefully I will get that done this evening

cooking area…I have managed to already set the fire alarm three times
while cooking on this new super energetic gas stove..rofl..
don’t have a rangehood yet, have to save up for that one and cook …eh,..more gently…lol

Apart from all the above mentioned excitement I can offer you some very new funky fibres and yarns !
Have fun snaffling !

How To Order from this Shop blog

 until the website is up and running –which will be sooooon-ish!-yeah yeah start laughing will yaYou can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Payment : direct bank deposit, card or paypal ! easy !
Thank you so much for your help and supporting our little fibre farm !

Art Yarn Yarns 

Angorino blend hand spun and hand dyed (17micron merino and angora bunny blend) nip and tuck slubby spun! Excellent for a scarf knitted on your hands !Super light and super soft! One skein is enough for a skinny scarf knitted on needle size 25 or a wider one using your arms ! It is fun to knit and fun to wear!
100grams+ AU$31

Forest Elves


King Fisher


Black pearls


Art Yarn Bunny MANGA 
a super special handspun and handspun yarn with needlefelted bunnies
from SoulCrafting (thanks Shevi!)
with embroidered faces, 112grams , +/- 65meters, AU$55.
Make fashion statement: Wear a bunny manga heads scarf !

Angora tops  

Pure luxurious soft angora bunny tops. Excellent and easy to spin and form our English angora bunnies. Spin it with a high ratio for strength or core spin it for the fluff factor. You can also spin a single of pure angora and then ply it with the luxury merino/angora blend tops I also have on offer.
Spinning pure angora from these tops is amazing : try it and you will be hooked !
50grams+ AU$20

pure white angora tops 50grams AU$20

Angora Tops hand dyed Binkie

Angora Bunny Tops hand dyed Velvet

Angora Bunny Tops hand dyed Cool Dude 


Angora Bunny / merino (50/50) Tops 50grams AU$18

Super Special Down Fibres 

Don’t miss out spinning any of these super special rare down fibres.
Only a limited supply !  
Yak Down, bag of 25grams AU$10

Mink Down 25grams (= a years production of the mink!) AU$18

Dates to Remember:
Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-4pm)
Every Third Saturday and every fourth Thursday of the month!

Next bunny spin in

Saturday November 17th, 11am-4pm and 
Thursday November 22nd,)   11am – 4pm

Bring a plate to share your wheel or spindle, knitting or crochet, yourself and a smile and have a fun day out amongst bunnies and friends ! Please contact me to secure a spot !
Bunny food like cabbage, bok choi or broccoli is always welcome as well ! : the bunnies will cuddle you more for it  !

Any questions or special requests?
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny,
message me on facebook
or email me on or





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