Friday, May 3, 2013

Carrots everywhere !

It’s getting closer and closer ! It’s exciting and scary!! (for me anyway) at the same time…what is it? ………The Handknitters Guild Show next week Saturday, May 11th, (the day before mothersday..hint hint!) and Bendigo Show , in TWO months TWO weeks and TWO days !!!!!!!!

Still so much to do for both shows but I can tell you this much: there are heaps of new products planned for the Bendigo Show and yes, there are going to be Bunny Art Yarns at the hand knitters guild and heaps of lace, 3 ply, sock yarns and ofcourse tops for spinning and felting..not to mention Funky Bunny Batts ! The up side of being creative is that there are aways new projects and ideas popping up in my brain..the down side of it to make it work in  a given time frame a..more to organise it all !

I have a week of utter chaos to deal with first and then I am determined to make my studio a better working space. To get that going I got myself two 2meter long tables..unfortunately I have to empty the studio out first to be able to declutter and make the studio a better space, instead of the creative jumble it is now.
Paul is so much better doing that than me..leave me in a room to work with fibre and in no time it is filled to the brim with all kinds of pretties but no system….well, no system that is logical to anybody else than my brain that is.

I do need to organise a bit better though because of new projects I will be working on, on a new medium and as you know, every new medium, whether it be spinning or weaving, needs its own space and way of organising. I will get there…slowly but surely and no, Im not telling you what it is yet, you will just have to wait two months, two weeks and two days to check it out at the Bendigo Show in the Flower Power Bunny Shed there !

So, what have I got in store for you this weekend? Well, it is a blend that I have already offered before but with a twist…instead of blending the shiny bits throughout the top I have bended it less, and it now glistens like a river in a beautiful landscape. Take a good close look at the photos and you will see what I mean. These Magic Bunny Tops are 17micron merino, cashmere, angora bunny and a bit of rainbow dyed glitz !!!! It is wonderful to spin or felt or embellish with! Have fun browsing, and snaffling!

Enjoy this new Magic bunny blend and know that there is only a very limited supply!

How To Order from this Shop blog
 until the website is up and running –which will be sooooon-ish!-yeah yeah start laughing will ya.....You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Payment : direct bank deposit, card or paypal ! easy !

NEW Magic Bunny Tops

A new wonderful blend of super fine merino with angora bunny, cashmere and a teeny bit of Rainbow dyed glitz.

100 g .......AU$24
Autumn in May

Ice fields

Geronimo !
Jungle Fever

Plum Berry Bliss

Dates to Remember:
Hand knitters guild Mini Wool Show
Saturday May 11th, Bardin Centre Hall at Christ Church, 8 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick
this event is a MUST and an absolute fabulous way to catch up with fellow fibre fans ! I will be there with heaps of new hand spun, art yarns, lace weight, sock yarn, bunny mink and angora yarns and much much more...!!!!
also a special pressie for all who come dressed as a bunny....ofcourse!.. and ...a chance to win a very special IxCHeL basket full of goodies to be drawn at 3pm at the venue !!!! yeah!

Gembrook Spinners and Weavers Guild Spin in day

Monday May 20th, Gembrook Town Hall  !!!!
A wonderful get together with heaps of spinners and weavers in the beautiful Gembrook.


Friday 19th of July, Saturday 20th of July and Sunday 21st of July

This is the Ultimate Fibre and fun mix of them all! There will be lots of new things on offer at my IxCHeL stall ofcourse, with prizes to be won and lots of fun to be had!
This is the place to support farmers, fibre producers and independant "Indie" dyers and crafters and have some great fun discovering new things and even win prizes !

In the flower Power Bunny Shed there will be some extra surprises and new things happening as well, including …this is so exciting!!!!: you can see and try out new unusual spinning wheels adn spinning related goodies like andean plyers and nore from a wonderful new fibre fanatic fiberific! vendor ! Don’t miss seeing these new beauties! And ofcourse there will be lots more demos and wheels and spindles on offer as well in the flower power Bunny shed !
There is a woolcraft schedule available at the farm or you can email Dot : Entries for your fiber art closes on June 14th and there are lots of prizes to be won! Our little IxCHeL fibre farm is sponsoring sections 24 and 25 so get started on your entry to win some very yummy stuff !
Any questions or requests?
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook
or email me on or

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