Friday, January 31, 2014

Holiday sunsets and Scientific Proof

When it is ten years since you have had a holiday, you are bound to be out of practice for the event AND the packing and getting ready…safe to say, I was running around like a headless chook by the time it was Thursday night and thinking about all the things to do to get everything ready for us and be able to hand over all the animal husbandry duties etc to our fabulous farm sitters, without whom we could have NEVER gone away in the first place. Thank you Maggie and Ivan!!!
Jazz the bunny dog was very very happy and so were the bunnies !

I was optimistic and thought I could put a blog up late that night but I was so hyper (read stressed out of my brain to get everything sorted) I had to admit defeat and that this would be the first time NOT to write and publish a weekly blog post. The world did not stop turning…obviously…lol

Everything, the hand over, the drive, everything went extremely smooth. We had been looking forward to our little holiday for so long and now it was finally there ! Paul had booked an apartment and oh boy did it look awesome! Especially the bathroom with its HUGE spa bath. I was tempted to jump right in !

Metung in Gippsland is an amazingly nice place and we walked around and sniffed the sea air, went for swims, enjoyed looking at all the driftwood and the wildlife and just relaxing, doing nothing! It was literally a breath of fresh air and so needed!

Ten years without even a day away together  from farm and fibre duties is definitely a bit too long. Here are some photos of Metung on the Gippsland lakes and yes, if I do win the lottery: I’d go buy a boat that fits a spinning wheel at least and fluffy insoluation and park it at Metung …I live in hope.


We came back refreshed and a bit sunburnt (although I nicknamed Paul “Hellboy” lol) and relaxed.

The relaxed thing was needed in hindsight because the night we got back a bushfire started only 10 kms away from us and the day after my computer decided to go on strike. Well strike is not exactly the word I would use actually…it died..apparently during a java update (whatever that is and no ! I did not drop coffee on the update thingie decided to wipe my whole hard drive as a bonus. So I am now the owner of an ancient laptop with a harddrive that is apparently brand new aka EMPTY because all the files had been wiped clean..oh joy!

As if by magic two things happened:

one: I realised I had taken a big back up about two weeks earlier , except for some photos and very recent things..all in all not too bad. However, I was without a computer.

And Two: A good friend came to the rescue and gave me a recycled desktop so I wouldn’t be without one for too long until I was able to get my head around buying a new one and what kind….

My little laptop was eight years old and in IT terms especially for laptops that is apparently extremely ancient. I went to an IT place and asked them if it could be repaired and they just looked at me funny saying they were really surprised how long it lasted in the first place and that it would cost more to fix it than a new one… relatively speaking….its the conundrum where they tell you to buy a new watch is cheaper than to buy the battery…Everything seems to be so outdated so fast! Where do all the old computers , laptops, phones and gadgets go I wonder ?

Anyway, I am almost up and running for the time being and getting back into it. Not like two days away is that long a period away, but still….I have to say, I can imagine myself as a pirate on a boat, enjoying the wind in my hair and sipping a wine, leisurely spinning away in the sunset. It is not gonna happen anytime soon, but..what would life be without dreaming eh?

School holidays have also come to an end so I have heard from a large amount of parents, who told me that with a sigh of relief, coupled with a kind of manic zombie like look…again, I don’t know what I am missing, but the fun thing about it all , as a spectator from the sidelines I might add is, that everyone of those mums and dads, posted photos of their kids in their new school uniforms and waving goodbye to them at the school gates , obviously as proud as and with a tear in their eyes is funny in that way: you are tired of it when you have it, but you miss it as soon as it’s gone or…you don’t have it anymore.. whatever shape or form.

I didn’t have a lot of time to miss anything ..i worried about Jazz and the bunnies (I shouldn’t have because I think Jazz had a brilliant time and wanted to go on a drive with my amazing sister and brother in law the moment they left; and the bunnies were extremely happy with the large portions of food and oaten hay they received and the cuddles).

What did happen in those two days were tons of new ideas and inspiration, new blend formulations and colours (ofcourse !) and now all I need is just a wee bit more time. Oh, before I forget, you know what? The first day we were on our holiday, Paul and I looked at one another and said, almost simultaneously, “ it seems we have been here for a week!” which scientifically proves the fact that the less you do, the slower the time passes ! I’m on to something there, but I doubt if I can afford it……lol

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