Friday, January 30, 2009

Resistance is futile......

It has been what they call here in Australia "a stinker" and "hotter than hell with the lid off..." and still..I was dyeing my angorino, knitting and playing with fibre....yep, call me crazy..but it was actually FUN! ..... Especially because I could SOLAR DYE everything! yes, that's right: no green house gas emissions in this batch of organic angorinos!
As I promised all of you Ravelry fans: I was in a kooky, spooky, kinky colour mood this week..that and the fact that I could use the gorgeous walnut pigments ! yeah! Very very exciting colour combinations, weird tones, in short : very very complex! I will never "evah" be able to do this again I am sure. The natural dyes combined with solar dyeing is giving this batch a super special feel. It also made me think of these hilarious combinations of horror or alien characters AND bunnies. I mean, what would happen if the Borg would assimilate an English Angora Bunny? is ...ehhhh........Furry.....?

Kooky, Spooky and Kinky Hand Painted and Solar dyed Angorino Tops

(Angora+19micron merino , 150-160grams/6oz, AU$19)

PM or email me at if you want to get your hands on these spooky and kooky fluffy angorino babies: the adoption is open, LET THE HUNT BEGIN !

The Borg Bunny (1 borg left ...)

Gollum Bunny (sold)

Killer Bunny from outer space (1killerbunnies left!)

Cap'n Jack Bunny (Jack's gone)

Addamms family bunny (sold)

Davy Jones' Bunny (sold)

Willie Wonkas bunny (2 wonka fibre bars left:)

Cthulhu Vampire Bunny (vampire flew away)

Bunny Wave Tops!

Heatwave or not....I am't wait to finish these tops, inspired by my magical Maya wraps (that are hand woven) I have transformed the idea and adapted it more or less to be knitted and worn as a gorgeous top. I am still working on different fibres but here you can see one that I have finished so far: a cashmere/merino/mohiar hand dyed bunny wave top, another one you can see on my photostream on : a hand dyed bamboo/silk bunny wave top in luscious reds and purples....The next one I am working in is a combination of green merino and light green angora...yummy....!

Front view of the Bunny Wave top, so soft to wear and gorgeous colour combinations : teal, dusky purples and very nice greens.

a close up of the stitch that creates so much texture with this fine 2 ply yarn ( I used 2 strands of the yarn together to create a magical mix) also knits up faster :)


Wen said...

I love the front; what is the back like?

ixchel bunny said...

the back o f the top is like a shawl hanging over your shoulders :0 so you can either tuck it in or let it hang loose. There's no shaping involved and if you know the way my Maya wrap works you'll get an idea how I made this one :)

janet said...

that's gorgeous - love the colours