Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Colour Purple

The Bushfires are raging! Last week it was in the Gippsland area not too far from us and now it is getting closer! Just checked the CFA website and the Bunyip State Forest is immersed in flames: already a 105 HA are destroyed and the weather predictions arent't that good with HOT temperatures going to be 46degrees Celsius on Saturday. That is just the day that I have to go to Red Hill Market on the Mornington Peninsula to sell ...yep....fibre and yarn and more woolie stuff like scarves and shawls and tops !

HAND DYED ANGORINO TOPS (150-160grams/AU$19)

Dunno but I was in a kind of purple mood.....I guess. So I started dyeing the angorinos in all kinds of shades of purple, mixed with indigo, cochineal even a stash of lichen ! Also used bits and pieces of food dyes and a dash of Landscape dyes as well: it's a wonder the dyeroom didn't explode! lol So here they are: the new purple batch of angorinos to cuddle ! Stalk me anytime as usual !

Purple fields Bunny

Purple Moon Bunny

Purple Opal Bunny

Purple Powder Puff Bunny

Purple Shadow Bunny

Not purple but very much a nice seabreeze and ocean kind of I love how this yarn works up! it is so nice and fluffy but has the pearliness of the cashmere and you only need 50grams for a lace shawl (pattern available for free!) and the Bunny wave tops only need about 100 grams! Amazingly yummy!
Blue Skies






Grey Plums


More colours are available: just check my flickr photostream on

GET YOUR PERSONALISED BUNNY FIBRE NOW (25g+bunny wunny card/$9) We had a huge haircut day last week and we decided to give you a chance to get your hands on some first grade clippings of your fav bunny! Let me know which bunny fibre you would like to adopt! I have to tell you that this is strictly limited because we only get a max of 50 grams off each bunny per haircut !
Here are the bunnies that are looking a bit like members of Band "the Sex Pistols Bunnies"...don't you just luuurv the PUNK look ?lol
Just mention the name of the bunny fibre you want to give a good home and your adoption papers and his/her hair will be sent along with it! :)
Gandalf (silver grey sweetheart)

Garbo (our silver Diva)
Gilderoy Lockheart (golden boy)

Galahad (our golden hero )

Mojo (gorgeous silver grey star)
Max (our sweetest smoke grey)

Topaz (honey coloured)
Frodo (our smoke grey lil devil :) )

Chocolate Topping (our sugar sweet little choc queen)

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yarnivorous said...

Charly, I hope you and yours are safe, even better that your house has survived these dreadful fires. I'm watching from San Jose in California. I still have two of your lovely hanks of yarn that I fondle :-)