Friday, February 13, 2009

Bushfires, Love and Fairytales

the sky filled with a huge smoke cloud and embers falling all around us..

A blood red moon was high in the sky on Saturday night feb 7....

The last week has been like a dream...surreal and extremely ...smoky! Ever since last Thursday when the Bunyip fires were there and then disaster struck so close to home on Saturday with sooo many heartbreaking losses. Some friends have lost everything, houses , animals and others were so so fortunate and came out of it alive and well. The embers that hit us on Saturday did not really damage that much so we were extremely lucky. The Bunyip state forest is still burning and now has destroyed some 27000 ha !!! and lightning strikes have ignited another couple of fires near us and they have destroyed some 200ha. When you look at the map where we are you can see that we are right in the middle of this "birthday cake" with a lot of burning candles around us...fighting embers, being on alert...I tell ya..not much finally I got so fed up with it and..started dyeing some angorinos and yarn! (while Paul was patrolling the farm and keeping an eye on things :) )
Since this whole week was so surreal and still is, I decided to go with the Brothers Grimm theme of fairytales: it can be magical, fierce, unrelentless and utterly beautiful....... Isn't that just like Australia?

So they are...please stalk me when you want to adopt these babies, because they need a nice fibre loving home!

Hand dyed angorino tops
(5%angora, 95% 18micron merino) 150-160grams/5.6oz, AU$19

Cinderella Bunny (sold)

Fisherman and his bunny(sold)

Golden Goose bunny (sold)

Mother Holle Bunny (sold)

The Riddle Bunny (sold)

The three spinning bunnies (sold)

Hansel and Gretel (and their bunny...) sold

Kiss da frog-prince-bunny (sold)

Little red riding hood bunny (sold)

Rumpelstiltskin bunny (sold)

Sleeping beauty bunny (sold)

Hand dyed Super angorino tops
(5%angora, 95% 16micron merino) 100grams/3.52oz, AU$20

Bunny musicians of Bremen (sold)

Devil with the three golden bunnies (sold)

Kiss da frog-prince-bunny (sold)

Hand dyed and hand spun organic English angora yarn
plied with Australian organic cashmere
(AU$14/25grams, +/- 1oz)

the Enchanted Forest (140grams available)

Tom Thumb bunny (233grams / 8.21oz available)

Thumbelina bunny (sold)

HAPPY VALENTINE !!!!!!!!!!!!


Meagan said...

Hi Charly, you've been in my thoughts this week. It's been along week, huh? Love your dye work as always! Enchanted Forest is looooovely. Stay safe!

Meagan x

Meagan said...

along = a long (spacebar is sticking)

Lynne S of Oz said...

I've pm'ed you on Ravelry. Hope your Valentine's does not involve flaming hearts1

Jo said...

Those photos are amazing Charly, especially the first one..... you should send that one in to the ABC for their weather picture, or calendar.